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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Both the phone and the computer are primarily emergency devices and can have jammed lines; important communication likely should get first priority and miscommunication is always a risk.

Often computer experts will not use the web due to security risks, and miscommunication possibilities, or for fear of degrading a productive relationship.

NETIQUETTE (NET ETIQUETTE) experts often think using capital letters (UPPER CASE) for sentences is shouting, and only use capital letters to emphasize a certain word, but this may not be true because capital letters can cause the reader to read more carefully and slowly and perhaps should be used, or perhaps using a different color font or highlight should be used (highlighting may not reformat properly).

It is good to read up on email etiquette before sending emails, which can consist of keeping messages short; not sending attachments (many wireless devices do not have the software needed to open an attachment); not FLAMING (Flame email is an insulting message where someone or something gets burned) should be avoided; not SPAMING (junk email); checking your spelling and grammar (but SPELLCHECK often is inaccurate or does not work for capital letters; and grammar check programs often do not work well); respecting the privacy of others; using the subject field; and there may be much more to be learned on this subject that is listed on the web!

EMOTICONS (textual or image portrayal of a writer's mood or facial expression), AVATARS (an image used to represent an alter ego, usually a person or object) and strange TEXTING (text messaging) abbreviations may make an email message almost impossible to understand.

Strange images are often found in emails by those who do not have good writing skills to express their thoughts, and a box with an X in it can signify a broken link image; these can be prevented usually by putting the image on your server as a link and then perhaps copying the image in the email.

Linguistic; Logical/mathematical; body/kinesthetic; spatial; interpersonal; intrapersonal used to be valued in the order of important previously placed in this sentence, but the computer and possible age of integrity may reverse this order so that the base of a pyramid consists of intrapersonal skills making it the most needed and valuable and linguistic at the top as the least valuable.

During PEAK SERVICE PERIODS (often before an election or major holiday) email and computers can get very slow.

Sometimes spam emails may get TRUNCATED or LAWFULLY INTERCEPTED by a service provider, especially if silly jokes or an illegal chain email are mailed from around the world often by school children to others, and the REPLY ALL rather than FORWARD is sent.

Even computer experts will not connect to the web because the computer can perhaps be used as an open mike or can perhaps use ultrasound or GEOTRAC to locate them.

Online and email relationship tends to be inferior to NONVIRITUAL, NONONLINE, and REAL TIME, PHYSICAL relationships.

If PHONEY is named after the phone, TRANCEY may be named after to due to Advertisement-induced trance like state that email tends to create.

An email recipientís SERVICE PROVIDER, STORAGE SPACE, PHYSICAL OR SERVER LOCATION, CONNECTION SPEED, BANDWIDTH or HANDHELD DEVICE should be considered when sending email similar to calling a person with on a phone due to cost, security, time and other constraints.

One may need to search for other personís email address in bulk folder, so both persons may need to give each other their email addresses and check or search their bulk mail folder before it is emptied.

Automatic filling ATTACHMENT FOLDERS and taking up too much space or time of the recipient should be avoided or the recipient may block future emails (BLOCK SENDER). They may also be removed from their job or position, or at worst removed from using the Internet.

Attachments are almost always a problem due to size, security threat, time to open, automatically filling attachment folder.

Sending an email to yourself with an attachment can be used to get a TIME/DATE STAMP, another copy of the email to put data in another folder, to check to see if the FILE SIZES are not the same to help spot a SECURITY RISK (REMOTE CONTROL OF A COMPUTER USING A WORM, VIRUS, TROJAN, AND/OR BLENDED THREAT), and if your EXTERNAL STORAGE SOURCE might be HACKED (DESTROYED OR SECUIRTY IS COMPROMISED) or filled.

Only common FONTS (complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface) and other features should be used in email due to possible lack of integration of fonts with different systems or other system compatibility issues (CROSS PLATFORM PROBLEMS).

It is often best to send a LINK (Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or FILENAME that usually opens in a SEPARATE WINDOW WHEN CLICKED OFTEN USING A MOUSE OR PRESSING THE ENTER BUTTON) or make a link rather than send an attachment, or to put the document in BODY TEXT (text of the body of a document) if extra copyright protection is needed.

A document can be REFORMATTED in Word or another text creating program as a PASTE SPECIAL as UNFORMATTED TEXT, then have the text changed to a common font so the older email systems can accept it, and reformatted to margins that make reading easy in body text of an email.

Other personís material or work product or original content likely should only be saved as a link for litigation purposes as evidence to avoid copyright violations, but putting a link in an email likely does not cause copyright violations.

ACCESS DENIED messages are often in the form of sometimes inaccurate or improper messages, such as does not like the recipient, may happen if domain name is mistyped.

REMOTE CONTROL OF A COMPUTER (USUALLY BY WORM, VIRUS, TROJAN, AND/OR BLENDED THREAT) can obstruct email and often perhaps up to four entities (network or host organization, such as library or INTERNET CAF…; email service provider; connection provider; perhaps a government?) may screen an email.

Emails can be very simple communications with little value between friends, or they can be very complex medical, legal or other documents (perhaps between enemies, who may join together and get a Court Order to kick someone off the web if they are simpletons who interfere with their system or communication by clogging it with junk)!

Setting up a FOLDER with emails that consist of links of all the major SEARCH ENGINES, DICTIONARY, MAPS, WEATHER, and other often used resources allows for saving time by OPENING WINDOWS using those links quickly due to less typing and clicking.

Some email programs have unlimited storage space, but delete new versions of some drafts and the draft if the draft becomes a sent message, so it is often best to rename a draft in the subject line and to copy the sent message and place it again in the draft folder.

In truth many people may get terminated from their jobs by misusing electronic communication and ALL electronic communication may be risky partly because it can sabotage a good relationship due to miscommunication, bad programming, or security risks. " checked>

Email tends to build better relationships.