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Insurance Corps

Insurance companies may hide behind ERISA by ignoring treating doctors, allowing accountants to make medical decisions, and then when caught try to lie their way out of problems.

The Insurance industry can resemble religious ideals: protecting high standards, using sophisticated resources, ensuring sustainability, and tends to attract the best talent, often from the best schools, government and industry.

The service skills of insurance industry services staff, including professional management, regulatory expertise, and experienced management tend to benefit to less experienced enterprises that are clients of the insurance industry services staff.

Insurance industries tend to pay the highest wages and hire the best from academia and government with the most experience in many fields.

Insurance may be the most interdisciplinary profession.

Actuaries concern themselves with recognizing risk, maintaining the standard of living, resources, but often unknown corruption still makes raising rates, policy exclusion and canceling policies necessary.

The cost of risk factors is likely never fully understood by actuaries and investigators and claims examiners must try to discover them and they can blanket their policy holders and others about possible fraud or ferret out fraud, and demand incarcerations.

Insurance companies often encourage donating blood and giving to certain charities on their premises. They tend to demand healthy lifestyles, and likely will not allow recreation at gaming enterprises as part of their activities.

Insurance companies tend to have the most strenuous work environments, standards and may investigate their employees and policy holders more than any other industry, and can even forbid drinking coffee or other stimulants at their desks.

There is a high value places on deportment and image at Insurance companies.

Insurance companies tend terminate employees immediately for wrongdoing, also known as firing on the spot even more so than law firms.

Grouping together to litigate against policies holders has been done by insurance companies.

Insurance companies tend to blanket their customers about potential wrongdoers.

The global reach of Insurance companies can result in more comprehensive prosecutions of wrongdoers than most governments, and there may be no place to hide from the reach of a wronged Insurance company, or any of their industry organizations.

It is a myth that insurance companies do not prosecute for wrongdoing, just raise rates, and cancel policies; rather they tend to get professionals licenses revoked and/or persons criminally prosecuted likely more so than even law firms, and perhaps more complex cases involving large amounts of money may get more attention than the government, which tends to get compromised by political contributions and industry insiders closely associated with the executive branch of government.

Insurance companies tend to maintain data banks of problem policyholders and can drive person out of business who must have insurance to practice their profession under the law.

Defrauding insurance companies may be the way most professionals get their licenses revoked.

Defrauding insurance companies can often ultimately result in criminal prosecution and/or incarceration.

The Insurance industry tends to support many organizations, and has many connections with and contacts within law enforcement.

The highest priority over law enforcement's resources may be given to the insurance industry and that is partly because the best employees in the insurance industry used to work in law enforcement.

The insurance professional has many interdisciplinary skills and is highly professional and doesn't over-personalize any of his relationships. We see at the beginning of the movie the sophisticated offices of the insurance company, but the insurance professional is to give advisement and protection to an employee of an employee of another sophisticated industry in a completely different region of the world and does so with exceptional talent. Therefore, we see the global nature of insurance, too.

Insurance is both interdisciplinary and global in nature with an emphasis on the highest professional standards.