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Assassins tend to have secret identities, be well funded, have a military background and not take responsibility for their actions

Assassination is considered a political act.

A reward can be given in connection to an assassination, even by what may be considered the opposing political party, as seen for the capture of the author of the Anthrax Letters that targeted the conventional media, and two U. S. Senators who where holding up the Patriot Act.

It is common for the general public to like to blame the CIA for assassinations, but the truth may be a multinational that may control a few government employees responsible for the assassinations.

Media figures or even religious organizations may protect assassinations or be willing to aid and comfort them, but the media is less likely to revere an assassin than a terrorist.

Government workers, terrorists, industrialists and others with global interests may be involved in assassinations.

Assassins may be more economically or politically motivated than terrorists.

Unlike terrorists, assassins may have many secret hideouts and may NOT make regular communications to the media and rarely give warnings.

An assassin may likely be a highly skilled specialist and not highly educated.

The underclass is usually not served by an assassin.

The wealthy may fund an assassin.

An assassin may have special technology.

Infrastructure and large scale technology is usually funded by the wealthy and replacement of those or not adopting those may be motive for assassination.

Assassinations are usually intimidation to achieve government action.

Maintaining the Status Quo or the standard of living tends to be a motivation for assassination, which can be achieved by proposed legislation, executive actions, or Judicial decisions.

Assassins may be more interested in surveillance and infiltration than terrorists.

Surveillance and infiltration may suggest an assassination is being planned.