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ABUSED - habituated victims, repeat victimization, victims who dissociate, or turn to different personalities
ADDICTION Issues - drug, sex, etc.
ADVISING - mentors, sponsors, educators, counselors, chancellors, solicitors, doctors, administrators, executors, directors, conservators, brokers, realtors, producers, lawyers, proctors, ombudsman, and docents
ANIMAL Instincts, Interaction, Imprinting, territorialism, Behavior, Archiving information, missing pets, display, migration, caring for a pet, and the possible secret life of a pet.
ASSASSINATIONS - usually motivated to protect the Status Quo
ASYLUM - also known as sanitariums, nut houses, mental wards, state hospitals
AUDITING - Means to do auditing
BATHROOM (Report problems, needed improvements)
BENEFITS - denied, need for legislation for minimum income, including: REVIEWS, Affirmative Action; disability claim; Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; circumstances beyond your control; proper public policy encourages improvement of skills, health, or testifying against wrongdoers; reasonable person reduces victimization; criminal activity that was NOT STOPPED by the government made it impossible for you to perform using court files, police files, witnesses, research on data regarding similar cases, success rates; prevent dangerous substance, or a quickly spreading disease
BEHAVIOR - basic theories about human behavior
BEHAVIOR (CRIMINAL) - dominate, addict, control, weaken, and coerce are usually indications of unlawful behavior and attempts to destroy the will of a victim
BIAS - often completely unfairly favored persons, values, etc.
BUDGET - fix government spending administrative focus
BUDGET - proposed laws
CASEWORK - problems with casework: crisis management, lack of funds, lack of expertise, often cultlike, practitioners tend to have the same problem as the patients and clients
CHEATED - victimized by institutions, businesses
CITY, REGIONAL MANAGEMENT, OR URBAN PLANNING, OR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION - Urban sprawl, free parking, improper mix and positioning of resources
CLINICAL TRIALS - weak testing measures, most of the data likely should not be trusted
CLOTHING - tips about better dressing, maintaining garments
COMMUNICATIONS - mass media problems, trends, manipulation of the audience
COMMUTING - problems
COMPUTER INDUSTRY - cultlike nature
CONFESSIONS - confessions and admissions
CONFLICTS - war, problems during conflicts
CONSPIRACIES AND FRAME-UPS - including criminal enterprise, false accusations, tendency to spiral out-of-control, and to unravel due to the weak link, and cost-shifting to the government which ultimately results in charges of RICO violations, tax evasion and/or anti-trust violations and/or False Claims Act violations
COPS - some dirty tricks used by cops and their culture
CORRUPTION - Influence, government systems and bad design often promote unrealistic expectations of possible addicts
CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR - Gangs, gangsters and organized criminal's motives and methods
CULTS - frightening problems, often resembling organized crime
DAMAGED - Damages are usually in the direct category and often Tripled (general, medical bills, AND expenses usually related to RICO, FCA, Antitrust law violations, compensatory, special), or in the indirect category (consequential and incidental) or meant to discourage an activity often by means of a fine (statutory, punitive, exemplary), or nominal if there was very little damage to the other party including awarding damages due to fraud and/or extortion with types of some possible violations
DECIDING (helpful insights into making decisions)
DECORATING (general decorating concepts)
DEVELOPING (often suggesting standards are actually often difficult to measure for any enterprise)
DISRUPTED (geared to the wrongful and unlawful termination of utilities, enterprises, services)
DRUGS (geared to the excessive drugging of society)
EDUCATION ISSUES - common problems (use to report complaints, make suggestions, etc.)
EIR ISSUES - (Environmental Impact Report), Planning, and Land Use Issues
ELECTION ISSUES - Concepts (including the strange misconception about the nature of conservative and liberal regarding social and funding issues)
EMAIL - tips for avoiding common problems with email
EMERGENCY RESPONSE ISSUES (use to report complaints, make suggestions, etc.)
ENTREPRENEURS - business persons counterconventional means to success
EVIDENCE - means of using, gathering, what may be best and generally using MO to solve crimes and cases
EXCESSIVE USAGE ISSUES (addiction issues)
EXPERTS - Unbiased opinions are difficult to find using data or scientific methods
FILING A LAWSUIT - reasons to file a lawsuit may be complex, such as protecting the public welfare and putting private domain into the public domain or using the government as custodian of records in important controversial matters
FIX GOVERNMENT SPENDING - changes that may reduce government spending in the longrun
FOOD - Nutrition & Health Concepts
FUNERAL HOME, FUNERAL PARLOR - common problems, including illegal removal of body parts, illegal surgeries, illegal implants
GANGS - initations, American, British, Italian, Mexican, Russian, Foreign, Mafia, Mobster, organized, police, drugs, and/or banging
GARDENING - Garden and Plant Growing Concepts including Companion Planting, Beneficial Habitats, nitrogen fixing plants, seeds, inexpensive propagation, nurseries and clubs, design, male and female plants, best locations needed, sustainable and stable gardening, how to quickly remove weeds, organic form of gardening, natural soil amendments of pebbles, gravel dust and sand, reseeding, volunteers, acclimatized, hardy plants, rodent barrier and bird nesting zone, Climate conditions, water quality needed to grow some species of plants, High density and intensive agriculture.
GIFT GIVING (Bonuses, Tips, Favors, Property, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Trust Funds, Gifts, Scholarships, Time-off as a reward for exceptional production, value, work, etc.)
GUILT - indications of guilt
HACKED - problems such as: Credit card statement shows charges for services that were NOT ordered regarding website, especially from a very large entity that also is in the telecommunications field; computer frozen, crashes, privacy violated, data lost or stolen, especially at schools, public places, especially involving credit cards and theft of identity.
HEALTH CARE FACILITY (Government, Teaching, Private, Contractor, Nursing home)
HEALTH PLANS - Health Insurance, Medicare, Medical, Supplemental Carriers, Government Paid Medical Services, Private Plans, etc., Medical providers, Medical suppliers, hospital, sanitarium, etc. (this includes the need to get holistic services covered and/or need for replacement produces for denied drugs, services, and/or COMPLETELY REPLACEABLE PRODUCTS DUE TO NEW AND IMPROVED OR OLD-FASHIONED MORE CONSERVATIVE PRACTICES LIKELY PREVIOUSLY NOT COVERED DUE TO INDUSTRY CORRUPTION AND MEDICAL MALPRACTICE!)
HELPFUL HINTS - 100 ways to save you Time, Money, and perhaps your Life
HIRING - Methods
HOMELESS, DISENFRANCHIZED, POOR, INDIGENT, UNHOUSED - misconceptions, similar to the native resistance, social milieu, circle, and/arena and behavior of many unhoused may change less than most may think and many may have a high standing in a community, and some fought in wars and are used to living outside, which may be less dangerous than being around the sick and criminal element that may be in much of the less desirable housing.
INDICATORS - system strength, economic and social problems
INSIDERS (Industry, etc.)
INFORMANTS - reason for limited use
INFORMATION - means of discovery, unconventional information about information
INNOCENCE - some indicators especially for those who seem unwilling to defend themselves
INSURANCE - the largest data bases are often maintained by Insurance companies
INTELLIGENCE - different cultures strengths, animals, plants, measurements
INVENTION & INNOVATION - patents, trademarks, trade secrets, magicians and the Doctrine of Nonnobviousness
INTERVIEWING - Questioning, interrogating, analyzing, hostile, not asking questions, private and confidential, safewords, safeplaces, saferooms, directness.
INTUITIVES - Parapsychology, paranormal phenomena, paranormal psychology biological basis for anomalous behavior or use of psychic detectives to solve crimes
INVESTIGATING - problems within the system
INVESTMENTS - styles, analyticals, practical advice
JUDGES - Judges, Justices, arbitrators, commissioners, and Bench warmers
JURIES - media involvement, especially during sequestering, the juries relationship to foreigners and other outsiders
JUSTICE FOR ALL focuses on Administrative priorities (case priority, emphasis), Government Budgeting, Planning in Health, Education and Welfare, Seizures and Eminent Domain Issues, with an emphasis on reorganizing Government Funded Services, which would hopefully increase efficiency and savings to the government due to better use of services and other resources
JUSTICE SYSTEM focuses on common failings of the Justice System often involving case management weaknesses
KIDS (Fun Activities, new movie theater design concept, cross selling, suggest your favorite types of movies)
LAW - problems with the law
LAWSUIT - reasons to file a lawsuit may be complex
LEADERSHIP - thoughts on leading
LEGISLATIVE PROPOSALS - Improvements that may reduce costs and improve government services, usually by improving efficiency and resource usage
LICENSED PROFESSIONALS are persons who need a license to practice their profession by the State, usually doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, architects, contractors, school teachers
MILITARY - general theory about problems
MOVIES (favorite types, festivals, locations, plots, reviews, previews, slide shows, cross selling, concessions, weekend pass, complex or multithreaded plots, true story, science-oriented, massage chair, screen on the ceiling, new products and designs, and cross selling services, such as Relaxation, recreation, nutrition and food service)
NURSING HOME, REST HOME, SKILLED NURSING FACILITY, CONVALESCENT HOME, SANITARIUM, HOSPICE, REHABILITATION CENTERS, RESIDENTIAL FACILITY, STATE HOSPITAL, FUNERAL HOME, FUNERAL PARLOR - common problems, surveillance, Overmedicated, Excessive restraints, Bed sores, including illegal removal of body parts, illegal surgeries, illegal implants
ORGANIZING - organizational theory, problems of organizations and ways of organizing things
POLICE BRUTALITY - Corruption of police by other corrupt police officers, agencies
POLITICAL ACTIVISM - Means to get issues on the ballot and some uncommon theories, concepts, misconceptions about the definition of liberal and conservative (Democratic or Republican agenda)
POLITICIANS - lack or power, insight or control over their programs, laws, other branches of the government
POVERTY - means to overcome hardship, Precarious livelihoods, Excluded locations, Physical limitations, Gender relationships, Problems in social relationships, Lack of security, Abuse by those in power, Disempowering institutions, Limited capabilities, &/or Weak community organizations
PREJUDICE - sexual, racial, petty, things that can offend others
PRISON - incarceration, lockedup, detained, penitentiary, slammer, the joint, lockdown, interned, confined, solitary confinement or work camp
PROGRAM DESIGN, SYSTEMS, PROCESSES, FUNCTIONS, OBJECTIVES- Multi-ethnic, multi-social, multi-income, multi-class, integrated into known systems, resources, situations
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - problems, comment, even for those not allowed to vote on the project, state your opinion
PUBLIC TRANSIT - problems, behaviors
RELATIONSHIPS - interaction between entities, often known as parties or enterprises, including: governments, businesses, and organizations, even resources, such as natural or even unnatural resources
RESPECT - simple little things to do to show respect to others or gain other's respect
RESTROOM - complaints
RETAIL AND SPA (includes combining service industry and entertainment industry with retail)
ROMANCING - dating, courting, socializing
RUDE - success due to lack of prejudice and knowledge of many community standards, actions speak louder than words, obstructive behavior, NOT trusting others and other breaches of freedom
SEARCH - internet search tips that may be quicker than using the advanced search fields
SERVICE INDUSTRIES -including Travel, entertainment, recreation, grooming, education, licensed professionals can be seasonal, regional, and cultural- the customer is always right especially if the customer is also the boss and the owner, except when the other customers did not want to educate the customer about how to be a better customer, tipping and gifts for service
SETTLEMENTS - Attorney fees may be reduced by the judge or by law makers or by law in cases where the award is very high, or excessive, for the work the attorneys did on the case; in some cases it may be less than 50%, and may go down to about 15% if the award is in the millions; Out-of-court settlements and criminal activity; Out-of-court settlements to insure privacy of ALL parties!
SEXUALLY OR SOCIALLY CHALLENGED - what might need to be worked on to get what might rewarding behavior
SHELTERS - including emergency, homeless, drug treatment programs, victims of violence, pilot programs
SHOPPING - Insights to finding values and good deals
SOURCE - truthful and respectable sources of information to prevent propaganda
STOCKBROKER - fraud, misappropriation, spinning, churning, negligence
SUICIDE - indicators and seriousness of attempts
SUPPLEMENTS (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, green foods, to heal the body often inexpensively and to avoid surgery, and the side effects of modern medicine); How to buy, how to take, etc.
TERRORISTS - characteristics and methods of detection, rewards
THEATERS, SHOWS, MOVIES (Favorite content, length, suggestions for design and service improvements)
TESTIFYING - Questioned while under oath on a witness stand often in the presence of the media, judge, jury, court reporter, clerk, interpreters, and attorneys in a courtroom
TRUTH - helps us understand the nature of reality
UNCONSENSUAL - trapped, rape, sex, stalked, harassed, drugged, slavery, coerced, intimidated, threatened, poisoned, and/or escaping violence; trafficking in human beings; inappropriate behavior; wronged; unwelcome attention or intruder.
VENUE - Jurisdiction, Venue or Forum can be the key deciding factor of a case
VICTIM - resources, statistics, and methods to help avoid victimization
WAR - mostly an unglamorous look at war, sometimes cynical
WEALTH - general ideas about attracting various tangibles and intangible sources of benefits
WELLNESS - Unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies, cures, treatments, or healing methods, including Magnets, heat, ultrasound, massage, light, water, Electroacupuncture, Mineral treatments, supplements, ointments, bathes, and/or raw food.
WHISTLEBLOWERS - The False Claims Act (FCA), the qui tam provision allows private citizens to file suit on behalf of the United States to recover damages incurred by the federal government as a result of contractor fraud or other false claims, other violations that allow triple damages, or recovery or reward fees from the government.
WORKING (injured, victimized, corruption at work)