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Decisions Decisions

Glucose exhaustion will impact decision making and judgments, willpower, decision-making can get harsher as exhaustion sets in.

Better decisions are made when there is too much information to process according to Dijksterhuis’s study.

Attention, flexibility, resourcefulness and patience determine success in nature.

Creativity and right brain strengths tend to be more important than any other indicator, but they are almost impossible to define or measure, so the unknown or indefinable tends to overpower any methodology; if it seems right in your gut, and in your brain, or even in some primal way, so maybe the risk in worth the effort.

Put everything and everyone involved in a project in a decision, and then divide the circle into pie type slices, and then make the entire circle bigger and bigger, even ten or a hundred times bigger, so the area of each slice gets bigger and bigger, then think about how fair each slice seems.

Do an evaluation pretending you are thinking similar to different people in different cultures, areas of expertise, backgrounds, periods in history, etc.

Consider what different species of animals, plants and/or minerals might think of as idea circumstances.

Act as if you have unlimited resources: wealth, power, education, creativity, beauty, connections, health, skills, and then compare that to not having any of the prior mentioned and more.

Pretend your secret would be known by everyone and everything, or pretend another person's secret was known by everyone and everything.

Pretend that you live where everyone is your friend and would do anything for you and that there is perfect justice.

Pretend that you secretly had done favors for everyone and everything (watered plants, healed sick animals, etc.) in a community (even saving their lives), and now you needed a very little favor to be done.

Jobs, relationships, gifts are given to you because other's see you do so well with anything, so pretend you NEVER need to ask for anything and never have any needs because your needs are always meet.

Pretend everyone and everything owe their living, jobs, to you and there never was any wealth in an environment before you cleaned up the toxic circumstances that were killing everything, so everyone would do almost anything to help another community to prevent it from looting your community.

Suppose you actually have no control over anything regarding a project or goal.

Act as if everyone and everything is actually lying to you about anything regarding a project or goal then check everything important.

Hope that you MUST LIE TO everyone and everything about anything regarding a project or goal.

THIS GOAL OR PROJECT IS SO SIMPLE and obvious it is almost impossible to fail, but some persons have threatened to kill you and others if you attempt to do the activity.

Quality of communication may actually define success and failure, so perhaps you should focus only on the imagery, tone, language, non-verbal communication of persons involved in making a decision.

Consider that the conventional wisdom all through history has been wrong about almost everything, or it has been corrupted; maybe you should be unconventional, and NOT worry about what other's think or may do.

Pretend that there is an award given to the offspring who must care for their forbearers who did the most to improve the lives of others (what can be known as a prosperity incentive) to make your decision.

Pretend that you have a longterm relationship and investment in a plant, animal, pet, population that has been very, very good to you, but you may need to terminate that relationship, or go elsewhere without them for some time, then what should you do to keep them in the same standard of living that they are very happy with.

OTHERS HAVE COMPLAINED about your methods, or lied about you for years, but it may take years for the truth to be revealed about your adversaries, who will likely die from their own hands after taking hostages, so you may still continue to help and advise the possible victims.

Pretend you can see the future to all outcomes, and then make the decision.

IMAGINE you have been wrong about almost everything or everyone for a long time, so would you still make the same decision, or should you allow all decisions for you to be made by others.

Act as if NATURAL DISASTERS have destroyed the value of almost everything and all you and others have left is some health and skills.

YOU would need to change your favorite activities, things, routines if you take on this new interest.


Standard practices MUST be deviated from because certain things do not exist anymore.


Unnecessary variables are eliminated, such as the short view, labels, misperceptions, bias and prejudice.

It creates surplus value.

It perceived as a gift.

It makes you the most valuable asset, customer, resource.

It may only be worthwhile to be number one in a market, region, or other entity.

There is a temporary downturn and then a huge upturn.

There are anticipated protracted legal battles, investigations, scandals or gossip about the decision that are worth facing.

It involves high risk and high rewards.

the rewards and match the needed input.

The directives match the insight.

Outsiders have more influence than insiders?

The enterprise HAS been kept viable at any cost.

Some mass delusion about the entity or enterprise is in effect.

Observations, but not tunneled or irrelevant patterns, and practice supersede conventional wisdom.

Irrational short term loss aversion is avoided.

Flatrate pricing or double or triple insurance is avoided.

Overpricing due to emotional competitiveness is eliminated.

Regional variance and niche markets are considered.

Actual performance is measured.

Contextual model rather than the medical model is used.

False perception or labels are not influencing productivity.

Proper compensation results in achieving proper respect.

The rewards do not trigger addictive responses.

Extrinsic rewards do not conflict with intrinsic motivating factors.

Group pressure does not distort judgment.

Procedural bias does not exist.

An early sunk cost bias or prejudice is eliminated by using factor analysis.

Decisions are usually not made properly.