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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Martin Heisenberg claims certain brain processes are random (not influenced by the environment), suggesting free will may not exist!

Backward masking can be used to further obscure subliminal suggestion, by using a less emotional stimulus directly after the intended stimulus, suggesting brain-washing is possible.

In US persons feel their lies are detected 20% of the time and 60% of lies they feel are successful may contain some detection.

Each person in your life who is happy increases your chance of being happy by 9%.

The Big Five factors are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (common acronyms are OCEAN, NEOAC, or CANOE).

Lower levels of dopamine D2 receptor availability have been previously reported in cocaine abusers, alcoholics, and heroine abusers.

Dr. Michael Persinger believes certain EMPs (exposure decreases melatonin) can be helpful in treating various medical conditions. Certain electromagnetic fields lower melatonin levels, causing convulsions; small seizures can cause hallucinations, about 80 % of people interpret these seizures as a ghostly presence.

Infrasound can also cause imagined events partly due to it causing vision problems; where peaks and troughs of sound waves overlap, or high interference, often in old building with thick walls that do not absorb sound waves, there can be a feeling of cold, or a spiritual presence, which can activate the fight-or-flight response, causing blood to leave the extremities, causing a feeling of the chills, cold.

Happy people tend to have broader scope; depressed people have less episodic memory; persons who do not have a neutral mood are less responsive to messages.

50 % of men and 80 % of women have been the victims of incest have been treated for addiction.

Most people need a ratio of 5:1 of positive interactions to negative interactions and tend to focus on the negative!

Branding, past experience, greater expense, larger size OR capsule form OF PILL, THE MORE INVOLVED THE PATIENT IS IN THE PROCESS, , SIDE EFFECTS IT HAS, MORE INVASIVE, GIVEN BY A PERSON WHO LOOKS MORE PROFESSIONAL, increase the placebo effect.

US population reconstituted every generation by 10% immigration.

Extremes of personality are Oldham types: conscientious/obsessive-compulsive = E1 character, self-confident/narcissistic = E3 character, dramatic/histrionic = E2 character (other-directed), vigilant/paranoid = E6 substyle, mercurial/borderline = E4 subtype (intensity, romantic, mood changes), devoted/dependent = E6-subtype, solitary/schizoid = E5 subtype, idiosyncratic/schizotypical = E5 subtype, leisurely/passive-agressive = E9 subtype, sensitive/avoidant = E5 subtype, adventurous/anti-social = E7 subtype, self-sacrificing/self defeating = E9 subtype, agressive/sadistic = E8 subtype, and serious/depressive = E4 subtype!

Low-MAOA gene on X chromosome (makes less monoamine oxidase-A enzyme which reduces metabolization of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) has highest rate of antisocial behavior! The short form MAOA gene, also known as the low-activity-MAOA gene, is considered to be the violence gene, tends to get expressed if there is child abuse or if there is more methylation “off” switches (less “meth” or dopamine) on the gene.

Disorders should be categorized according to biological causal pathways: Prefrontal Cortex to Amygdale for Anxiety; amygdale to Fusiform Gyrus for Autism; Hippocampus for PTSD; Insula for Panic Disorder; Prefrontal Cortex to Nucleum Accumben for Dopamine reward circuit for ADHD; Attentional Blink to determine if the patient is in a Coma.

Americans are 5 % sexually compulsive, 20 million abuse drugs, 20 million alcoholic.

90 % relapse rate of addicts; 60 % of addicts also have mental health issues. 5 % bipolar. 80 % of all deaths from hazing involve alcohol.

50 % men and 80 % women have been the victim of incest. 10% of those with sexual trauma had the most health problems.

The average person has only 2 % control over their life!

One employee per a million customers in dotcom industry.

30% mortality of every generation caused by parasites. Chickens reared in germ-free environment enjoy about 25% gain in body weight; antibiotics in food is associated with growth gains about 10%. Cytokine likely reduces activity level after a parasitic attack, so the immune system can rebuild itself. Octopamine seems to increase learning, but cytokines can reduce memory consolidation. Yellow, orange and red food, which must come from the diet, increase immune function. Whereas, 14% mortality every generation is due to war. Data generated by chance more than 5% of the time is considered unreliable; whereas an error of 1% is the preferred error rate for MEDICAL FINDINGS!

Serotonin- transport gene with a variation is associated with heighten risk of depression and reduced risk taking.

Cortical arousal levels tend to be more sensitive for introverts and can indicate reduced performance levels.

Extrovert’s dopamine pathways are more active than introverts.

Dopamine-regulating gene is a predictor of risk-taking.

Glucose exhaustion will impact decision making and judgments, willpower, decision-making can get harsher as exhaustion sets in.

Better decisions are made when there is too much information to process according to Dijksterhuis’s study.

20% variation work performance due to intelligence, 4% variation in income.

80 % us households made annual donations to charity of about a thousand dollars, about 2/3 to non-religious orgs. US gov gives about $ Billion a year to non-profits.

98 % online visitors do not buy products.

78 % of consumers trust peer recommendation, by only 14 % trust advertisers!

The average consumer family has $8,000 debt and $1,000 a year in interest.

80% of all behaviors are learned, habits, automatic or subconscious.

81% of young adults think the US Government can be fixed.

36% of young adults are happy on their jobs, and want their work to have a positive effect.

There are three "rules" behind the effective use of any social tool: it "relies on a successful fusion of a plausible promise, an effective tool, and an acceptable bargain with the [students]".

The most damaging behaviors occur during stress (stress is defined as situations beyond a persons control).

Programmed responses to stress occur during early childhood.

Control a behavior, also known as Placement Disruption and Negative Placement are part of processing of negative affect.

Dopamine is link to impulsiveness and narrowmindedness; seritonin is linked to calmness and self-transcendence; testosterone is linked to aggressiveness and self-centerness; estrogen is linked to connectiveness and holistic thinking.

Some inaccurately believe pain and suffering is educational and causes redemption through death of the flesh which is similar to Christ dying on the cross and becoming pure spirit (spiritual enlightenment?).

Another possible problem is some who have trust issues may involve themselves in dangerous behavior to reenact past abuse in hope for a better outcome, and that can include Sadomasochism and bondage, even at public clubs.

Any reenacting harmful behavior may indicate an addiction and likely should be treated as a disability.

Even unpleasureable or harmful behaviors can be addictive.

There can be fear of both success and failure.

Both success and failure can be rewarded.

Different parts of the brain respond to different rewards, and often can not function simultaneously.

Multiple personalities may use different part of the brain for different personalities or be in a sleep or unconscious state.

Alpha waves are part of an alert state and to link the conscious to the subconscious; Alpha = Conscious and start at age 6.

Beta waves are fast waves usually for analytical problem solving, judgment, decision making; Beta = Focused and start at age 12.

Delta waves occur in deep sleep as your body locks up to heal and repair itself: Delta = Sleeping and start at infancy.

Theta waves occur during unconsciousness, vivid dream sleep, meditation, peak experiences and creative states; Theta = Imagination and start at age 2. Theta waves linked to conscious attempt to inhibit aggressive responses.

Gamma waves occur during active rapid eye movement (REM) sleep are the only rhythm found in all parts of the brain perhaps for simultaneously processing of information from all parts of the brain. Gamma = Peak. High frequency brain wave called gamma signal becomes active at the time of insights in the right temporal lobe.

Delta waves may be used for intuition and are the slowest waves. Alpha and theta are associated with more relaxed and receptive state of mind; more creative persons tend to use low-frequency brain states. Csikszentmihalyi thinks only about 110 bits of information can be processed per second and a flow state happens in a state of complete concentration where all the brain is usually activated often from memorized behaviors that are done subconsciously and implicitly.

A new behavior is best learned in a relaxed or meditative, state when the brain waves are theta rhythm, which results in complex behaviors, such as learning and memory.

Sleep walking and multiple personality disorder also known as dissociative personality disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or dissociative fugue likely occurs in Delta wave deep sleep.

2 percent control over one's life IS ALL THE EXISTS USUALLY.

normal people the brainwave known as the mu wave undergoes suppression any time a person makes a voluntary movement or watches another perform the same movement, whereas in autistics, mu-wave suppression occurs only when performing actions, not when observing the action of others.

In worst case scenarios fixations become universal or all consuming.

Conscious control of a behavior can help eliminate it by avoiding triggering objects, situations, and people to prevent relapse of a negative behavior.

Some theorize that each brainwave state is triggered by a neurotransmitter.

Self-harm is ultimately limiting and anti-freedom.

Both males and females may believe they are the love object in submissive roles or positions, such as when any service or attention is given to them.

Three stages to changing a behavior are Reception, Processing, and Response.

90% communication is subconscious.

20% forgot news of their serious illness within a few days.

80 % erred as eye witnesses got 25% facts wrong.

Three Types of Happiness exist: Pleasure, Passion, and Higher Purpose.

Daniel Goleman claims the competencies associated with self-awareness are: Emotional self awareness: recognizing your emotions and the impact they have on your life; Accurate self-assessment: identifying your strengths and limitations; and Self-confidence: knowing yourself worth and capabilities.

To become more self-motivated, Daniel Pink thinks, you must immerse yourself in a sea of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, which motivates persons working in creative jobs rather than monetary incentives!

Grasping and aversion may account for 90 % of suffering (it takes 3 positive experiences to overcome a negative experience) .

David Rock believes five domains of social experience exist: Status, Certainty, Automony, Relatedness and Fairness.

Team building is prevented by absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results according to Patrick Lencioni.