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Family Problems

60% of marriages are arranged worldwide.

In the US 50% of parents hit their children regularly; about 90% hit children under four at least once a year.

About 10 % of siblings have incestuous relationships, perhaps 15% for females and 10% for males.

Child abuse or lack of “meth” or dopamine likely causes the methylation “off” switches on the gene for the glucocorticoid receptor, and the violence gene (monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), low-activity-MAOA gene, short form MAOA gene)!

First born students are about 66 % of students in Ivy League colleges; 43% of chairman of the Board are first-borns; Most astronauts are firstborns.

Second-borns, such as George Soros, can be big risk-takers.

Most parent prefer on child, usually the older one of the opposite sex, usually traits associated with the parent’s own sex!

Divorces increase with each successive marriage.

Less blended marriages happen with the impoverished.

Gay males are more likely when there are more same-sex children in the house, perhaps as high as 10%.

Family members often named after other older family members tend to be expected to take on the same role as the family member they were named after.

If a family member is named after their parents’ mother of father, this can mean they are to act as parents to their own parents.

Sometimes a duel role exists regarding a name, such as when a child is named after both a grandparent and a religious figure, especially named Christian, Chris, Christine, and/or Jesus. This can mean they are to be sacrificed within the family system and within the community.

Various roles can exist within the family, such as victim, criminal, clown, scapegoat, worker, party person, shopper, cooker, industrialist, priest, and military personnel. In the past some families had on son to stay an take care of the family estate, the other go to war, and the other to go into the priesthood, and perhaps the other was to become a doctor.

Roles can be similar, also, to the roles of persons in the bible or within the culture or even movie characters who they are named after.

Birth order can have an influence on both the health of the child and the role of the child, as well as sex, or even physical appearance can have great influence over the role of the child within the family system.

Within certain families in the past a dark haired female may have been turned over to a wet nurse, rather than allowed to suckle at the mother, especially in wealthy and powerful families who may discriminate against a dark haired female. Many elite families may prefer to have a child, especially female, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Even Royalty may prefer tall offspring, with blonde or red hair and blue or green eyes, and they may be given the most coveted roles within society.

Royalty may also have many out-of-wedlock children that may be from the union of persons from the most impoverished countries, but even it they are the oldest male child they may not be allowed to become King or sit on the thrown.

Often a mother becomes weaker with each pregnancy after the birth of each child due to mineral loss or weaker during times of depression or reduced resources, and the children born to the same family may be nearly completely different in appearance, such as some children may be thin and others may be stocky, and this can also be due to more endocrine stress on certain children. The weakest child who is given the least work within the family may feel the most endocrine and emotional stress and resentment of other family members.

Some families have many twin births, but after generation of scare resources this happens much less.

Family members can appear much less healthy after moving to certain locations compared to other family members who live in better locations that have less crime and/or better food.

Sometimes certain persons are named after Kings, Royalty, scientists, persons within different cultures or time periods, and these persons tend to behave in a manner similar to the Kings, royalty, scientists, and persons within different cultures or time periods who they are named after.

Children are often given gifts, toys, responsibilities, privileges, or even allowances and rights to travel or permission to do certain activities and this is a means of guarantying certain roles are maintained within a family and/or community.

The family and/or community through positive or negative reinforcement will constantly encourage their family members to maintain certain roles, activities, secrets, or control over certain assets.

Abusive behavior by certain family members and/or victimization of certain family members is often encouraged by both the family and community.

In some cases the government decided is it best to intervene in a family and to remove a family member, often a child, at an early age, who often has extreme health problems and learning problems.

Even if the child is removed, they often return to their biological age when they are an adult, and the abuse continues to the family member that was removed by the community to the family member and to the community.

The abusive family often obtains government positions and infiltrates the government and the community, and the community has even more difficulty removing their harmed innocent children, and tends to need to spend more and more money on the entire family as medical and welfare benefits. At this point the family members tend to work in jails and libraries, and local law enforcement tends to be unwilling to listen to the abused family members who are on government aid. These situations tend to only get investigated by the media and/or the state or federal government.

In some cases the family members tend to work for both the state and federal government and tend to even have international influence, and may work for international organizations, such as the United Nations. If their decisions become corrupt, then the entire system and the various role players are almost impossible to remove or investigate.

In the worst role playing situations within families a family member known as a scapegoat may not be allowed to live in the family's guest house, but the family pets, especially dogs, may be allowed to live in it, and it may need to be investigated to see if an abusive family member is strange and/or abusive behavior with the family pets, especially dogs, in the guest house.

Very influential families tend to NOT BE PROPERLY INVESTIGATED for abusive behavior and ultimately may cause the collapse of a region, nation and/or civilization, even if they are not destroying the economy, environment, or causes huge wages, benefits, government contract payments to be paid to their family members by the government, but rather covertly stealing from almost everyone, rather than overtly receiving funds, special rights.

Family Problems are common, and often certain family members are stuck in certain roles, such as victim, criminal, clown, scapegoat, worker, party person, shopper, cooker, industrialist, priest, and military personnel.