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Fix Government
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Reduce costs and expenses primarily with low functioning and/or high risk persons.

Increase investment in low functioning and/or high risk persons.

Increase efficiency with better or free transit, infrastructure.

Increase efficiency with better communication systems.

Demand work experience to obtain advance degrees, especially with low functioning and/or high risk persons, in impoverished regions to learn about real life problems.

Demand minimum income for all, food, education, shelter and/or training without doctor approval, which reduces expenses.

Improve nutrition, food.

Combine government information and education resources and put course material on computer discs or on the web at reduced cost of hardcopy.

Allow credit, or degree, by examination.

Improve all efficiency of movement or circulatory system, or turnover.

Reduce repetitive strain injuries and/or cost shifting to the health care system.

Better to keep low functioning and/or high risk persons out of work rather than risk million times loss by cost shifting to the government, similar to concept of costs ten times amount to ripe out bad real estate than to build it right the first time.

Make it much easier to institutionalize the addicted, those who lack free will, and the mentally ill.