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Criminal Behavior casework

90% success rate at detecting lies due to deviating from their baseline or usual behavioral style, often involving micro-expressions. If a person is evasive to a question three times, it is almost certain they are lying or hiding a problem; whereas, most truthful persons include others in their descriptions; truthful persons tend to get exasperated if questions are unimportant or trivial.

The disorganized (asocial) lust murderer is usually a young, loner (often teens commit most crimes), and can lack cunning, so is often obvious, with a sense of overkill or frenzied kill. The killer is usually found locally where he is comfortable often near places he works or frequents.

p>Killings are all some serial killers think about and like to relive the crime through reviewing objects taken from the victim or contacting the victims again. If someone has killed a stranger in the past, that person is dangerous forever.

Some criminals go to states with the death penalty in hope of seeking the death penalty because they are addicted to committing murders and the majority of people are for the death penalty. Impulse control in perhaps not developed in the brain until adulthood, and the Supreme Count emphasizes the death penalty is acceptable punishment only for the most blameworthy killers.

Most murders are spontaneous among non-strangers.

Most murderers are male; females usually kill their children.

Investigators usually suspect a family member first.

Hit men usually do head shots with a .22 pistol.

Time of death is usually established by finding the last person to see a person alive.

The person who discovers a murder victim is often the killer!

The person who discovers a murder victim is often the killer!

Cops rarely identify with a killer.

In 2011 47 % of US tax Filer paid no federal income taxes and about 22 % received refunds of which about $ 13 Billion where fraudulently claimed.

Serial killers are arrogant, compulsive, ritualistic, likely live in the neighborhood, will frame an older person, or create false clues, and quickly escalate behavior, want to become a myth.

Criminals dominate symbolically someone they are unable to dominate in their life.

Most criminal behavior is OBVIOUS partly because criminals do not have normal electrical activity in their brains and tend to stick to a criminal subculture often due to the lack of the monoamine oxidase-A enzyme that metabolizes serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine! When a case is obvious most criminal resort to intimidation. Lower levels of dopamine D2 receptor availability have been previously reported in cocaine abusers, alcoholics, and heroine abusers.

Many criminals are enabled because they either intimidate their victims into NOT REPORTING THEIR ACTIVITIES OR THEY CREATE FALSE OR CONFUSING CLUES THAT LAW ENFORCEMENT MISINTERPRET!

Net crime in US is about $2 trillion per year.

Cybercrime surpasses the value of illegal drug trade worldwide.

Below-average glucose level, hypoglycemic, correlated in 90% of juvenile delinquents taken into custody. In Finland, researcher by looking at a glucose test were able to predict with 80% accuracy which convicts would commit violent crimes!

If there is more methylation “off” switches on the gene for the glucocorticoid receptior, and the violence gene (low-activity-MAOA gene, short form MAOA gene,) it is likely is due to child abuse!

Being attractive helps criminal defendants except in crimes involving swindling.

The primary indicator of criminal behavior is the attempts to dominate, control and isolate the victim.

Addition is often the motivating force behind criminal activity, which tends to lead to complete destruction of everyone and everything near a criminal.

Criminals usually use testing and surveillance to choose their victims.

Part of the testing behavior is by manipulating the victim often by getting them to join activities or to get the victim to feel sorry for the criminal as a justification for their actions.

Secretiveness or being asked to keep a secret can be part of a testing process.

The testing process tends to gradually increase to more risky activities.

Death of the accomplice in criminal activities is often the end result of testing behaviors than increase in risk.

Complete avoidance of a criminal, and warning others about the criminal, or exposing the criminal and the criminal’s evil secret (often it is an addiction) is often the only reasonable prevention against criminals who tend to want to eventually control and ruin everything.

The best way to usually escape a criminal is to not play along with the criminal.

Resistance to ALL of the criminal’s influence is necessary, often including avoidance of the criminal and anything the criminal controls.

Often it is necessary to control the criminal or the criminal will control the victim, such as the saying: do or die!

Criminals also tend to either be loud, aggressive and showy, or the quite, meek, or drab, or they can vacillate between both extremes.

Puzzling sensation and risk taking by criminals and addicts is common.

Criminals often try to manipulate a victim by trying to get them to feel sorry for them, and this tends to escalate to obtaining favors or property to the victim to perhaps murder of the victim and taking trophies from the victim.

Working the same territory, is often done for years without criminal prosecution and a long list of victims.

Serial murders are far more common than most believe and often in much more positions of power than most believe, including academic institutions, churches, and even so-called seeming productive and respectable organizations, sometimes with deep secrets and conflicts of interest.

It is estimated that about 20% of serial murders are adoptees, and they may murder partly out of resentment towards being perhaps unwanted children by their birth parents.

There may be more than 300 cult members in just one ritual human sacrifice cult, and that may mean that the FBI's figures about only around 50-150 serial murders existing in the USA is too low.

Serial murders are thought to enjoy killing strangers.

Most murders do not impulsively kill strangers.

Criminals often carefully select their victims often concentrating on the victim's behavior, looks and movements.

Some criminals will victimize anyone who comes into contact with them.

Some areas are completely underpoliced and are quasi-internment camps.

Criminals and the police can work together to herd victims.

Most urban areas and some rural areas are controlled by gangs of criminals and police.

Stockholm syndrome may resemble the defense mechanism of identification, but many experts suspect that it is a hoax perpetuated by the media; however, heiress Patty Heart sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter and later granted a presidential pardon by President Bill Clinton.

A criminal and a person in a position can be the same and certain professions tend to be dominated by criminal behavior.

Gangs can consist of organized white collar criminals.