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City Management City Management

Weak on traffic infrastructure, such as traffic circles or underpasses due to railroad).

No Major infrastructure, such as flood protection, need for emergency shelters.

No name or numbers are on police badges.

Law enforcement rarely Patrols; rather they response to calls.

Rarely do they investigate their own property or assets rather put calls from residents or income producing entities first.

Poorly placed public housing (other cities or counties tend to place public housing close to the jail!).

Public housing drug- and/or criminal-infested.

Law enforcement only investigates when their own assets or sales tax is at risk, and tends to confront wrongdoers and thus endangering the person who complained about the wrongdoer.

Criminals seem allowed in their public spaces.

Non criminals are removed from their public spaces, especially transit hub.

They rarely give priority housing to their own employees (exceptions would be loans to city managers and attorney).


They are paying the Sales and Hotel Tax game No business license required (therefore they are usually unable to shut down any biz that is harmful, even if bad food results in death?).

Variances for pubic housing are common (often substandard or unusual).

Many Libraries and public buildings lack air conditioning or have very limited service or hours.

Largest employer dominates ALL planning and Civil Concerns.

Specialty services and entertainment subsidized, such as Stadium, Golf course membership and Airport which likely expensive and tolerates wrongdoing.

Huge giveaways to residence in form of community garden, arts, computer and park usage.

No public power; cable (or forced cable rather than satellite dish); broadband, high speed internet, or wireless communication.

Land rich rather than cash rich.

Influence of other government entities is a major, such as traffic, crime, flooding.

Lack of combined Police services or Fire station due to partly being locked out by railroad, highway, land, park or traffic, or herding undesirables to inferior service providers or unwillingness to police certain areas.

Very risky place to live due to wealth and power disparity.

Breeding ground for bad politicians and judges.

Breeding ground for corrupt research, policies, and bad law making.

Design problems enable crime or terrorism. Many managers concentrate on cosmetic problems and may be more interested in herding persons like cattle into certain areas rather than dealing comprehensively with substantial problems. Cities are NOT ALWAY NICE PLACES TO BE.

Urban sprawl and free parking destroy the attractiveness of the urban environment.