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Lawsuitfiling Lawsuitfiling

Early suspicions and notification of defendants may help de-escalate crime and/or further warns them to discontinue their activities, which could include destruction of common environmental resources, such as air, water, land, utilities, and common carriers.

Publicity prior to filing a lawsuit can cause the government and others to act more responsibly and/or file criminal charges against the wrongdoers.

Securing evidence and distributing it to the media and others can prevent further wrongdoing.

Hiring low level attorneys or talking to them prior to securing evidence or going public may result in lawyers soliciting bribes from the wrongdoers.

Spending time seeking psychiatric help rather than filing a lawsuit, going to the media or law enforcement, can be a waste of time.

Writing a demand letter rather than filing a lawsuit when there has been criminal wrongdoing may result in further wrongdoing and/or death.

Publicity about the lawsuit may result in a greater likelyhood that judges will stay honest or NOT GET MURDERED BY THE WRONGDOERS.

Investigating the wrongdoers and doing a concurrent investigation of them prior to filing a lawsuit can limit further damages and/or result in criminal charges also being filed against the wrongdoers by the government.

Often the government needs to have co-conspirators within the government with conspire with wrongdoers removed before the government will start to behave responsibility, especially if the same political parties dominate the government in all levels of government or if most of the money comes into a region from government sources; in other words the government may encourage criminal theft of government resources from their own contractors. This may be especially true during a down economy or war time, or if persons in the government resent certain persons who them may be willing to put in harm's way.

Information and suspicions put in the lawsuit are of great importance to maintaining public welfare and/or reputation among other nations, or the ability to pay back loans from other nations and the decrease debt of the USA.

Transparency is needed to protect the government or public interest from further harm.

The transparency needed by the exposure of the information of harm to the public interest is almost guaranteed to cause massive changes in the design of various systems, especially those of the common welfare of the nation or other nations.

Responsibly puts valuable or even priceless information from the private domain into the public domain.


Theories, invention and other property interests are documented, especially if they can increase security and reduce costs and waste within a system.

The innocent need protection, or to be set free.

New discoveries or technology can be mandated by Court Order that will achieve greater freedom or justice.

Perceived risky endeavors and enterprises are documented

Acts as an formal and orderly Early Warning System.

Information acts as type of insurance policy in theory that can help keep a person alive.

Protection of the public interest is achieved by increasing general security and/or stability and/or diversity and/or complexity within systems.

The lay person often exceeds the knowledge and skill of a lawyer in complex matters, and that often a judge or jury does not properly award damages, but those in the know often understand that damages should be much larger than the general public understands in complex technical matters. IN FACT, LAYPERSONS ALSO KNOW AS PRO PERS OFTEN WIN THEIR APPEALS, and at least one Pro Per has won more appeals than many lawyers. Most lawyers do not file complex cases.

More lawsuits should be filed regarding complex matters by laypersons.