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cops casework

Arrestees of some cops can be recognized by how badly they have been beaten, and the cops with the most badly beaten arrestees can rise to Mayor!

Cops can turn up dead during training without an explanation from any other cops!

Out of jurisdiction training activities or other activities by cops can be met with suspicion, especially if there seems no reason for their activities.

Cops can the victims of other copís violence, can be confused about an informantís innocence who tipped them off while being encouraged to commit suicide by top brass!

Burglary rings consisting of cops have been prosecuted in the past in Hollywood, California!

Cops routinely find excuses to tip off suspects or otherwise obstruct an investigation by confronting suspects about their accuserís allegations, or by finding a way to discontinue a surveillance of criminal activity.

Many cops have multiple personalities so written reports are important for them; they may keep shuffling the paperwork until the personality that deals with the problem gets to the report.

Cops tend to focus on easy and fun cases, especially involving attractive females.

Jumpy trigger finger can cause unneeded gun firings by cops.

Cops can disassociate due to stress and not remember stressful events.

Most law enforcement work is boring, routine and unexciting.

Cops can be similar to glorified guard dogs and garbage collectors.

Most cops view their primary purpose as protecting property, partly because sales, hotel and property tax is the primary revenue for local governments.

Cops can collect artifacts of serial killers, and other criminals.

Often cops go on hunting and fishing trips together!

The culture of cops is so insular that often they can not be trusted to investigate crimes alone and go out on groups to investigate or surveil even minor crimes!

Cops only tend to invest in real estate and strange collectibles, such as an iron or other household items, or in weapons, or vehicles!

Gag orders are common for many crimes, even minor crimes, especially in large cities.

Cops tend to be the boldest criminals, even with their own families, and can be almost impossible to prosecute even for a pattern of missing mates, children, or history of vice within their family, even for the Police chief!

Civil Rights cases and Racketeering cases against cops tend to be unsuccessful for even the most obvious cases, and even if there is a judgment with punitive damages, the judge might reduce the damages!

Prisons guards tend to only associate with other guards and live in the same communities together and can NEVER be expected to testify against another guard or employee, which makes abuse of prisoners excepted and common!

Cops tend to retire to rural areas and often live in communities together, and often have long commutes to work and may mostly only participate on the weekends with their family.

Federal investigators will often not work with local law enforcement out of reasonable fear that the local law enforcement will obstruct Federal investigation due to sometimes near complete corruption of some local law enforcement, and in one case where an oil company was investigated for possible drug crimes, the local police officer was shot, and the local police chief and others acted suspiciously after the shooting, and the oil company sued the city partly for a so-called sloppy investigation!

Cops tend to own or participate in businesses associated with the slaughter of cattle or cowboy type occupations, and or live on ranches with very archaic values.

Questionable reports to Cops can lead to questionable actions by cops, often involving possible jealousy- or envy-baiting or false triangles where false stalking complaints are made.

Cops tend to be weak on domestic disturbances, and domestic violence cases or any kind of protection of life rather than property.

Even parking or traffic issues can be mishandled by cops often because they assume that the public can be tricked and do not know their rights!

Cops often unethically use ruses, tricks, deceit and/or questionable tactics

Most cops rarely are in risky situations, yet most quit their jobs and end up on disability.

Cops often find excuses to investigate, endanger or frame pretty women, or protect the wealthy to be likely to achieve a more pampered existence.

A van or vehicle can be locked in by police cars and this may suggest a premeditated false arrest, involving violence or tasering of arrestee will occur.

Cops have killed pedestrian on the way to a false alarm can later get promoted partly to coverup management's mistakes.

Internal Affairs faked evidence can be covered up by killing a member of the bombing the cop who faked evidence.

Cops were associated with drug runners in the military and/or later become of military contractor's business or live near them after or prior to their law enforcement work.

Cops routinely handle only the most simple and glamorous cases.

After a long frustrating case almost all the officers involved discharge their weapons at the suspect or the suspectís vehicle.

Police abuse is common partly because the job is frustrating and they do not tend to know where to look or what to focus on and juries tend to allow persons to go free. Most persons in local law enforcement may go out on disability.

Police usually only handle very simple crimes.