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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!

Justice system Justice system

Injustice is common, even in areas without great wealth, education, health, age, cultural differences.

Few ever participate in the Justice system or understand it well.

Few great investigators, litigators, judges exist, and few like to stay in the profession for long.

Contracts often can be broken if they are unfair, made when someone was impaired, or if they were make under duress, in some states they can be cancelled within a certain period of time; THE EXPRESSION THAT THEY ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN MAY BE TRUE.

Unique or strange decisions by the Justice System can impact a community and NOT be properly resolved for 20, 50, even hundreds of years, especially regarding railroad land, government property, and/or technology.

The Justice system is so risky that negotiation rather than litigation, especially using the media, or buying out an enterprise, is often better than the justice system.

Riots can result from some decisions made in the Justice System.

The psychological profession may unjustly divert criminals from the prison system partly due to reasoning that so-called crimes of passion that happen between so-called loved-ones are not also the normal behaviors with others out side the so-called family, or so-called loved-ones environment, setting, subculture, social milieu.

Witness rarely want to come forward and often need to be found; expert witness may be paid huge sums of money.

Some experts often cause litigation to happen and regularly work with certain law firms.

Parties are rarely all involved and complex litigation is rarely presented in a comprehensive manner, especially in very technical cases.

Law firms may deny this, but many may send gifts to victims of accidents and/or find other ways to let others know their services exist and that may be an indication that they aggressively seek out clients.

Plaintiffs (Victims) are rarely properly represented, or compensated properly, especially in class actions.

Defendants (Perpetrators) rarely are properly discovered, investigated or prosecuted, and tend to repeat their practices, or not get removed or restrained from committing a similar practice pattern, especially if they are professionals, with a license or degree.

Liability and/or negligence is rarely properly discovered, contributory. For instance, rarely is there complete informed consent or complete documentation, research, literature about the risks of surgery, new procedures, technology, conditions where a product would be used that could be harmful.

Gross negligence is common. No care may have been done.

Damages are rarely comprehensive enough, or enough to discourage the same activity from being repeated.

Lawyers rarely work a case comprehensively and tend to focus on a very typical, simple, noncomplex type of case. They tend to want the same case someone becoming nearly incapacitated, quadriplegic, or something a child could understand as wrong or an injustice.

Evidence is rarely, as it should be, based first on logic, then on physical reality, then on documents, but is often based on false testimony of false witnesses, especially government witnesses.

Comprehensive investigations are rare.

Testing and evaluations, even presented to the court, are rarely completely accurate unless completely unbiased or scientifically based on logic or repeatable experiment, and under controlled conditions, even by experts.

Litigation rarely solves problems, but does tend to get government to change some practices, improve planning, allocation of resources, and/or employment guidelines.

Conflicts tend to be most severe over scare resources, and NOT over so-called family or love interests or crimes of passion between lovers.

Jury duty is often avoided by the most competent and ethical in this country and there is a very serious problem finding quality, brave, competent and ethical jury members who are not prone to being tampered with and sequestering a jury in the country or excluding witnesses from the court room and preventing they from listening to each other testimony is not common.

Settlements tend to be unfair and should be properly and creatively structured, so that just settlement happens as quickly as possible, and so a organization can limit their risk and remain stable and continue to do business, and it is could to limit the settlement before trial and an excessive judgment is made by the jury that might destroy a valuable industry.

Judgments can be impossible to collect, especially from so-called charity hospitals and organization, and tend to NOT get collected properly.

Patterns of criminal activities and coordination of similar cases rarely happens, except on the largest cases, and the judge may exercise influence on whether clients or parties need lawyers or which lawyers can act as the lead lawyer and even the fees the lawyers can charge their clients. Laws involving patterns of crimes, or wrongdoing, are rarely used by lawyers, especially in Civil Cases.

Files are rarely properly maintained or protected by the courts. The Court Index is rarely properly studied to stop trends of problems. Inconsistent and uncoordinated computer systems, and/or data bases contribute to a poorly managed Justice System. It is common for public records to be misfiled, stolen, corrupted or even bombed without a backup copy of the records.

Obstruction of Justice and investigations is common and to be expected in cases involving large amounts of any resource.

Judges are rarely sanctioned, especially for not taking Judicial notice of other cases, and judicial discretion is rarely properly studied or investigated for possible criminal misconduct. Judges, the court clerk, and court personnel tend to be poorly paid and capable of GREAT INJUSTICES and/or criminal or agendized activity.

Cases are rarely investigated or presented in court the way they are shown by the mass media.

The mass media tends to focus on just a few court cases and the so-called courthouse media doesn't seem to exist due to lack of funds or profit of the so-called news division of the media and a lack of talent in this area by the media.

The media is often more important than the Justice system, or may be considered a consultive part of the government or forth branch of the government.

The cost of the Justice System doesn't mean it has high value, or reflect its value.