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BENEFITS DENIED SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Just get the right facts, documents, photographs and other evidence together and rebuilt your case and resubmit it. John Q (2002) and in Last Holiday (2006) insurance medical benefits were denied for persons facing death. Bucket list (2007) is about a person who manages hospitals who most conform to his own low standards when he becomes ill when in the hospital. Crazy Sexy Cancer (2007) offers cancer tips. Many persons may have genetic diseases that are unrecognized, such as NF1, NF2 or XYY syndrome. Also, any person who is addicted or re-enacts abuse MAY need to be on an opiate antagonist drug and/or on disability. Persons who have not been allowed opportunities that others have, such as being taken out of school by their parents at an early age or who have a very documented family court or medical history may be put on disability. Persons who are the victims of unusually documented crimes, especially when there have been a large amount of arrests where they lived may be so exhausted that they should be put on disability. There may be a need to have many class action lawsuits to get persons on disability and to reopen their prior applications by the government or there should be mass set up by the government, perhaps by using the class action lawsuits process, of conservatorization (getting a payee and disability payments for persons know as getting them a conservator) to help get set up to get many persons put on disability. Also, many persons have been the victims of bad blood transfusions or bad medical care at certain facilities at certain times and perhaps their records or medical statements should be reviewed to get them on disability. Generally you should concentrate on showing that you were victimized or damaged by circumstances beyond your control and that you did everything a reasonable person could do to try to reduce your victimization and/or damages. Generally, it is best to NOT FILE a disability claim due to addiction issues and/or mental illness during a down economy, but there is possible success in this area, especially if Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is alleged and/or if it is good public policy to put you on disability or give you benefits, especially if it can help improve your skills, health, or ability to testify against wrongdoers. Ideally if a person has included enough documentation of a problem, they may not need as many reports from professionals and in rare incidents if a person is a scientist alone doing research in a remote area they may explain that they may be near death from a very dangerous substance, or a quickly spreading disease, and that they may never be able to reach civilization for help without contaminating or destroying civilization and they may need to have there benefits activated or approved without going to the office. Some persons apply using the wrong documentation, and may go to the most experienced professionals, and get denied, and then seek help from someone who knows them in the community and get the proper assistance without spending any money for the help. Therefore, proper help doesn't need to cost a great deal of money.