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ADVISORS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS ARE: Good advisers or those willing to risk warning about problems are usually a rare find that can be seen in the movies: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2012) has a great advisor, which is about being organized, creative, showing leadership, coping with corrupt politics and media, and is a very intelligence movie! Precious (2009), The Miracle Worker (1962); Stand and Deliver (1988); Akeelah and the Bee (2006); The Great Debaters (2007); Finding Forrester (2000); The Heart of the Game (2005); and Glory Road (2006) MAY SUGGEST ALL LEARNING IS PRIMARILY DEPENDENT ON THE QUALITY OF THE EDUCATOR! ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN is about the investigative journalists that brought President Nixon down with the help of their FBI source known as DEEP THROAT, who may have been one of the most important advisors in recent history! The Providence Effect (2009) is about a Chicago school that has been has a 100% college-bound rate of graduating seniors for 30 years to four year colleges. Frost / Nixon shows a major research effort done by great advisors to support a great interview. Actor Richard Gere's movies tends to be known for taking an ethical stance in Dr T and the Women (2000), The Hoax (2006), The Hunting Party (2007), Chicago (2002,) The Mothman Prophecies (2002), Runaway Bride (1999), The Jackal (1997), Red Corner (1997), Primal Fear (1996), Intersection (1994), Mr. Jones (1993), and Final Analysis (1992). Proper advisement was critical to the plot in Changeling; Drumline; Rescue Dawn; Don't Say a Word; Snakes on a Plane, and Erin Brockovich (2000)! MANY 2007 MOVIES SEEMED TO FOCUS ON ADVISEMENT, SUCH AS: Lions for Lambs; Things We Lost in the Fire; Why Did I Get Married?; Feast of Love; The Nanny Diaries; Daddy Day Camp; Evan Almighty; 1408; Surf's Up; Lucky You; Amazing Grace; Black Snake Moan; Music and Lyrics; Catch and Release; Wild Hogs, The Ultimate Gift, The Last Mimzy, Reign Over Me, Evening, Talk to Me, No Reservations, and Because I Said So! MICHAEL CAINE IS PALYING THE MENTOR ROLES WELL IN HIS LATER CAREER IN: The Dark Knight (2008); The Weather Man (2005); and Is Anybody There? (2008). The Indiana Jones franchise; The X-Men franchise; Jurassic Park I & III; Shadowlands; Take the Lead (2006); Front of the Class (2008); Cars (2006); Dead Poets Society (1989); Frost/Nixon; Rambo, Penelope, Nim's Island; The X-Files: I Want to Believe; Pay It Forward; Guru (2007); The Karate Kid; In & Out; The Faculty; Anna and the King; Children of a Lesser God; Major Payne; Teachers; Billy Elliot; The Principal; Fireproof; Nights in Rodanthe; Scent of a Woman (1992); Coach Carter, Lean on Me (1989); The Da Vinci Code, Rope, Roots, Mr. Holland's Opus; Music of the Heart; Good Will Hunting; Freedom Writers; Big Fish (2003), Wonder Boys, They Shoot Horses, Don't they?; Remember the Titans, Mona Lisa Smile; To Sir, With Love; Holiday; The Big Trees (1952); September Dawn (2006); Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion (2002); Teacher's Pet (2004); The Nutty Professor (1996); and Lean on Me MAY SUGGEST ADVISEMENT AND THE WILLINGNESS TO BE AN INTERVENTIONIST CHANGES SOCIETY FOR THE BETTER! ELEGY (2008), The Substitute (1996), AND Mentor (2006/I) shows that NOT ALL MENTORS ARE GOOD! ROLE MODELS AND STRONG MENTORS ARE IN SHORT SUPPLY PARTLY BECAUSE RESOURCES AND PATIENCE IS IN SHORT SUPPLY! The Kid & I (2005), Look Both Ways (2005), The Pacifier (2005), and Rock School (2005) involve unusual or questionable advisement or mentoring. Health, education, welfare and planning may not be doing their proper function, which may be complicated by the lack of expertise, competency, high ethics in the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the government and Consultants, media are sometimes considered the forth branch of the government. The False Claims Act and other laws