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There is less emphasis now than in the past on advising, especially in health, education, welfare and planning.

Lack of proper advising can result in negligence, major losses, and reduced standards.

Consultants, media are sometimes considered the forth advisor branch of the government and may advise the other usual three branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative.

Major systems, such as networks, problems may have been avoided if proper advising had been done.

Proper advising would likely lead to proper program design in health, education, welfare and planning.

Various programs are not designed with the help of various levels and branches of the government to use their resources, and do not seem to seek the advice of the proper overseeing branches, especially regarding the disposal of nuclear waste by the military, which may need to be done deep in international waters away from volcanic activity.

The best advisor can be difficult to seek out and can be called mentors, sponsors, educators, counselors, chancellors, solicitors, doctors, administrators, executors, directors, conservators, lawyers, brokers, realtors, producers, proctors, ombudsman, and docents.

Advisors may suggest beneficial relationships, materials, resources, contacts, conditions, contracts.

Proper respect for their advisee, charge, student, helper, ward, or resource should be shown by advisors.

Advisors should suggest responsibility, accountability, authority, compensation tend to synergically interrelate.

Proper testing, evaluations, directing, reporting, auditing, insuring continuity of processes, sustainable systems with feedback protected to ensure privacy with a lack of fear of retaliation should exist in the advisor/advisee relationship.

Advisors help developed the natural skills, interests, strengths, competencies of the advisee so to be as risk free as possible, and not to just copy the natural skills, interests, strengths, competencies of the advisor.

Advisor guide the completion of a process, creation, systems by aiding in getting coordinated, integrated support form organization, usually health, education, welfare and planning.

Unfortunately, advisors just cave in or submit to the demands of industry, military, large charity and other organizations demands, and this can prevent innovation and/or important small scale replacement technology.

Personal shoppers may not properly advise their clients.

9 out of 10 sucessful persons had and advisor or mentor.