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CONSPIRACIES AND FRAME-UPS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS: Unlimited (2011) is about a conspiracy that ultimately leads to an attempt to assassinate a political person. Cadillac Lawyer (2011) shows both sides of a case conspiring! The American (2010) and Machete (2010) suggests assassins may be extorted to work; more 2010 movies are Salt, The Middle Men, The A-Team, Robin Hood and Losers are about special operations type persons being conspired against. Winter's Bone (2010) is a Southern Gothic about a drug-dealing father. The movie franchises Angels and Demons (2009)/The Da Vinci Code (2006) and National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)/National Treasure (2004) have the most symbols and signs with the most complex and interesting plots about complex motives to conspire and frame in historical contexts. Bold crime and frameups tend to be the mainstay of conspiracies and frameups and usually often involve public corruption. Bold crime (explosions, destruction of public property and symbols) tend to indicate great power and protection of the wrongdoer; whereas frameups tend to be too obvious (too many clues tend to exist, they are sloppy, and there tends to be a sense of overkill) against the powerless. The movies Conspiracy Theory, Brubaker, and The Game are about conspiracies and frame-ups often suggesting that the persons framed have almost NO CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE AND/OR ARE PURE VICTIMS, but this is a common theme in many movies. In these movies we see advanced tactics of very competent persons involved in both the conspiracy and frame-up. The excellent movie Bulworth is about a weaklink or guilt-ridden politician who may feel he is part of a conspiracy and/or hypocritical plutoracy. Six Degrees of Separation (1993) MAY SUGGEST WE ARE ALL MORE INTERRELATED THAN WE MIGHT THINK! In Mad Money (2008), reputedly based on a true story, a remake of a UK TV movie called HOT MONEY, the initiator of the conspiracy believes that CRIME IS CONTAGIOUS (SOME FEEL ALL SOCIOPATHS WILL VICTIMIZE THEIR ACCOMPLICES, SO RELYING ON OTHER CO-CONSPIRATORS NOT REVEALING THE IDENTIES OF OTHER CO-CONSPIRATORS IS NOT REASONABLE)! They (co-conspirators in Mad Money or Hot Money) will likely eventually get community sanctioning for bragging about their crime! The movie Layer Cake is likely a more accurate account of what happens to co-conspirators. 21 (2008), The Hoax (2006), Spooked (2004) are ALSO BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Kinsey (2004) is about the shocking corruption of academia by conspiring to commit infidelity in the name of research. The Da Vinci Code Deception: Solving the 2000 Year Old Mystery (2005) is about IS ABOUT A POSSIBLE CONSPIRACY TO PROTECT AN INACCURATE TRANSLATION OF THE CHRISTIAN OR CATHOLIC BIBLE! National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) and the franchise is about discovering discovering historical inaccuracies, including the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. JFK (1991), Nixon (1995), Salvador (1986) and other movies by director Oliver Stone detail conspiracies or complex political issues! Some other movies about less important conspiracies are Schindler's List (1993), Echelon Conspiracy (2009); Fay Grim (2006) is a sequel to Hartley's 1997 film Henry Fool about coerced by a CIA agent to locate notebooks that could compromise US security; Vantage Point (2008), Bank Job (2008), Street Kings (2008), Enemy of the State (1998), Coma (1978), Terrorstorm: 2nd Edition Updated And Expanded (2007); Shooter (2007), Bourne Ultimatum/The Bourne Supremacy (2008), Southland Tales (2007), Domino (2005), 911 In Plane Site (2004), Truth Lies: Treason In America - The Council On Foreign Relations (2008), 911 The Myth And The Reality (2007), End Game: Blueprint For Global Enslavement (2007), Mysteries Of The Freemasons (2007), Millennium - The Complete Third Season (1998), Scanner Darkly (2006), X-Files: Fight The Future (1998), Bad Company (2002), Chain Reaction (1996), Tokoyo Godfathers (2003), Layer Cake (2004), Sahara (2005), Internal Affairs (1990), The Parallax View (1974), Sharky's Machine (1981), and XXX: State of the Union. In Murder by Decree (1979) Sherlock Holmes learns Jack the Ripper has friends in high places. Some may think that; Republicans only believe their children and pets are capable on conspiring; Democrats believe any entity can conspire: and Physicists believe any entity can conspire with any particle; spiritualists may believe any dead or living entity can conspire; biologists may think anything that moves should be considered living and capable of a conspiracy or an ordered existence!