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Conflicts, war, disputes

Conflicts over resources can get ugly, violent, and deadly.

Conflicts, wars, can result in unexpected death from environmental factors, such as snake bits, to a greater extent than death from human causes.

Bank robbers, especially by addicts have done major damage and have caused loss of life, or have even resulted in persons being killed by the police on the way to a false alarm or suspected bank robbery.

Land disputes often result in death.

Citizens or members of the native resistance can be endangered or murdered protesting military interventions.

Business competition can be vicious, even witnessed sabotage of property, including government property, can lead to mass murder.

Litigation between government entities can be common, passionate, and/or fierce.

Sex addicts and other addicts can kill to cover-up their crimes.

Gangsters, criminals, wrongdoers can use violence to maintain power.

Power struggles are common even among family members, so-called friends, and even so-called well-mannered persons.

Dictators can use torture to stay in control.

Regional fights among the locals can cause accidental death to a traveler.

Investigations, litigation may spark extortion or murders.

Even the rich can be target for death, such as in home invasions, and can be planned by staff or friends of staff.

Road rage, often due to exhaustion, frustrations, can result in drive by shootings.

Altercations among inner city poor people of similar race may result in more deaths than death in military actions.

Even accidental consequences or death can happen during conflicts.

Conflict management hopefully is resolved in creative solution about resource distribution before mass murders or mass suicides occur.

Destabilize dominant force is a motive to create conflict.

Another motive to create conflict is to deflect attention from the wrongdoer.

Beware and especially careful if you are involved in any dispute involving resources, especially land or if you are in a conflict with exhausted persons because those are likely to result in death. Please take the greatest of precautions or consider leaving the area or situation for a little while or until you can get help or justice to do an intervention.

Conflicts, also called accidents, may be the greatest cause of death, and that may partly be due to exhaustion, and most animals may die due to exhaustion during migration, when they travel.