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Intuitives or psyhics

Lawrence M. Krauss claims: virtual particles (also known as anti-particles or anti-matter, or dark matter may be 99 % of reality THAT IS INVISIBLE TO HUMANS) can be the opposite of an electron or a positron; 30 % of total energy is in “dark matter” and 70 % of total energy does not reside in any form of matter resides in empty space in the universe; VIRTUAL UNIVERSES MAY POP I NTO AND OUT OF EXISTENCE, SUCH AS WHEN A ELECTRON-POSITRON PAIR SPONTANEOUSLY POPS OUT OF EMPTY SPACE NEAR THE NUCLEUS OF AN ATOM AND AFFECT THE PROPERTY OF THAT ATOM FOR THE SHORT TIME THE PAIR EXISTS (THEY CANCEL EACH OUTER OUT); A BLACK HOLE GETS LIGHTER AND LESS ENERGY AFTER A PARTICLE FALLS IN IT; THERE MAY BE ASYMMETRY BETWEEN MATTER AND ANTIMATTER WHERE MATTER IS GREATER THAN ANTIMATTER!

Implicit learning often involves quickly recognizing patterns and is a type of intuition.

Morphogenesis is similar to vitalism (resembles chi or prana and the wave/particle dualism of quantum collapse or binging of two quantum objects, or eve n morphogenetic fields explain astrology, and suggest the power of healing prayers, or creative insight as God’s grace.)because there is other explanation to explain how a stem cell changes into other organs.

Moral judgment is mostly physical.

The right brain is holistic; the left brain is sequential.

Light frequencies change enzymes that change chemical composition of plants.

Intuitives and great investigators know how observe and interpret things.

Intuititives may benefit from reading .

Two impossibles sometimes make a possible (quantum mechanics?); a molecules is struck in its "excited" state until it collides with another "excited" molecule causing the two electrons to return to a lower energy state simutaneously releasing a single photon with twice the energy while BREAKING THE LAWS OF SYMMETRY (selection rule, or transition rule, formally constrains the possible transitions of a system from one state to another)! The experiment involves combining hydrogen peroxide with chlorine!

Mystical experiences consist of a sense of unity; transcendence of time and space; sense of sacredness; sense of objective reality; deeply felt positive mood; ineffability; paradoxicality; and transiency!

“Idealism is that nonphysical reality is primary and that physical reality is an extension from the physical…,Until an observer is present to observer any iota of matter, it exist in superposition, undetermined, both j a particle and a wave. In superposition it is as if the phone is in the doorway between nonphysical and physical reality. ” ~ Marcey Shapiro, MD.

Griffith's experiment, reported in 1928 by Frederick Griffith, was one of the first experiments suggesting that bacteria are capable of transferring genetic information through a process known as transformation. Oswald Avery dead S would tranform live R into live S if incubated together.

Everything is a vibration; sound can create forms using two difference frequencies on water as shown by Erik Larson of Reid’s CymaScope and Dr. Emoto’s work; Dr Randall McClellan noted in The Healing forces of Music that water responds to forced resonance (object responds to vibrations of different frequencies). Frequencies may be related to the atomic weight found in the periodic table of elements! Global events seem to be measurable by EGGs and become less random when the population is engages in significant levels of excitement, such as the Super Bowl. The critical mass to create change on the planet may be only the square root of one percent of the population, about 8,000 persons!

Alpha Waves = daydream; Theta = high creativity; Delta = deep meditation; High Beta = hyperactivity; and Gama precognition or high level info processing!

Kirlian photography (aura photography), "corona discharge photography." The Kirlian technique is contact photography, in which the subject is in direct contact with a film placed upon a charged metal plate, showed a glowing outline of entire leaf even if it has part of it missing similar to a bioplasma substance; 22 physical, chemical, and photochemical characteristics can influence the coronal discharges seen in Kirlian photos.

SPIRITUALITY is a belief beyond the material world. Multity tasking is focusing on what we a NOT doing. It is often better to feel alignment between our attention, or concentration and motions, so that body and mind seem to act as one. "Modern science has provided dissolving the physical world. every solid object disappears into invisible packets of energy when hyou delve into the subatomic level, and beyond that , even energy collapses into a construct that has no boundaries in time and spece, the so-called wave funtion...Just as matter vanishes when you go deep enough, so do space and time...In the world's spiritual tradition, the state of infinite possibilities is not a faraway, unimaginable condition but the very ground state of existence." ~Deepak Chopra.

"[H]istory is determine far more by totally surprisijng, anomalous events than by anything one could have predicted" ~ Deepok Chopra.

The development of civilization has been fixated on acknowledging tangibles, false dichotomies, such as knower/seeker, or master/servant relationships. Embracing behavior, rather than seeking behavior, leads to wholeness, insight, and innovation.

80 % of biomass is microbiological and according to microbiologist Lynn Margulis run our atmosphere; bacteria swap genes, which makes reality seem Lamarckian: the inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Bloch Waves cause conduction by constructive interference, the wave like nature of electrons, common wave/particle duality is also showing up in holographic duality, and loop quantum gravity.

Intuitives or psyhics can be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

The observer seems to play a central role in fixing the nature of reality at the at the quantum level ~ Paul Davies & John Gribbin.

Emotional intuitives read emotional energy; mental intuitives do mind reading; physical intuitives do body scanning; spiritual intuitives sense outside the body energy.

Von Economo neurons (VENs) are unusually shaped cells involved in interoception - or the conscious awareness of visceral sensation and emotional perception - including, gut feelings might be a basis for Extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, precognition, telepathic, psychokinesis, which could include distorting or moving an object.

Parapsychology, paranormal phenomena, paranormal psychology are the study biological basis for unusual skills, apparent anomalous or psychic behavior using the scientific method often by studying biologic phenomenon, waves, frequencies or movement of electrons within objects.

All objects have internal movement of electrons, so they can be considered alive and with a memory or archived information and ALL may be manipulated or read by energy or thought.

Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the purported ability to acquire information by paranormal means, communication between two minds, often called the sixth sense.

Clairvoyance is extrasensory perception at a distance, without the mediation of another mind by seeing images or events that cannot be perceived by the usual five senses.

Precognition or retrocognition which is ESP across time into the future or past, respectively.

Telekinesis (or psychokinesis) is the minds control of matter, which could include distorting or moving an object.

Some believe the spirit world is real, and that crimes can be solved by intuitives.

Mirror neurons could be the cause of psychic abilities.

Three Types of Happiness exist: Pleasure, Passion, and Higher Purpose). Daniel Goleman claims the competencies associated with self-awareness are: Emotional self awareness: recognizing your emotions and the impact they have on your life; Accurate self-assessment: identifying your strengths and limitations; and Self-confidence: knowing yourself worth and capabilities. Grasping and aversion may account for 90 % of suffering (it takes 3 positive experiences to overcome a negative experience) . To become more self-motivated, Daniel Pink thinks, you must immerse yourself in a sea of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, which motivates persons working in creative jobs rather than monetary incentives! David Rock believes five domains of social experience exist: Status, Certainty, Automony, Relatedness and Fairness. Team building is prevented by absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results according to Patrick Lencioni.

Intuitives or psyhics can help solve crimes.