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Initiation often consists of doing a murder.

Satanic or suspected Satanic, or strange customs, or idols.

Ritual abuse or punishments.

Death centered or willingness to die for the gang.

City government or institution.

County government or institution.

State government or institution.

Charitable or religious institution.

Private institution.

Teaching institution.

Military institution.

Psychiatric institution.

Private Facility, compound or residence.

False report.

Deceitful, secretive, or privacy agreements.

Frameups or doing time for others.

Institutional misconduct or payoffs to officials.

Demands interview, especially public or office.

Refuses to do evacuation.





Prejudiced or suspected Civil Rights Violations.

Prior convictions of crimes or insurance company or other questionable payouts.

Abusive or use of unnecessary force.

Sleeps on job.

False documentation used to obtain position.

Rock star and/or entertainer with false identification with history of addiction likely there to abuse position.

Big business, Organization with, or without, educated or person(s) of high status.