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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!

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Information is usually the most valuable asset; all that is needed to solve almost any problem is information or a strong theorist; information is usually the first resource needed to accomplish anything, and with it almost anything can be achieved.

Try to have at least one brave, accomplished, decent friend.

Be willing to leave everyone, everything, at anytime for any reason.

Have at least one secret hiding place (perhaps with provisions) perhaps on public land.

Use free organizations and free services first. Libraries are an example of a great free service.

Be willing to complain, make a Supreme Court case out of it. Fight excessive bills, bad service, and unfair practices.

Be willing to negotiate, unless it takes too long, or it is not worth the effort.

Organized activities are often NOT to be trusted; this can include organized health care, education, welfare, politics and some charitable organizations.

Commuting (all travel) is possibly dangerous. Reduce travel. Travel only to better locations. Most animals die during migration. Traffic accidents are common.

Hesitate to leave a save, happy, comfortable place.

Stick with what you know and trust. <

Maintain indications of the safety of a region, situation, and/or area. Notice subtle signs that persons or animals are exiting an area. Consider leaving any person, thing, place, where you feel something strange is going on, even if you are unable to explain the problem; natural gas explosions have happened and a few people have removed themselves prior to the event without an explanation of the problem.

Never think you need to waste your time explaining your actions to any one, especially someone you do not know, or who is not in a position of authority. Time almost always reveals the truth.

Ultimately be willing to defend yourself (reputation, health, wealth).

High prices often reflex high risk, and often not high quality, especially with respect to housing or real estate; examples are cosmetic surgery, high rises and/or clubs.

Private services or resources are often inferior to the same government services, such as education, health care, and this is partly because the government tends to investigate problems within the government before they investigate problems in private entities.

Charitable services are often superior to government services or resources, because they tend to be less corrupted by agendized or corrupt entities, and have the resources to concentrate on maintaining standards.

Be willing to challenge your loved ones, your friends, foreign dictators, the authorities, officials, basically anyone and/or report them to the authorities or go public about their wrongdoing.

A great reputation tends to precede all employment, and if unemployed, stay active in the community because it can lead to a more profitable activity than most jobs. Encourage retailers to carry new products, and/or advise them of your or other persons needs that you have keep current on be being a great information gatherer.

Try to avoid being a wage earner; instead try to have a business, independent means of support, or even some sort to trading between some person or entity, even if it is trading information, talking about the weather or news; this can lead to a communications service, website, consultant position. Other means of support can be collecting stamps, shells, discarded office equipment, hauling trash, and/or recycling.

Obtain a Social Security card at a young age and try to get a part time job at a young age to try to get some work experience, and/or have some sort of resource gathering activity or door-to-door sales activity, clean apartments, garden, do child care, scout out talent or represent talent or products. This helps with obtaining references, a work ethic, knowledge of work standards, and perhaps needed Social Security payments.

Develop logic, science, math skills, which tend to be the most valuable and rare skills. skills, which tend to be the most valuable and rare skills." checked>

It is often best to distribute critical information at least 3 or 4 ways, usually to each branch of the government, and to at least one trustworthy person in the media or friend, and/or religious organization; generally it is publish or perish; often it is best to keep a stamped post card, or enough money to sent out some distress message.

Use the Court or Government as Custodian of Records mostly in controversial or extreme situations, but also store records elsewhere.

Be willing to get political, change political parties, or even start a new political party. A two party political system is unusual and not the standard in many progressive, or industrial, or even socialistic counties.

Go to the movies, a library, a resource center or read the tabloids rather than go to a therapist or to a support group for minor problems, and sometimes for some major complex problems. The former can help you feel less sorry for yourself, and help cause you to see a solution to your problem, and to do things for yourself, and therapists and support groups tend to create dependence and tend to see things as emotional problems rather than as family, legal, political, social or economic problems. At worst, therapist and support groups tend to have many dead patients or members. At best, a court case, law enforcement, private detective, lawyer can help keep you alive.

If you feel completely stumped by a problem, look at almost everything in a library, better book store, court index, government meetings, free publications not in libraries, free listing services, go out an observe community standards, ask older persons for advice, or any survivor of a similar problem.

Do it yourself; paid persons rarely do the quality work you are capable of and rarely are as emotionally invested in obtaining the quality results.

Maintain control; stress is usually defined as a loss of control.

Settle for less living space, in a safer area.

Remember obscurity means security!

Have defensive tactics if living in an isolated area, and/or some offensive capabilities.

Avoid lines.

Avoid crowds. These are often only for the young and healthy, and those looking for a mate.

Avoid any place that does not offer easy access to an exit; often that includes elevators, skyscrapers, planes, ships, big box retailers; so it is often best to shop online. Remember to think like a wild animal and avoid what they would not tolerate.

Avoid obstructions! That includes lack of ease of movement, people, places, situations that case obstructions.

Do not get trapped in bad business dealings, institutions, schools, blind alleys, no win situations.

Stop losses. Do not throw in good money after bad losses. This means do not go back to an abusive situation, advisor, institution, country, region, even to the other side of a bridge, especially a burning bridge. Adjust to the concept that they only get one chance to prove themselves, to do the right thing.

The simple, plain and clear statement, solution, answer is often the best. Easy tends to sell the most.

Buy on sale in more exclusive and less crime infested shops and buy quality.

Competency is often obvious and tends to be worth the extra time, commute and cost. Generally, the good people tend to stay good, and the bad people tend to stay bad.

Avoid all service businesses, unless they save you money in the long run.

Get a license, or challenge all laws regarding obtaining a degree or license by getting passing an exam. All degrees tend to be cult like and an exercise in ritual time sacrifice, and those who have them tend to take advantage of their clients.

Generally, people, the government, or the system is always the problem. The government tends to always get corrupted, and clerks tend to be untrustworthy, incompetent, or wrong.

Research the problem yourself, especially corruption because, often, establishment types and government employees tend to feel above the law.

Generally if a person's past shows unethical activities no matter how rich, educated, attractive, talented or protected they are, eventually they will be of negative value, and they will be disempowered.

Generally, the establishment, industry insiders, and government elected officials tend to steal from any person while they are at any government facility, even to the point of framing up or murdering the creator of any important resource, concept, idea, especially any important wide ranging application that can be used for any security or commercial application. A government facility might be a library, higher education research center, the military.

Immediately go public with your ideas, inventions, creative concepts, or work product.

Do not spend most of your time making police reports or in court. If the problem or area is that bad, it is can be best to leave the situation or even leave the evidence of a crime in a public area, or to publish the evidence. It might be best to assume that many of those in law enforcement who are taking a report about crimes may be capable of harming those who report the crime because they are part of the criminal establishment there. In some countries or locations there may be a bribe rate of 90 % of law enforcement.

Protect yourself first rather than protect cowardly or corrupt informants, or sources of information. Generally, value-producers deserve protection.

Avoid disruptive communications initiated by the public that are endangering or time wasting.

Avoid the phone. It can be a huge security risk and it can act as an open mike.

Generally the problem is with the system and those who control it, maintain it, or created it.

All planning and all systems tend to be under-designed or used to over-capacity, and are not to be considered safe or reliable.

Prepare for the worst case scenario. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The best and least expensive place to rest in an urban area may be the movies. <

Stick to places, establishment you know or trust.

Buy immediately eatable food at the grocery store, or eat it there, or in the park if traveling.

Generally avoid restaurants. They are almost always health or security risks.

Generally, frequent bookstores, browse or eat there, even bring your own food or drinks.

Take public transportation or walk or bike in safe areas. Try to avoid public transportation during periods likely to be packed to over-capacity, usually holidays or events often when persons tend to be intoxicated.

Try to be unnoticeable, or try not to attract attention in pubic, or dangerous areas.

Avoid an establishment the discriminates against you, especially if they made you wait while giving free produces or services to someone else, but made you pay for the same produces or services!

Use a machine instead of a person because the machine is always less discriminatory. This is especially true with bank tellers.

Avoid the public and public places as much as possible. < /strong>

Invest in your own resources rather than using institutional resources if possible because institutions rarely properly protect their resources or the people who use their resources.

Check your stress level. Generally, if they are too high, you have lost control of a situation. You owe it to yourself to protect yourself first.

Be willing to stop or drop everything, say no, change plans, schedules.

Accept change & become flexible.

Embrace change, new ideas, and new technology.

Keep with what seems to work.

Be willing to be an outsider, pathfinder, pioneer. Act on the system rather than within the system, and be willing to change the system.

Be willing to start fresh and to keep out all adversaries from your environment, and not be let anyone know where you are, what you are doing; be willing to keep a secret or have secrets for your own protection or the protection or others.

Be willing to question or change your given name or identity.

Question cultural identity, values, especially dress or housing standards. Remember many cultures are tribal and nomadic. Therefore, at some point in your life it may be safest to be constantly traveling perhaps without many tangible or hard assets.

Challenge the tax structure. Perhaps income tax should be taxed at a higher rate for the young, who often cause more problems than they solve especially in new unproven industries.

Go to a clean place. Some places are so toxic that everything and everyone dies young there.

Clean out your body; it can consist of over 90 % foreign organisms.

Leave a dangerous environment or situation.

Do not spend money when you should be making or investing money; a rule of thumb is that you should only be saving money when you are past age 50.

Investments can be intangible and those can be the most valuable investments. Do not measure wealth or value by shallow standards! A great reputation might be the most valuable intangible investment!

Go into debt if it saves you money in the long run, such as buying necessities when they are on sale. Debt is necessary if it is the only way to achieve certain goals. Buy on sale using a credit card to save in the long run.

Student loans can resemble the addiction model, and if the education does not result in higher income which would allow for the repayment of the student loan, the student is forced to take a certain amount of classes to defer paying off the student loans. Education can often resemble brain washing and often has negative value, especially trade school education, because often the trade is obsolete due to new technology or legislation mandating the use of new technology.

Pay for the creating of a final product rather than a unionized wage to create the final product; for example, prefabricated structures, cabinets can be a better value than hiring a contractor for custom work.

Avoid any enterprise involving unethical, destructive or illegal practices. They tend to eventually resemble a war zone or become violence or the cause of accidents.

Limit time wasting social activities, such as weddings, graduations or funerals. Perhaps send a gift card, money or something else of value as a present with a note.

Avoid resource draining activities, including doctors, lawyers, paying persons who are licensed professionals, even if it means traveling elsewhere to get the services at the lesser cost or to do the service yourself.

Avoid overly taxing your body or mind.

Avoid places where there is a pattern of exhaustion, suffering, waste, hardships, evil, excessive energy, movement, and confusion.

Avoid all addictions, and the addicted. This is very difficult to do because many are very good at hiding their addictions, and there are some very unusual addictions, such as being addicted to routine, institutions, status, or a location.

Avoid taking any problem too personally. Realize that even the experts can be wrong.

There may be a first time and exception for almost everything.

Remember in the past likely there was very little difference in wealth, health, and education, so the concept of equal rights exists, and it likely will eventually become universal.

Justice tends to spread. Evil tends to not be accepted for a long period of time.

The desire for freedom tends to be universal, so eventually even the corrupt tend to do what will support justice and freedom.

Logic tends to be the most powerful evidence, experiment as evidence tends to be the next most powerful evidence, so ultimately the truth is almost always revealed.

Unusual assets are eventually recognized as valuable. These can include strange illnesses or disabilities.

Truth is the scientific standard. Truth is stranger than fiction. The truth will almost always set you free, and over time tends to be understood or known by most persons even if it was once considered very strange, unusual, improbable or completely impossible.