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conspiracies and frame-ups

It can be best to post publically any possible hit of any conspiracy or even crime anonymously to help put the pieces of a crime together. Often in complex cases few report a crime and few are willing to be a leader in a class action lawsuit. Often the crime can be obvious, but few report due to fear of intimidation or retaliation. Eventually, the witnesses will come forward, or they may only be willing to talk to persons off the record or to attorneys. They may even miss their medical appointments because they do not want to relive their memories of pain. Noncooperative witnesses is a common problem. Witnesses can be framed or conspired against.

Conspiracies and false accusations, also known as frame-ups, tend to both be secret in nature.

Conspirators tend to be the upper class, educated, or to control a region.

False accusers tend to be the under class, uneducated, or to NOT control a region.

Conspiracies tend to be done by the insiders or empowered, and frame-ups are more commonly done by the outsiders or unempowered.

Both conspiracies and frame-ups tend to start small and spiral out-of-control and then become obvious over time.

Person who do conspiracies and frame-ups tend to be repeat offenders and the victims tend to be known as repeat victims, and some would claim only the names, dates and places change for both the repeat offenders and the victims.

Persons who are framed often tend to be proven innocent because they often are very consistent and have good standing in a community, community members tend to even treat the person framed as innocent, and they tend to treat the persons that framed them as guilty.

Conspirators often are proven guilty over time and tend to have low standing in a community and community members tend to know who they are, but fear them.

Occasionally a female, minority, or outsider, who has become nearly as powerful as those she or he used to associate with, is framed by her former employers to try to get him/her to comeback and work for them or rejoin their organization, and may even be falsely sent to prison.

Persons who conspire tend to even conspire in prison, but often they eventually get caught and then die in prison.

The person who has been falsely accused tends to go on to bigger and better things, and tends to get better self-protection skills and more difficult to frame.

The creation of a conspiracy or frame-up tends to be secret, but it also tends to unravel or get discovered over time, usually due to logic problems or mistakes due to the addictions of those involved in creating and managing the conspiracy.

Sometimes those who are falsely accused leave a region and allow the conspirators to take their assets rather than fight for justice.

Weaklinks, or persons who really do not want to be part of a conspiracy or criminal enterprise, tend to reveal the truth about a conspiracy or cause its downfall; this usually happens when the government becomes broke, or their friends and family suffer due to the losses the conspirators cause the weaklink or the weaklink's friends and family.

Bold crime and frameups tend to be the mainstay of conspiracies and frameups and usually often involve public corruption. Bold crime (explosions, destruction of public property and symbols) tend to indicate great power and protection of the wrongdoer; whereas frameups tend to be too obvious (too many clues tend to exist, they are sloppy, and there tends to be a sense of overkill) against the powerless. The movies Conspiracy Theory, Brubaker, and The Game are about conspiracies and frame-ups often suggesting that the persons framed have almost NO CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE AND/OR ARE PURE VICTIMS, but this is a common theme in many movies. In these movies we see advanced tactics of very competent persons involved in both the conspiracy and frame-up. A weaklink or guilt-ridden politician who may feel he is part of a conspiracy and/or hypocritical plutoracy.

Time reveals all and conspiracies and frame-ups almost always are eventually revealed and/or the members go to prison or die.