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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Hackers make big money usually by exploiting Microsoft security flaws as seen in: 2008 an exploit for $37 that attacked a hitherto unknown weakness at Port 445; (a rogue anti-virus program) sold for about $50 checked for a Ukrainian keyboard to avoid U.S. legal consequences; Zeus Trojan may have stolen more than $70 million form bank accounts; the Bagle worm made money from ads; Trojans Storm possible plans to sell portions of the Storm botnet to other operators; Torpig stole bank account numbers; the top 5 most prevalent botnet (DGA-based crimeware families) are Conficker, Murofet, BankPatch, Bonnana and Bobax!

RevTrax analyzes consumer data, even telephone locations may be tracked and all conversations recorded and stored!

Computer crashes after going to a website, usually entertainment personality fan site.

Computer crashes after going to a search engine.

Computer frozen, and message about program not working, and need to restart the computer.

Cursers didn't display the proper curser for the function and then the curser wouldn't move, usually resulting in complete loss of data and a need to reboot or restart the computer.

Computer wouldn't do what you correctly programmed it to do on another computer with more memory.

Passwords were obtained after someone reinstalled application and got system administrator capabilities.

Passwords were not cleared, especially at a school.

Attachments are public and your work was stolen, especially at a school.

Back button was used to violate your privacy.

History wasn't disabled and someone got into your accounts.

Email account closed, especially paid account, without preserving your data and/or giving you notice to transfer your data.

Submit and send buttons do not work, but work in different county.

Data was destroyed at a school after you put your discs in the disc drive in the way you normally put them in the disc drive, especially at the end of term, especially when they use the one of the largest employers operating system instead of the free operating system and free browser.

Instructors links do not work at a school.

Payment shows on credit card statement, but website is no longer in existence, seems hacked.

Website has a message stating that it is hacked and show a link to well known web hosts, especially by foreigners regarding oil.

Credit card statement shows charges for services that were NOT ordered regarding website, especially from a very large entity that also is in the telecommunications field.

Credit card statement shows charges for services that WERE ordered regarding website, BUT THE PROVIDER DIDN'T SEEM TO RECEIVE PAYMENT and/or the account was suspended and/or the data on the site doesn't exist and/or the site doesn't display.

Repeated messages that email can not be sent from a very large email host.

Unable to upload data to website.

Unable to log into website, especially to create pages.

Spell check seems to crash and case loss of data.

Accidentally wobbling and/or hitting escape key causes loss of data.

Unable to upload data to website.

Unable to log into website, especially to create pages.

Unable to register or purchase domain name.

Domain names taken after you thought you purchased it over the phone.

Emails missing from email account.

Email sent to others, especially government officials under your name, but you did not sent the email.

Strategic links do not display.

Checkboxes display as textboxes.

Bug or programming flaw in the application, or program and/or system.

Security problem in the application, or program and/or system.

Keys hit do not display and/or keyboard needs to be repositioned or new keys are needed.

Some of these may not be about hacking or any conspiracy, but some might. The point is it can be difficult to know if there is a problem with the computer, program or application, typing, operating system, or network. Rarely is privacy properly protected in schools or public places because they tend to buy the least expensive systems, and/or they buy from the wrong suppliers. Likely the free system is the most secure. They tend to buy what most people think they will use or demand. Kickbacks are likely. Almost all applications, especially designed by the government have bugs. The government has union workers and they tend to not be paid well. The free programs or application may be the best. It may be common for the creators of a system to put a back door into the system for their personal use!

Computers, applications, networks tend to have problems.

Reporting problems to might help.

Very few employees exist are online companies (about 1 employee per a million customers)!