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decorating decorating

Decorating is often best done by the owner of an enterprise, building, house.

Decorating can be best if it isn't fussy, but functional and simple.

It is acceptable to use more than one color when decorating, or to mix some nonneutral colors as a focus point with neutral colors for the more functional areas.

Found, donated, or inexpensive items can be mixed with a few more costly focus point items.

Comfort and utility should be the most important consideration in decorating.

Constant redecorating should be avoided.

A large painting, window or focal point can be very nice.

A consistent mood or theme can be used in decorating, not just style, color, pattern, texture, material.

Consideration about environmental factors, such as natural light, moisture, wind, energy efficiency can be important in decorating.

Inexpensive materials can be found many places and can look extravagant, especially if they are from nature, such as shells, rocks, plants.

Natural materials can prevent illnesses.

Reducing environmental hazards, such as noise is important in decorating.

Creating softness or a cozy place makes decorating nice and friendly.

Some react violently to what they consider ugly decorating and colors, shapes, light that they find harmful.

Anything that may seem to be a political or violent theme may offend persons in any habitat.

Decorations can reflect the values and mood of persons.