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DAMAGES SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: The movies Flash of Genius (2008) and A Class Action show that NOT SETTLING A LAWSUIT CAN BE A MISTAKE! Damages are rarely fair for the victim, especially in medical malpractice cases. The truth is crime does tend to pay for the educated and wealthy. Inside Man is about being a whistleblower against the cigarette industry, which also makes is seem that extortion of employees is common to prevent the award of damages. Enron: the Smartest Boys in the Room suggests that corruption is common in business. Runaway Jury is about victory over the Tobacco industry. Expect the worst involving contracts, especially government, services and products during a down economy, especially in a wealthy area where addictive substances and behavior was previously tolerated, including complex conspiracies. Damages are usually in the direct category and often Tripled (general, medical bills, AND expenses usually related to RICO, FCA, ANTITRUST LAW violations, compensatory, special), or in the indirect category (consequential and incidental) or meant to discourage an activity often by means of a fine (statutory, punitive, exemplary), or nominal if there was very little damage to the other party. The Constant Gardener (2005) and Michael Clayton (2007), Side Effects (2005/I) deal brillantly with corruption of a drug company or clinical trials. Few movies deal with this subject well. Prescription for Disaster (2006) (V) is a documentary about about the toxic codependence of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, lobbyists, lawmakers, medical schools, and researchers! Prescription for Pain 3: Bad Medicine (1993) (V). Punitive Damage (1999) is a documentary about fighting a corrupt system in Indonesian. Most television and movies have done a great deal to get the public to trust doctors and medicine. There are many new laws pertaining to False Claims that may be passing in 2008 and beyond. Collateral Damages (2003) and First 24 Hours are documentaries about the 911 event. Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) is a classic.