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Abused persons tend to have the path to their abuse paved by their early childhood abuse that tends to habituate victims to accepting a standard of victimization.

Victims tend to be repeatedly victimized.

Abused persons need to learn to recognize those who tend to want to abuse them, learn self-defense and self-respect skills.

Pure victims, persons who did not encourage their abuse, or who to not understand they have been abused, are common.

Many abused persons like to forget their abuse and/or dissociate, or turn to different personalities when abused to try to NOT EXPERIENCE PAIN IN A MORE FUNCTIONAL PERSONALITY.

Abusers often focus their abuse on those most vulnerable.

Abusers can have a favorite type of victim, and their victims can seem similar, but often they are just opportunists, meaning they seek out the weakest victims or the easiest to victimized.

Creating defense and education systems for those most likely to be victimized is needed.

Incarceration is often the only real alternative for the most capable abusers.

It should be considered abusive to not use video surveillance or physical evidence to prosecute abusers, or to expect those victimized to need to testify, which can just advertise to victimizers and abusers that an easy target exists.

Abused persons are often completely defenseless, especially when abused by the court system!

Abused persons are accustomed to having their relationships sabotaged, not just being over-controlled by their abusers.

Abusers often have indirect communication indicators or clues that suggest they may think: might is right, win at any cost, the ends justify the means, and/or take no prisoners.

Currently, many local and state governments do not have the resources to support safe houses (places where witnesses are under protective custody), and often the abused will be killed by their abusers even if they get restraining orders

Often it is best for an abused person to leave an area, and not have any person they let know in the area they left, where they are going, or even for the abused person to know where they are going. It is similar to run for your life, runaway to stay alive.

Abused persons are used to having their things and relationships sabotaged.

The background of abused persons usually teaches tolerance of abuse

Exploitation and abuse is the normal condition for some races, sexes, nationalities.

Teaching or conditioning a person who is conditioned to accept abuse can be difficult.

It can feel frightening for an abused person to learn new behavioral patterns, especially to not accept abuse.

Often all that is needed by an abused person is to leave their abuser and/or report their behavior to others, including the authorities, media, organizations, friends and relatives.

Abusers do not like to have their activities known or publicized, but in some places abusive persons tend to be in control and may conspire together to keep the population in abusive situations.

Panic attacks may need to be prevented and desensitization to being in situations that are new and not abusive may be needed to prevent an abused person to return to a familiar abusive situation.

Abusers tend to survive on the fear of those they abuse.