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SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Juries tend to guard against political corruption, especially in the various branches of the government, often with the help of the media investigating a case. They will often protect against the corruption of foreign wealth and standards of corruption that happen in other communities that do not have their standards. in William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe (2009) it is suggested that it is ALL JURY TAMPERING while staging a trial! The movie Runnaway Jury (2003) is an excellent example about the jury selection process and big business. The movies Twelve Angry Men, Trial by Jury (1994), The Jury's Secret (1938), TV mini-series The Jury (2002), and Lex & Ordo: Tentatio per Jury (2005) TV series are also about a juries. Jury Duty is a 1995 comedy movie.