Odin alias Anon"...


Hacking is so common because an about 99% extortion rate EXISTS over private, personal, or business proprietary information, which is stolen more often than information from government sources (and most Internet technology is unsecured technology).  THAT IS, USUALLY THE HACKER IS IN A POSITON TO EXCERCISE A COMPLEX GAME OF Bondage, Submission, and Dominance WITH THEIR VICTIM, AND THIS GAME MAY AS BE ACTED OUT COMMONLY IN VARIOUS UNDERGROUND, PRIVATE, AD HOC, SECRET CLUBS OR PRIVATEDLY BY THE HACKER. 


The hackers tend to think hacking is an entitlement, innocent mischief, and the top offenders in the computer industry are near impossible to prosecute. THE QUOTES Odin alias Anon" from the Sober worm may suggest a hacker is sending a message to Microsoft because a according to


 In computing, Odin is a project to run Microsoft Windows programs on OS/2 or convert them to OS/2 native format. It also provides the Odin32 API to compile Win32 (Windows API) programs for OS/2.


Odin (Odin made Loki, god of Fire AND mischief, a cunning trickster, his blood brother.)   is the Norse and late Germanic god of wisdom, war, art, culture, and the dead and the supreme deity and creator of the cosmos and humans, WHO MAY TRANSFER HIS POWERS WHEN ASLEEP TO LOKI, who appeals primarily to rogues, thieves.)


Hackers tend to have the same agenda; it is an epidemic; Google wants to put copyrighted material located in major libraries on their website.  One would think this would be a violation of all previously known copyright laws.  Most of the search engines use bots, a type of computer robot, to crawl the web and may list all information on almost any website without asking if the information is private or if it should be listed.  Therefore, the industry standard may be to NOT PROTECT COPYRIGHT OR PRIVACY RIGHTS. 


Persons in the computer industry and in the hard sciences may often have less higher emotional, or limbic system, brain structures that may be normal within the computer industry, causing or allowing them to be insensitive to the needs and rights of others.  Often if they are from wealthier families they tend to show some indication of criminal activity around the age of 24, if from a less wealthy family around the age of their late teens.  Much of the computer jargon resembles military war jargon, and many persons in the industry grew up playing computer games and consider computers "FUN".  Few in the industry are in large data set analysis or mathematical analysis.


Even Visa and Mastercard have been hacked and credit card numbers have been stolen.  The hacker grabbed enough sensitive account information to defraud About 264,000 accountholders, and credit cards can be great for data mining, which Google and Bill Joy may have an interest in. Visa, Amex cut ties with CardSystems due to breach due to the biggest privacy breach to date; CardSystems was using live data it wasn't supposed to have on a development system which caused piracy of 40 million credit cards, including names, account numbers and expiration dates. Knowledge of the operating system in use by CardSystems may be an important clue to solving the case.  
Also important is the information that about the time of the hacking Google was considering getting in the credit card processing business in combination with a major player, perhaps, and that Google earns about 99% of its profits from advertising, and that MyDoom hacker seems to target online advertising and that Bill Joy has acted as an interviewer that seemed critical of online advertising.
PayPal currently has about 72 million account holders and earned about $62 billion in the first quarter of 2005.  Therefore, Google should expect to do very well competing against PayPal.
Even major governments and wealthy industrialists may be the victim of hackers, who may be inclined to misuse there skills.  The Martha Stewart case is of special interest and possible wrongdoing by the government has not been properly publicized by the mainstream media, which is increasingly controlled by the computer industry and webmasters.  Bill Joy’s friend, John Doerr, has been accused of insider trading regarding his board member status of Martha Stewart’s company.  Doerr also resigned from the Sun Microsystems board, and/or sold his $30 Million shares in Google while being a member of Googles Board since May 1999 at possible suspicious times.  
Why was a Treasury department employee with a troubled past rather than the Federal Bureau of Investigation employee not brought in to determine the quality of the evidence against Martha Stewart?  Martha Stewart may have been framed by U.S. Treasury Agent Larry Stewart over possible faked evidence against her used at the trial that might support that she didn't lie to investigators, who even looks similar to Martha Stewart.  The motivation to do this might be to control her license agreements thru purchasing her stock.  She bought back her company from Time, where she used to work as an editor, and later AOL TimeWarner had some accounting scandals.  John Doerr, resigned from the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia board, sold his firm's 2 million shares for $29 million in March, prior to Stewart's sale of ImClone stock became public knowledge in June (selling 4,000 ImClone shares on December 27, 2001, a day before the government was to reject a drug for public use) about the same time as her friend, Waksal (may have tipped off friends and family about the government’s rejection of the drug and was convicted for Fraud.)  who was a co-founder of ImClone according to the lawsuit filed against her regarding the price of MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA eroding due to the allegations about the ImClone stock sale she made doing damage to her reputation.). According to the magazine Reason: 

The most serious criminal charge against her is not perjury or insider trading but securities fraud, based on the fact that she denied to the press, personally and through her lawyers, that she had engaged in insider trading. This was done, the feds say, not for the purpose of clearing her name, but only to prop up the stock price of her own publicly traded company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. In other words, her crime is claiming to be innocent of a crime with which she was never charged…Before suing Stewart, the SEC had never gone after the customer of a broker who offered his knowledge of what another customer had done as a reason to make a trade… They don’t care who they hurt in the process, such as the shareholders of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, who saw the company’s value drop by over $400 million between December 2002 and August 2003.

Reason also claimed that many other persons who sold much more shares than Martha Stewart were NOT CHARGED WITH CRIMES SIMILAR TO THE CRIME SHE WAS CHARGED WITH.


A lawsuit alleged Doerr had private information about Stewart's sale of ImClone System shares (That is difficult to prove. COULD HAVE Bill Joy spoken to President Clinton and others about how to frame Stewart and get her and her stock into trouble AOL’s fold?). 

According to the October 2004 Web 2.0 Conference:

“John Doerr joined Intel in 1974 just as they invented the famous "8080" 8 bit microprocessor. At Intel, he held various engineering, marketing and management assignments, and was one of their top-ranked sales executives.
In 1980, he joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and sponsored a series of investments including Compaq, Cypress, Intuit, Macromedia, Netscape, Lotus, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, S3, Sun Microsystems,, and Symantec.

John was the founding CEO of Silicon Compilers and co-founder of @Home Network. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Intuit,,,, PalmOne, and Sun Microsystems. His privately held company board seats include Google, Good Technology, Friendster, Segway, Elance and EndForce.”

John Doerr, was board member at Netscape, AOL and Sun in 1998 when the board was loaded with ex-military and government people and Doerr was an investor with Netscape when AOL bought it.   It needs to be explored if  AOL backer John Doerr happenedd shortly after he left Martha Stewart’s board perhaps around May 2001.

Strangely, sexual mischief or gender issues may have been alleged or the theme in this case, both her broker, who had been with Martha Stewart to events and his assistant were alleged to be homosexuals and the government witnesses seemed embroiled in sexual battle, which may have been the theme of the Clinton Administration.  Larry Stewart, the government’s Treasury Department witness, who likely was in conflicts with another lab employee for years before the Martha Stewart case,  seems to have lied in the case against Martha Stewart; it was alleged by a female lab co-worker that Larry Stewart: (1) lied about 71 times in the Martha Stewart case (which was in part or wholly supported by other lab employees), (2)  kissed her against her will and (3) had unprofessional conversations of a sexual nature were common during lunch; Larry Stewart may not be allowed to testify in Canada and was romantically involved with another lab employee.  

Licensing agreements, not manufacturing agreements, are often how the front persons in publishing, designing, fashion industry, entertainment industry, the computer industry, and even rock stars and movie stars make most of their money.  It is a little similar to advertising endorsements, or they put their name on a product that often they did not design.  It is similar to blessing the product or suggesting they KNOW HOW TO PROMOTE THE PRODUCT OR MAKE IT BETTER.  CULT, GURU, MEDIA STAR STATUS tends to bring deals, and the act of the deal often along with the presentation of product, marketing plan, relationship for cross promotions involving the product that are similar to one stop shopping or the package deal tend to rule modern business practices.  Manufactures may notice rating, and audience attendance to various industry events, including fashion shows, and then may ask a model or personality to represent their product and/or put their name on it.


Martha Stewart to some extent is selling her lifestyle, as are those in the computer industry.  Persons in the computer industry can sell licenses to their patents to manufactures.  Unfortunately, consumer products may not be as stable as housewares, which is what Martha Stewart seems to control the licensing agreements with and she may display and sell the products she has licensing agreements on her website and through more contractual agreements at Kmart and Sears.


Bill Gate, too, partly got rich through licensing an operating system he bought to IBM using a very well written contract.  Microsoft may be constantly upgrading the operating system he bought and he is constantly gambling about what products to create, buy, and/or license for manufacture and to add to his Brands, such as Windows.  Microsoft’s products are not the best but they mostly meet the needs of the mass market, just as Martha Stewart's brand products mostly meet the need to the mass market, which is often were the most money is to be made by selling to the masses and not the elite or niche markets.


Oracle fronted my Larry Ellison may mostly sell products to the government, and they have been complaints that Oracle products are not very functional and/or that Larry Ellison is constantly guilty of fraud.  Larry Ellison may be the wealthiest person in the State of California and he is friends with Steve Jobs who is also a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a computer company, who is also very wealthy.   Larry Ellison, who was accused of insider trading in a lawsuit  revolving around a $900 million gain selling some of his company stock, has reached a tentative agreement that a judge may NOT approve allowing them to only pay $100 million to charity to resolve a civil lawsuit, and the lawyers may receive about $200 million who prosecuted the case! Fact checker: please check $200 million.


The JANUARY 15, 2003 Business Week article suggests litigation about dirty dealing within the computer industry is common and outrageous:


Among the disclosures: Gross, a onetime billionaire, defaulted on a $50 million personal loan from Bank of America in November, 2001. And in an e-mail dated March 16, 2000, Idealab President Marcia Goodstein told Gross "we are running out of cash. At your current deal rate, we're not running, we're hemmorrhage [sic], I can't even think of words strong enough to express how fast we are going broke."

That e-mail came at a time when Idealab still looked like a success, at least to outsiders. It had just raised $1 billion from private investors. The following month, the firm filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission to sell stock to the public. Idealab ultimately shelved that plan after the stock market collapsed.

DIVERSE GROUP.  The Jan. 13 filing is part of a yearlong court battle between a group that now includes 40 Idealab investors. The investors, whose unhappiness was first reported by BusinessWeek Online, claim Gross, Goodstein, and six other Idealab officers and directors breached their fiduciary duties by misappropriating corporate assets (see BW Online, 12/21/01, "When an Incubator Goes Cold").

The 40 plaintiffs are a diverse group, consisting of sophisticated investment funds and wealthy individuals. They include the T. Rowe Price Science & Technology fund, Dell Computer's (DELL ) venture capital arm, Travelers Insurance Group, as well as Jeffery Berg, chairman of
Hollywood talent agency International Creative Management, and Cindy Margolis, an E! Entertainment Channel show host and Internet pin-up queen. The plaintiffs are seeking a liquidation of Idealab, a removal of all of its directors, and a return of their $725 million in investments.

In an interview with BW Online, Goodstein, who is now married to Gross, doesn't denying writing the Mar. 16 e-mail. She says it came at a time when she was concerned about the rate at which the company was spending money. "Everyone was saying you can make 10 or 20 times your money," Goodstein says. "Investors were begging to give us their money."

TOUGH CASE TO PROVE.  Goodstein calls the lawsuit a publicity stunt, designed to get Idealab to cough up more money to shareholders. In December, 2001, Idealab offered investors the equivalent of 10 cents on the dollar for their shares. The investors argue that the company still has $350 million in cash and marketable securities that could give them as much as 35 cents for every dollar they invested.

Goodstein counters that liquidating all of the firm's cash would be detrimental to Idealab's other shareholders, some of whom have been invested for years. "We run Idealab on behalf of all shareholders, and they deserve a return," Goodstein says. She says it has about 750 investors in all and manages a network of 25 companies, some of which have recently turned profitable.

Securities lawyers say the suing investors may have a tough case. "When you are a minority shareholder, your rights are limited," says Thomas Ajamie, a
Houston attorney active in shareholder suits. "Judges give wide discretion to majority owners and management. Investors have to prove outright fraud."

GRIM PICTURE.  Already, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ralph Dau has twice dismissed the investor's charges for lack of sufficient evidence. Plaintiffs' attorney Louis Miller says his clients had a hard time getting documents from Idealab and Bank of America to prove their case. "We didn't have all the details," Miller says. "Now we do."

Founded by longtime entrepreneur Gross in 1996, Idealab pioneered the concept of an Internet incubator -- a venture-capital firm cum office park, wherein fledging businesses were nurtured until they could be taken public. Idealab launched early Internet darlings like eToys, Carsdirect, and CitySearch. Gross poured more than $600 million into startup companies in early 2000 in preparation for Idealab's public offering. But many of those investments are now worthless.

The details disclosed in this latest filing don't paint a very flattering picture of Gross and his associates. According to the complaint, Gross's compensation has tripled to $766,000 in the past two years, even as Idealab investors saw the firm's overall value plummet. Goodstein's salary also soared, and her stock options were repriced, giving her a potential profit of $6.3 million, according to the suit. Gross's brother Lawrence, a former Idealab executive and board member, had a $618,000 personal loan forgiven.

KEEPING IT QUIET.  Perhaps most damaging, the suit introduces a possible motive for why Gross may be resisting liquidating Idealab. He has $50 million in personal loans outstanding with Bank of America, according to the Jan. 13 complaint. His Idealab stock is pledged as collateral, so if those shares are ultimately worth less than $50 million, he might have to declare bankruptcy. Gross is Idealabs' largest shareholder, but the $1 billion raised in early 2000 was in preferred stock, which may have preferential claim to Idealab's assets if the firm were liquidated.

The suit details steps Idealab executives took to quietly resolve Gross's personal financial difficulties in 2001. An
August 13, 2001 e-mail from Goodstein to Idealab executive and board member Robert Kavner emphasizes the need to keep Gross's loan troubles hush-hush. "That is a pretty large material fact to impact our business!" Goodstein allegedly wrote. "That is not something Bill is going to be comfortable disclosing publicly."

The suit also quotes an
August 16, 2001, memorandum -- purportedly on file at Bank of America, according to the plaintiffs -- in which Goodstein offers to have Idealab buy Gross's personal loan at a discount with company funds. Goodstein says Idealab explored that option only because it might have benefited by allowing the firm to acquire Gross's shares at a discounted price. According to the suit, and later confirmed by Goodstein, Gross ultimately renegotiated the loan with Bank of America in exchange for $300,000 in cash and $1.4 million worth of Idealab stock.

NO GARY WINNICK?  Goodstein says her compensation and that of other Idealab execs increased because management successfully restructured the company, closing four offices, laying off more than one-third of the staff, and cutting monthly losses from $10 million to $2 million. Gross's large personal debt, she says, was not due to extravagant personal spending, as the suit implies, but instead is the result of his having personally invested $42 million to buy Idealab stock.

"This isn't like the Gary Winnicks of the world," Goodstein says, referring to the former Global Crossing chairman who sold $600 million of his telecom's stock before the company declared bankruptcy. "Bill was putting money in, not taking it out."

Idealab's angry investors may have a tough time proving their case in court, but Bill Gross's defense isn't like to polish his already tarnished reputation, either.


The POINT IS insider information can be very useful, and spying, hacking, even data mining is likely addictive.  The front persons or who could be also viewed at those who hold licensing agreements tend to do very well with they status.  Lawsuits and lawyers chip away at possible wrongdoing, but the insider or front person rarely pays out as much as they gain from their possible wrongdoing.  Politicians may be hesitant to pass new laws to bring tax justice, and criminal prosecutors are often not successful or daring enough to seek justice, and even with the perfect case juries get tampered with and justice is obstructed many ways.  The mainstream media rarely writes about complex problems properly.  Few actually understand that major wrongdoing is happening or possible, or even common, or even the normal status of certain industries or cultural shifts.  For instance, designers and manufactures may have used to both design and/or manufacture their own products; they did not seem to be in primarily the publicity business. torture

By Ashlee Vance in Mountain ViewMore by this author

Published Monday 16th July 2007 23:20 GMT


The latest caper looming over the technology sector makes us long for the days when HP spied on reporters and Oracle went slumming through Microsoft's garbage. Those were wholesome scandals centered on good, old fashioned corporate espionage.The latest caper looming over the technology sector makes us long for the days when HP spied on reporters and Oracle went slumming through Microsoft's garbage. Those were wholesome scandals centered on good, old fashioned corporate espionage.


Now we find Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas locked in a lawsuit with former aide Kenji Kato, as the parties fight over drugs, prostitution and Judo allegations. Kato, for example, claims that Nicholas - when not threatening to make disobedient workers "disappear" - would stay awake for four days in a row, fueled by heroin and cocaine that he then forced others to ingest. Nicholas, who has denied all such charges, has tried to counter Kato's claims by hiring detectives to watch his every move, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The end result is a lawsuit the likes of which we've never seen before - a suit that makes us wish we'd befriendeed Nicholas and paid more attention to Broadcom.

WSJ reporter James Bandler managed to catch up with all the parties involved in this dispute. His story notes that Nicholas is currently being investigated in relation to one of the stock options probes now so familiar to Silicon Valley companies. (Broadcom has taken more than $2bn in charges for backdating options grants.) He's also involved in a divorce-based feud with his wife over more than $1bn in Broadcom stock. (Nicholas left Broadcom in 2003.)

All in all, it's been a rough few months for Nicholas.

Kato made things even worse by filing a lawsuit against Nicholas, which now seeks $3m for a variety of things, including compensation for work done as Nicholas' aide-cum-bodyguard and emotional distress.

You might think drugs and whores sound like a good time - not according to Kato.

A copy of the lawsuit obtained by The Register shows Kato accusing Nicholas of carrying a concealed weapon with him at all times, performing Judo chops while standing close to others, threatening people like an angry drill sergeant and vowing to "make people disappear" using contacts formed through work with the Defense Department. You know - typical officer banter.

And then there's the drugs and whores. We promised you drugs and whores.

According to Kato's lawsuit, Nicholas used to stroll into Kato's bedroom at 3 a.m. "holding a plate with a pile of cocaine or other drug, and demanding that he 'party' with him because 'he was bored and lonely.'" Nicholas also made Kato entertain him like a court jester and demanded that Kato take drugs, the lawsuit said.

Nicholas forced Kato to keep a large supply of drugs on hand at all times as well, to "look the other way" when Nicholas spiked clients' drinks with drugs and to bring prostitutes around for clients' entertainment, according to the lawsuit.

Kato worked for Nicholas for several years and forged a "parent-son bond" with his employer. But Kato is apparently really, really upset about the behavior now that he's had a chance to reflect on Broadcom's Dionysian period.

Nicholas has rebuffed all of these charges and then gone a couple of steps further. For one, he wants to make it clear that he's not really into drug dealers. The WSJ reports:

Mr. Nicholas said his sister was murdered by a drug-dealing boyfriend years ago. "I really don't like drug dealers," he said.

Nicholas has also, through his lawyers and detectives, taken the liberty of insinuating that Kato is now up to no good. We're told that Kato was spotted "lighting something up as he sat alone in his parked car" and that he's been "passing and receiving duffel bags with young men and meeting with men in hooded sweatshirts."

It must be tough to carry around duffel bags full of young men, but we understand that some drugs do give you super strength. [Seriously, is that meant to make us think Kato is into drugs or gay jocks? - Ed] As for the sweatshirts and smoking . . .

Well, friends, this looks like the type of lawsuit that will just keep on giving, although we're not sure you can top spiking customers' drinks with cocaine before forcing your bodyguard to witness an orgy. Here's us hoping. ®

In court papers, Kato claimed that Nicholas had a deep dependence on cocaine and other drugs, regularly slept with prostitutes and women other than his wife, spiked the drinks of Broadcom customers with ecstasy, and ordered prostitutes for customers while at trade shows in Las Vegas....

In January, the company said it would take a $2.22 billion charge to fix its accounting for improper backdating of stock option grants and said Nicholas bore "significant responsibility" for the lack of adequate controls in the option granting process.

It appears ex-Broadcom CEO Henry T. Nicholas was allegedly lacing customer drinks with ecstasy and hiring prostitutes for customers.


Broadcom said it found options for 232.9 million shares of company stock that had been backdated, with 9.7 million of those shares going to executive officers.

Kenji Kato, who describes himself in court documents as a former personal assistant of Nicholas', said Nicholas and his lawyers offered him a settlement of more than $2.9 million in November, then withdrew it. Kato had accused Nicholas of wrongful termination, breach of contract and infliction of emotional distress, among other things.


Nicholas regularly yelled at employees, and he demanded that Kenji Kato carry a bag with illegal drugs for him, according to Kenji Kato's filing. Nicholas also demanded that Kato use drugs along with him, Kato said.

"I was regularly exposed to ... a high degree of debauchery while working for Nick," he said in his filing. "The first time I used cocaine was when Nick shoved a tiny spoon up my nose because I was falling asleep, while he was talking to me. Over time, I got sucked into his extreme lifestyle."

By the end of Kato's employment, Nicholas was using "large quantities" of illegal drugs, including cocaine and heroin, and had withdrawn from his friends and family, according to Kato's May filing. Nicholas had stopped paying Kato, although he still demanded work from him, and when Kato walked out, Nicholas owed him $150,000 in back pay, the court documents say.

Legal documents in the suit filed by Kenji Kato, who said he was Nicholas' bodyguard and personal assistant for seven years, according to the Associated Press, were filed on May 10 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. AP said Kato seeks $3 million in settlement money, plus unspecified damages related to his 2006 resignation from the Irvine, Calif., company.

Legal documents in the suit filed by Kenji Kato, who said he was Nicholas' bodyguard and personal assistant for seven years, according to the Associated Press, were filed on May 10 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. AP said Kato seeks $3 million in settlement money, plus unspecified damages related to his 2006 resignation from the Irvine, Calif., company...

According to the Los Angeles Times, Kato alleged that Nicholas required him to oversee supplies of cocaine and other drugs, to pay prostitutes from a company petty-cash fund, and to keep Nicholas' wife and others from learning about the "extracurricular activities" of the boss. Kato said that Nicholas secretly spiked drinks of business associates with drugs and orderd aides to fill balloons with laughing gas to entertain party guests.



Business Week also chronicles the near death of Ebay due to a 22 hour computer crash:


EBay's crash was traced to a glitch in software from Sun Microsystems (SUNW), resulting in the corruption of information in an Oracle Corp (ORCL) database. Sun chairman and CEO Scott McNealy acknowledges that there was a known bug--as well as a standard fix that eBay failed to make.


Published on ZDNet News: November 7, 2000:


The Palo Alto, Calif., company said the problem, which was eventually traced to a memory flaw, is rare and probably affects fewer than 1% of all computers it has sold….


At online auctioneer eBay Inc. (ebay) a major Sun customer, the memory problem initially resulted in one to two big-system crashes every month, says Maynard Webb, president of eBay Technologies. The memory problem wasn't behind eBay's most serious outage, a 22-hour failure in 1999, but has caused other service outages, Webb says, although he adds that with Sun's fixes in place eBay can now go "months" without seeing a problem…For existing machines, Sun has offered a variety of software patches and has replaced the main circuit boards on some machines.


In the 1999’s there was widespread reports on intrusions of Solaris systems that the government reviewed:


the SANS NewsBytes Vol. 1 Num. 35 mentions trinoo/TFN in the context of widespread Solaris intrusion reports they were getting that were consistent with CERT IN-99-07 and involving ICMP_ECHOREPLY packets…. CERT goes through the painful process of reviewing hundreds of Solaris intrusion reports and finds many match the trinoo analysis.



David Dittrich writes:
Operating systems being targeted appear to
be primarily Sun Solaris 2.x and Linux (due to the ready availability of network sniffers and "root kits" for concealing back doors, etc.), but stolen accounts on any architecture can be used for caching tools and log files…
In some cases, an electronic mail message is
sent to an account at a free web based email service to confirm which systems have been compromised.
The result is a list of "owned" systems ready for setting up
back doors, sniffers, or the trinoo daemons or masters…
Thus far, all
hosts used in this attack appear to have been Solaris 2.x systems that
were compromised using the recently-announced rpc.cmsd exploits (see for details)....
One of the easiest attacks to implement is the denial of service
attack.  Many bugs exist in TCP/IP stacks, for example, that allow
fragmented packets, large packets, IP options, half-open TCP
connections, or floods of packets (highest bandwidth wins) etc., to
cause the system performance to be degraded, or actually crash the



Computerworld's article "Behind the scenes at eBay" January 13, 2000 (Interesting DoS attack programs find warm, safe place on Solaris, by Nora Mikes, was published SunWorld Magazine, January 2000.) Web posted at: 3:16 p.m. EST (2016 GMT) by Kathleen Melymuka confirms that Witman the CEO Ebay suspected a Sun Microsystems problem caused the 22 hour computer crash:

She said, 'That's a hardware issue. This is what you'll see, and this is how long it will take.' " Webb recalls. "And she was right."EBay came out of the summer with a beefed-up IT department, a strong new IT executive in Webb (formerly CIO at San Diego-based Gateway Inc.) and a commitment to build the kind of e-commerce system that the world has literally never seen…Shortly after another spate of outages in November, Webb moved eBay from a "warm backup" system -- in which a copy of the database resides on another machine and operations can be switched over -- to a high-availability cluster, where live data and the backup copy share a disk. Theoretically, this will cut recovery time from hours to minutes in most cases. Webb is also working toward better early warnings of impending crashes.

Applications for Ebay were designed by former Oracle employees:

The series of mishaps that led to eBay's 11-hour site crash on Jan. 3 was reminiscent of 15 similar outages between August 1998 and November 1999, including one in June 1999 that made the popular auction site unreachable for a record 22 hours…

Ebay (stock: EBAY) in a written statement blamed the latest blackout on "unrelated" glitches in storage hardware and database software. But experts scoffed at the notion that a string of such severe outages could be a coincidence.

The initial eBay applications were designed by former Oracle employees who believed in relying on a single large database…

Following a difficult 1999, eBay was relatively stable in 2000. The site suffered only one prolonged outage, in February, precipitated by a hacker attack on eBay and other big consumer sites. EBay says it has achieved 99 percent uptime for the last four quarters.

From the CNET story “eBay blacks out yet again” database server's hardware was blamed twice for the outages:

In particular, eBay pointed a finger at software from Sun Microsystems

On May 20, the eBay site was down for nearly seven hours. At the time, Mike Wilson, senior vice president for product development and site operations, told users that the issue was with CGI and database servers--the same software cited in the two outages this week--and not hardware.

On May 3, eBay suffered a five-hour outage blamed on the failure of a database server's hardware. In December, the site suffered at least three significant outages that disrupted service.

Sun takes responsibility for the outages:

In the major eBay outages of earlier this month, the first cause identified publicly was "Sun software," in a press release from both Sun Microsystems and eBay.

Ebay could have gone out of business:

In June 1999, however, eBay was shaken as its web site experienced numerous crashes. The company was a few days away from completing installation of a backup system when outages began, including one lasting 22 hours. eBay refunded from $3 to $5 million in waived listing fees, conducted free auctions, and moved to hire more computer network experts and senior technology managers

EBay has blamed its outag4es on hardware, software or network problems:

The two longest outages we've ever had, back in June, were tied to issues in the database server. To prevent that from happening again we've purchased another set of Sun Starfire E10000s, essentially replicating our production environment with another whole production environment.

December 1999 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE comment on Sun UE10000 for reported:

We question whether eBay is an aberration or a true reflection of the UE10000. The sample suggests that the average UE10000 has 65.1 hours of downtime on a system- wide basis; 22 of those hours are planned. Looking at eBay's Web site, it shows the system being down for two to three hours early in the morning over many days for "normal" maintenance. On the most mission-critical application side, the UE10000 has a total of 68.5 hours of downtime per year. This number is a far cry from a rumored eBay estimate of 300 hours per year.

In general the UE10000 is a good machine. Yet the problem is that the machine is a true mainframe, not just a bigger Unix system. Certainly, Sun lacks some of the mainframe-class tools, but eBay and other UE10000 users also lack the expertise to operate a mainframe-class system.

Ebay keeps and Solaris-based Sun Microsystems Inc. servers on the back end,  but replaces its own software with IBM’s WebSphere: IBM will replace eBay's online auction software with WebSphere, which will run the bidding and listings for millions of eBay users as they offer items for sale and make purchases …EBay will run WebSphere on a new hardware tier to be added between existing Windows NT/2000 server tiers from Compaq Computer Corp. on the front end and Solaris-based Sun Microsystems Inc. servers on the back end, according to Chuck Geiger, vice president of technology strategy for eBay.

Ebay added IBM after a competition:

EBay has declined repeatedly to discuss the details behind its choice of IBM, or the competition in which participants say they engaged. But, outside executives say, the choice is a clear outgrowth of eBay's ongoing battle to heighten control of its infrastructure, a battle that began in earnest in June of 1999 when a Sun server at eBay failed and the site went down for 22 hours

Both Sun and eBay acknowledged a share of the blame for the outage, and outages have intermittently reappeared, albeit with less severity...IBM says it has staffed a Center of Excellence at eBay and will spend 16 months installing WebSphere, its apps framework that sits on companies' servers and helps interact with data and queries flooding in from buyers and sellers on the Internet.

OracleAugust, 2004 by Stan Gibson eBay's IT strategy to eWEEK Executive Editor Stan Gibson in an interview at eBay's San Jose, Calif., operations center:

We use Sun [Microsystems Inc.] systems, as we did before. We use Hitachi Data Systems [Corp.] storage on Brocade [Communications Systems Inc.] SANs [storage area networks] running Oracle [Corp.] databases and partner with Microsoft for the [Web server] operating system. IBM provides front and middle tiers, and we use WebSphere as the application server running our J2EE code—the stuff that is eBay. The code is also migrated from C++ to Java, for the most part. Eighty percent of the site runs with Java within WebSphere.

Shortly after the Ebay 22 outage “Mafiaboy” was charged with using government universities to do Distributed Denial of Service attacks on major websites:
 a :

April 18 — A 15-year-old Canadian who goes by the online moniker “Mafiaboy” has been arrested in connection with the February attacks on major Web sites, ABCNEWS has learned.
     Canadian authorities arrested the teen in the
Montreal area over the weekend and charged him on Monday but kept the records sealed because of his age.
     ABCNEWS has learned that Mafiaboy has been charged with at least one of the attacks that took down leading Web sites such as Yahoo!,, and E*TRADE…Investigators were able to trace the attacks to Mafiaboy by examining the log files of a computer at a University of California at Santa Barbara research lab, which was among those used to attack the site. none of these links are coming up, but they are interesting in themselves, such as  Hacker hunters follow lead to Germany -- Web site attackers exploited Stanford computers,, February 13, 2000 (Sun Microsystems stands for Stanford University NetworkFBI: Internet Attack Motive Unknown, by Ted Bridis, AP, February 29, 2000

The Sun hardware problems may have actually been Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.  According to

 “Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a relatively new development…During the week of February 7th through 11th, 2000, we saw them emerge as a major new category of attack on the Internet. They took out many sites, including Yahoo,, eBay, Amazon, Datek, E*Trade, and CNN. The victims were unreachable for several hours.”



"just jam"

"Running with the Devil" 

The Homebrew Computer Club"”


“Bondage Submission Dominance” 


Both Steve Wozniak and Rock Star David Lee Roth (penned Running With the Devil) both of the US festival had expensive residents struck by the same group of earthquakes, greatly depreciating their residences value, and have had financial problems.  About two hundred Apple I's were built and strangely priced at $666.66 and shown at "The Homebrew Computer Club".   Are unusual forces at work?

McKusick shows a photo of his wine cellar on the web and a link from his website showed a homosexual young male friend’s odd dreams. (Fact checker: may have been satanic on his website with beastie mascot sodomizing linux mascot on one image not be on his website anymore, but I may have a print of that image.  see satanic "Ben Cottrell"?  Possible satanic dreams on his web site may no longer exist.).


Illegal computer activity, Free operating system code, lack of government revenues, wealth disparity partly caused by the computer industry, and many bad tax policy decisions including no sales tax on internet sales cause huge problems especially for the Bay Area and the State of California.  The City of Berkeley, California used to have some expensive retail stores, and the same was true of Alameda County, which also contains Oakland around the time period that Bill Joy was a Student at CAL. Much of the larger office buildings in Oakland now are near vacant.  Part of the problems was due to massive illegal drug use by students at CAL.  It could be argued that CAL did not promote responsible behavior.  Many of the doors on the bathrooms in the student union at CAL are missing. 


In fact, all over the Bay Area public bathrooms are closed, water fountains do not operate, usually there are not lifeguards on the public beaches, and the wealthy property owners have leash less beaches were stalking with dog of the poor, especially single females, and helpless often occurs.  Crime is almost impossible to stop because law enforcement is overwhelmed.  Small Bags that are commonly know to have contained drugs and used condoms litter parks, public transit hubs, and even the business areas, and sometimes areas around schools and residential areas. 


Both the Cities of Menlo Park and Palo Alto do not have normal police badges with a name or serial number on them, but rather the officers were a name tag, which would make impersonation of an officer easy.  Police corruption is often alleged in both San Mateo and Santa Clara counties which contain both cities.  Extremely expensive cars are a common site in both counties an in a six month time frame about 100 vehicle accidents happened on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park.  Increasingly speed bumps and traffic circles have been considered to calm traffic.  During the height of the craze persons in relief food lines were offered immediate employment.  After the craze there might be persons who had worked as an engineer for NASA seeking charity.  Later some of these people may have profitable websites and make as much as about five thousand dollars a month from advertising.


One of the most notable retail store closings was the book store Kepler's that had been in business for 50 years in the city of Menlo Park, and usually in a down economy book sales increase, and new directors with new policies are likely going to reopen the store and keep it out of bankruptcy.   




"his toddler daughter, a Wizard of Oz junkie"…



"Jini" part of a series of strange Sun product names (SUGGESTING A BELIEF IN MAGIC, WISHES and SPELL MAKING) "his toddler daughter, a Wizard of Oz junkie"…(POSSIBLE INDOCTRINATION ABOUT SPYING ON OTHERS OR ACTING AS A MAGICIAN) ”WIZARD OF OZ PARTIES” (MORE POSSIBLE INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDREN IN THE INDUSTRY OR COMMUNITY, which may hint that hacking is a condoned epidemic)..” 


How long it has been happening, where, likely major benefactors of bad government, industry, regional policies, include poor transportation planning.


A CommunicationsWeek, Nov 7, 1988, article may suggest email type worms have been in existence since 1988 using holes in even the so-called more secure operating system (UNIX):
“Title: Computer virus plagues thousands of net users. (attacks Defense Data Network through 'hole' in Unix)  The virus first appeared as an electronic message carried by the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol…Safeguards on Arpanet had been minimal to enhance user flexibility.”


Many reports of lost data may represent a pattern or strategic hacking.  The University of California at Berkeley was hacked, and so was the University of Colorado recently;  Bill Gates claims new products was broken into by a hacker, and I suspect Bill Joy would have access and motive to do these hackings; all the county of San Mateo libraries that have wireless internet likely can be invaded and passwords obtained by a hacker with a stronger signal.  It can be common for those to come to the library after their home computer has become slow, when they do not have the funds to purchase the multiple anti-worm applications, to check their email.  Therefore, statistics about who has been hacked may likely be obtained for law enforcement records.  Very few people complain or know what to do about a computer criminal. 


About the time I started communicating with Sun Microsystems and/or Bill Joy using the City of Menlo Parks computers in the library the City lost about 80 per cent of its data.  The various library computers in San Mateo County used by almost all the cities and community colleges tend to use a central system.  This system is significantly under policed by librarians, or law enforcement, and theft in the various libraries is common even with unusually high budgets for a city and private donations.  Children often use the computers to play video games completely unsupervised by their parents some on weekends that may be less than 10 years old.  Persons can use some cities computers to upload or put their resume on the web, and they then may almost immediately get a job if they have at least a master's degree and some work experience.  I know of one older person with a law degree and a Ph.D. who didn't have an email address who became homeless and left the region perhaps to never seek employment in the Bay Area again.  




Gridlock in almost all institutions, and the rich keep getting richer, mostly as investors in the VC industry; there is almost no money to prosecute rich criminals, and/or the prosecution process is corrupted.  Sun Employees and other VC industry lookouts may be allowed to work on almost all college campuses and may in effect act as lookouts to capture talent. 


Unusual power outages, often at the Airport SFO, seemed to happen even before the rolling blackouts reached California.  The City of Palo Alto had about $100 thousand dollars of missing funds.  Larry Ellison was accused of the city San Jose Airport in California past curfew.  Steve Jobs was given a private jet for use by Apple computer.  Many persons in the computer have private planes and use many of the smaller airports.  The other co-founder of Apple Computer had an airplane accident that put him in a coma.  Some of the top talent at IBM software died perhaps from a wind shear accident in Texas.  Death of persons in the computer industry from accidents and/or addictions may be common, even of operating system writers, such as the one who worked for Sun Microsystems.


Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III, Co-Founder and retired Co-Chairman and CEO of Broadcom Corp., admitted to doing fringe projects (fact checker: fringe needs to be checked) and being a Marilyn Mason  and Metallica fan,  was  too tall to be an Air Force fighter pilot, which was another career choice of his.   Dr. Samueli, Chief Technical Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Broadcom received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles; Dr. Henry Samueli and his wife purchased  the NHL team, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.  Paul Allen, a Microsoft cofounder, also has holdings in franchises (NFL and NBA), and other entertainment or odd enterprises.


The local bus company Sam Trans help subsidize BART at Millbrae, a rather wealthy area,  into the housing business at Colma BART station, and lease a combination drug treatment center and homeless shelter at their near SFO location.  This partly caused losses for the bus company, which in turn led to more grid lock.


The computer industry is volatile, unstable, and prone to an unstable work environment, fluctuations in the demand for products, talent who create the products and the capital needed to finance the industry.  The housing and employment market is especially volatile in San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Francisco due to the computer industry and crash.  This has an enormous impact of retail, housing, the medical field and the drug industry.  It was reported that due to the repetitive nature of some computer industry jobs that there is massive legal and illegal use of drugs, including even heroin.  Medical doctors often invest in real estate, and when the computer industry is doing well, persons move into better housing, and leave the often substandard real estate to rot.  Therefore, those who are unemployable will be put on disability and get HUD certificate and into the often rotting, drug infested substandard housing that likely is owned by medical professions or even law enforcement.   Males were likely unfairly given HUD certificates at a shelter for the unhoused in Redwood City, and discrimination against females may be common in the Bay Area due to the uneven distribution of fewer females than males in the Bay Area.  Stalking with dog of females may be common in parks and beaches with are almost all unpoliced, and almost all wealthier and more attractive travel with a dog in their vehicle and public areas.  The problems with charity, health, education, welfare, and planning, excessive housing costs, possible ritual human sacrifice cult likely mean only the rich can get elected, and they tend to control the political process.


This tends to be a corrupting influence on almost ALL POLITICIANS because they are often supported by government workers who a member of unions and they are usually government or even nongovernmental medical professions or even law enforcement, educators, and persons in the computer industry.  Therefore, something of a big lie is constantly perpetuated in the name of keeping the various systems afloat.


Both Proposition 13 and the demand that persons on relief pay money back to the counties or work off their debt put an excessive demand on the poor and the county medical centers, especially their emergency rooms by those waiting to get out of their work assignment and/or seeking drugs or syringes.  Persons in the computer industry will work for a quarter pay to keep their benefits rather than use the usually inferior government medical facilities, especially dental care.

Fact checker:

Willing a Worker’s Compensation case against a major computer company or even suing them for poor security is near impossible and a no win situation because if you sue them they may not terminate a harassing or dangerous employee, even if the employee wrongfully crashed into your vehicle while in the company parking lot.  Affirmative action no longer exists and it is almost impossible to get a high paying job in the computer sometimes even with advanced degrees, but near impossible for any minority.  Often the work in the industry is done by foreigner, often German, Japanese or from the Middle East for rather low wages, and much of the work isn't very innovative, and often the nontechnical work is done by consultants.  There may be many millionaires in the Silicon Valley, but the money doesn't go far, and that money only tends to go to those with stock options and may startups fail.  Even those with advanced technical degrees often do not do well, may not stay in the industry long due to stress or being known for corrupt practices, or end up in the hospital, often seeking psychiatric help.  It could be argued that this makes the work environment even more ruthless. 


The personal environment for romance is even stranger.  There tend to Los Angeles area, but there tend to be a ratio of only about 0.5 young females for every male in the Silicon Valley; therefore, sex for sale by attractive females and the lust for virtual sex and pornography is common in the computer industry and group sex may be rather common, along with what could be considered deviant sex.  Personal services tend to do well on the internet, such as personal ads, and even during holidays the most sophisticated providers of personals may be impossible to anticipate demand, especially for attractive females, who tend to have their mailboxes filled immediately.  Females tend to get to list for free similar to free drinks for females at a bar.  Almost all males in the industry want a female with computer knowledge or skills and usually an attractive CEO type, but few of those actually exist, or some want an attractive or beach type who seems to be a contrast to some of the more conservative suit wearing females with advanced degrees in the Bay Area.  Many females may be on disability or government aid in the Bay Area and go to relief organizations and get male companionship there, and persons in the computer industry may even resort to volunteering at relief organizations just to get a little companionship with an disabled female who likely can hardly afford food after housing costs, even with the help of now rare HUD certificates.  Some females may live with 3 other females to get through college or if they are on disability in inferior government housing.  In San Mateo the Samaritan House feeds about 1000 persons a day, often with bag lunches, and some of these people may even work under the table, even doing assembly work in their house for the computer industry.


Sometimes almost all the public busses, including Sam Trans, are almost empty a little after peak mostly school traffic periods.  Even an administrative assistant with a college degree at a computer company likely makes somewhere between 20 thousand dollars and 50 thousand dollars, has a car, an apartment, and not much money left after buying food in the Bay Area, and a high stress job that might put that person on disability after five to 15 years working in the computer and/or industry.  Persons in the computer industry may have much higher work related crime and accidents acted upon them, and security often needs to be massive and sexual harassment of at least one female computer programmer ended in death or becoming a missing person.  Some only work 32 hours a weak on their job in the programming field who are females.  It is about the highest stress job due to using right and left brain skills, motor skills and/or emotional skills at the same time.  Few really competent computer programmers exist, and few great business plans exist.  Likely fewer businesses survive than retain or eating establishments despite tending to need some sophisticated talent to run them.  Computer networking degrees in demand second to environmental science degrees, and the Bay Area it may be argued is in constant environmental crisis partly due to the computer and high tech companies’ pollution.


The State of California is very lenient about what is taught at Community Colleges and in  State Universities, and at the Community Colleges some of the instructors may teach various computer related classes and not more than two years of college and/or much background or education in the computer field or even admit to having work experience in failed startups in the field.  Students who are unable to pay back their student loans will take computer classes to defer their student loan payments and even professors or persons employed in industry may be in the same computer class.  Sometimes, an instructor may not be able to see much of the student work if the school computers do not have enough memory to see the work.  Some students may not due their assignments and instead copy a disc, but the instructors are supposed to see if students work tends to all be exactly the same by checking if they are exactly the same file sizes. 


Cheating in computer classes is common and often tolerated, even encouraged.  Also, computer classes are often of demanding and exacting nature that often persons taking them tend to have advanced degrees, even law degrees or work in the industry, and they tend to skew the lectures and grades upward to the top class members and cause the instructors to not properly teach their classes due to having mostly the top talent in their classes from all of the world who have been at the best schools and perhaps have even taught the subject.  One Perl instructor teaches online classes at two different community colleges and his online classes are disorganized and he doesn't explain how to run a Perl program or where to run it and a poor student needs a computer to run the program, which may not be available at schools.  Yahoo does not allow CGI Perl programming.  At Foothill community college the online instructor for Java and C has written Sympathy for the Devil episode for the television show 24, designed the online course system, helped create the company selling it (few sales were likely because it would be a weak, common product), has offensive online lectures, and likely has tenure.   Demonstrations, lectures, equipment at the schools tend to be inferior or nonfunctional, and the instructor may request the student NOT go to class, but rather to an industry even with better demonstrations and equipment, such a Seybold.  Many persons receive "A's" and top grades at the best schools and claim they are still unable to find employment or fear they will lose their job and they can be found in computer laboratories at schools on weekends, early or late into the evening.  Often there is a waiting list to get onto a computer at many schools.  Many students are unable to afford the computer program and go to school to use the computer program, usually called an application.  I DO NOT KNOW OF ANY COMMUNITY COLLEGE THAT PROPERLY TEACHES HOW TO DO AN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE USING PERL, AND FEW TEACH PHP PROGRAMMING, WHICH IS WHAT YAHOO SEEMS TO SUPPORT FOR CGI.  Stores online might charge about 5 thousand dollars to do an ecommed website and about $50 an hour for programming it, and this likely doesn't include the cost for a merchant account.


Therefore, the best work done by students in academia is often done by the wealthiest on the job, or at home on expensive equipment.  It may cost about 40 thousand dollars to set up a computer professional in a design stop and perhaps somewhat less in academia, and the cost to put a person through a computer program in academia may excess any other program, especially if the computer security issues are also including in the cost.  It may be very common for all schools to either lose data, have data stolen, or their systems compromised.  Industry spies and lookouts may exist in almost all academic institutions and many persons who work for some of the leading companies, such as Sun Microsystems, may also be employed by a school and use their home or the school to do some of their corporate work. 


One female Palo Alto Judge, who sits in for commissioners and did a rock star fan site, was taking a JavaScript class was given bad advice by the instructor that would increase her file sizes, destroy the clean look of her site by, and kept after class to a dangerous late hour by an instructor; he complained to her about his past jobs in front of me while I was doing my upload.  The Think Unix text book defines beer in its glossary and system administrator as a person who drinks beer and where he likes to drink beer.  Demonstrations by instructors may commonly show offensive material that is of little or no value (violence towards Bill Gates as a cartoon were he is shown urinating on himself) and/or violate minor children's privacy.


There are some reasons to believe a Ritual Human Sacrifice Cult could exist in the computer industry and in the region and could be involving in hacking, theft, and other organized crimes and could be partly centrally controlled; I have two sources on this who are closer to informants; the website exists and these people may have an agenda similar to those in the movie Fightclub (destroy data centers under the false believe that will result in economic justice) and the movie Feardotcom may be close to reality as a profile about the motives of those in the industry as a worst case scenario.  The movies Antitrust, The Center of the World, and Bless the Child may be partly based on various computer industry and cult member insiders. 


Dr. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California-Berkeley the same school that Bill Joy attended, both worked for Sun Microsystems as a Chief Technical officer.  Therefore, they may be best of friends with more in common than almost any other individuals in the industry  (Could they be capable of conspiring and masquerading as Germans and directing web data and traffic to Germany to depress Google stock price so they could do insider trading?).  They both likely can communicate in German, which tends to be often used or listed in technical documents because it may be the most technologically oriented culture.  The German courts have been good to Google. Google is doing deals with Sun Microsystems (Sun), and likely still is close to the technologists at Sun, and likely much closer to the Technologists than the CEO of Sun, but he may control most of Sun's stock. 


Some may think in the Silicon Valley primary stockholder or founder of a company has the most importance.  Therefore, depressing stock value may be of primary importance by the technologist, often known as technocrats, or Digirati.  Google may become a consolidation orbiting around Bill Joy and all his desires and his influence, or his acting as an agent of influence, on the technocrats.  John Doerr (unsuccessfully investigated for insider trading; John L. Doerr, who until recently served on the Martha Stewart Living board, is named in a suit against the Board.) who helped Joy get his current job as Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers once dressed as a Pirate at a costume party (David Lee Roth has written about his desire to be a pirate and in the book The Dirt it is mentioned he had the poison or pirate symbol on his car).  Doerr in 1996 successfully led the charge against California Proposition 211, denying shareholders more power to wage class-action lawsuits. The technologists may NOT believe in obeying the law; their god may be technology, and what they believe results in freedom and/or efficiency in the system.  They may have a Robin Hood type mentality and/or they may feel free means freedom.  I doubt they feel much guilt about stealing technology and then perhaps misusing technology.


It needs to be examined if the technocrats tend to do the worst things, and the worst times, at the worst places, to the worst or persons most damages, for the worst reasons? Do their interests tend to be selfish?  Do they tend to do the expedient thing instead of the right thing?  Are their enemies or critics jealous or misinformed?  



Some changes that need to be made are:  (1) Higher tax brackets should be based on income and age; (2) Greater demands on the computer industry and especially the software industry, often used by health, education, welfare and planning.

1.       The anti-viruses/worms/Trojans/blended-threats industries must not support former profiteers of criminal activity by promoting falsehoods about the worms or alleging the persons who took credit for the worm in a message actually authored the worm.

2.       The U.S. Government must seek and monitor profits on Bell Labs’ patents if an entity has made more than a million dollars as a result of their patents, even if they claim that they made their money from additions to their patents and/or from consulting fees associated with their patents, and at have at least 0.01 percent of the gross profit put aside in an account to be given back to AT&T either the employees, customers, stockholders, especially likely owned by the U.S. Government partly due to their role in the DARPA contract awarded to CAL which Bill Joy was likely an employee on while working on the kernel of the OS code as a student and employee of CAL, and/or put into a revenue account, with emphasis on receiving funds form foreign benefactors of the patents first, since the time of the original AT&T creation decision, which will monitored or enforced  by the Solicitor General, IRS and patent office.  The U. S. government may have a substantial interest in the case as a consumer of the phone company also known as MaBell and other names, and/or Bell companies.

3.       Entities that wish to Bid zero or closest to zero on the Medicare or any Medical Claims contracts and/or any contracts that involve analyzing data sets thall focus on to creating False Claims Act cases of to bid on merging the various data bases to increase the General Welfare of the population; all data regarding any Federal Medical Claim that is on computer hardware media ever created must be put on the INTERNET by the Federal Government and include the last known diagnosis of the Beneficiaries, even if they must be obtained from death certificates without their Social Security number or names so that the public can receive payment for reporting False Claims and the U.S. Government through the U.S. Justice Department have a submission process to accept information about false claims that allows the person submitting the information to have receipt of inputting the information.

4.       AT&T and/or other entities should be allowed to Bid on the Medicare contracts and/or any contracts that involve analyzing data sets to create False Claims Act cases by merging the various data bases to increase the General Welfare of the population and be allowed to advertise products in the statements to their customers, especially pertaining to MEDICARE OR OTHER GOVERNMENT STATEMENTS that will ultimately save the government money in the long term and this shouldn’t conflict with any prior consent decrees.


6.       All previously opened or filed prior Social Security Disability applications will automatically be reopened and payments awarded to applicants if they later had their decisions approved especially if it was approved after filing suit in Federal Court, and especially if there is any chance that the local government care providers or attorneys for the plaintiff had a conflict of interest with the plaintiff and/or litigant, especially if the disease is chronic, systemic, and capable of spreading and all these disease types MUST BE REPORTED TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN THE FUTURE BY LOCAL GOVERNMENTS SO THE BEST CURE RATES CAN BE OBTAINED.  All previously medical records filed in the federal courts should be sealed to protect the privacy and security of the plaintiffs.  The Social Security local offices will all have payees for all beneficiaries who are awarded back checks for over Ten thousand dollars and put a priority on having a beneficiary housed.  All HUD certificates are to be awarded with the keeping the beneficiary in the county or area that the have an interest in unless there is a likelihood they will be the victim of further abusive misconduct from local government officials.          


There likely needs to be increased taxes and audits of those with massive entertainment expenses, which are often the by product of the computer industry, even by the industry insiders.  Some may get involved with computers because they think they are fun or they are very involved with entertainment and fantasy.  Some of these people may have primarily virtual relationships and tend to discount the concept of lasting damage as existing in reality; for instance, they may think there will always be money to fix problems.  This is simply likely false; biological organisms and systems tend to NOT HEAL OR RECOVERY QUICKLY FROM TRAUMA OR DISASTER.  PERMANT DAMAGE FROM TRAUMS OR DISASTER IS NORMAL.


There should be much more reporting of computer crimes by the government, and recently mandatory reporting of illegal theft of computer data seems to be required.  Likely, if there were more set procedures to deal with computer crime, and places to view the malicious codes or messages left by the criminals the crimes would be solved much more quickly.  It might be argued that the government often supported or enabled the top computer criminal offenders.    


Some very young persons currently in the computer industry are becoming very rich often using the most ruthless means possible, and then cost shifting all the damage their products do ultimately onto the Federal government.   Many of their products are over prices and lawyers often benefit the most from suing regarding problem products.  The government rarely gets around to suing regarding the problem products.  THEREFORE, THOSE WITH EXCESSIVE INCOME AT YOUNGER AGES SHOULD BE TAXED AT HIGHER BRACKETS.


Even with massive publicity there will be little likelihood that any immediate changes will happen in the computer industry.  Although there have been many things written about problems with computer programming in places such as Technology Review (a great article about why software is so bad and the lack of proper peer review of software); The Atlantic Monthly has written wonderfully about how computer programming has brought efficiency into the market place and even helped get money fuel from oil in the ground.  The Atlantic Monthly has written an excellent article about Kept Universities suggested a student was framed at CAL in order to get technology transferred for profit for the university.  CAL tends to have a low technology transfer Rate, which Technology Review usually publishes each year as a roundup of income from licenses to various universities, compared to Stanford and other universities that may make fortunes from the transfer of computer operating systems, computer programs and other computer applications that CAL may be forgoing due to allowing code to be produced on campus by students to be used free of charge under or sometimes known as


The standards for receiving degrees needed to teach in any college in any field should become more demanding, and should compare to, or exceed the standards in the work environment (business standard).  Currently, business, especially private business, tends to have much higher hiring standards than academia, especially in the computer industry or field.  Business generally far exceeds the standards of academia, at least often the usual standards at Community Colleges in the Bay Area (instructors at Community Colleges tend to start at the highest salaries and to be professional instructors who have little understanding about conducting research or creating a business).  Therefore, the demands on academic should be increased and their salaries should be increased for increased performance requirements and some at community colleges (such as San Mateo Community College) may offer housing subsidies to faculty. 


A Ph.D. should be able to act as an expert witness, exceed industry standards by operating beyond the state of the art, and be able to function in unusual situations.  However, this does NOT seem to be what is required to receive a Ph.D. especially at private higher educational facilities.  Ph.D.’s can even have very limited or NOT work experience in government or industry.  The prior tends to especially apply to Wealth, Education, Welfare and Planning.  It would also be nice if they had some concept of international standards, which would be interdisciplinary, and could work with large amounts of information and/or data to increase efficiency in various systems, so they do not cost shift to various other entities.


Currently, the above standard does not seem to exist. 


The result is often runaway government expenses: the cities stealing from the counties and the counties stealing from the states and the states begging for handouts from and/or stealing from the FEDERAL government, which does not need to balance its budget.  This is causing the Federal government to become increasingly insolvent and further reduces the government’s options and allows further abuses by the computer industry.  The top computer industry insiders become increasingly unable to prosecute and bring to justice and/or disinvest or defund. 


This may result in a prison population that is increasingly ill at times with as many as three social diseases.  The Bay Area prisons may spend about three times the amount of other prisons on health care LIKELY due to mostly social diseases or contagious diseases (OVER ALL CALIFORNIA PRISONS HAVE ABOUT A 70% RATE OF CONTAGIOUS DISEASES, BUT WE SHOULD ASSUME THE BAY AREA RATE IS MUCH HIGHER THAN RURAL PRISONS), LIKELY MOSTLY DUE TO addiction and/or the problems addictions in the computer industry seem to generate.  The social vices tend to help act as lubricants to various deals in the region That disease and bleed the taxpayers of funds. 


For instance, the CEO of Apple Computer has had pancreatic cancer. Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, received prostate cancer treatment in 1996. The brother of the former CEO of AOL Steve Chase, Dan, died in June at age 44 from a brain tumor (also called brain cancer).  Often persons in the computer industry are addicted to stimulants, and sugar, due to exhaustion; Their exhaustion may help cause insomnia due to a faulty hippocampus; then a possible glucose hungry brain tumor may result in (as a worst case scenario, blackout-- they are unable to see-- their nerve to their eye is eaten away by the tumor) and crash into people on the freeway and die.


In interview below we might suspect Larry Ellison, likely the wealthiest person in California, has the most need for the health care system:


“I'm curious: Is there a selfish motive for your investment in Quark? In other words, have you yourself had a brush with cancer or any illnesses that made you more aware of your own mortality?
Other than crashing a lot, no. I haven't been ill. I just crash into things and come back all broken up. I've broken my neck in surfing accidents. I've broken my arm in 28 places in a biking accident. That was while I was rehabing from breaking my neck in the surfing accident. So I've done those things, but I really have been healthy otherwise, knock on--is there any wood around here? No, not in this office.

But someone asked me once how much I would pay to cure cancer if I could. And I replied, "Everything I've got." What do you think is cooler: being the richest guy on earth or helping find the cure for cancer? What would you want to do? That's a pretty easy question. Let me nail the big C.”


(Ironically, some thinK selenium can cure cancer!)


Therefore, the health expenses in the industry and the huge expenses for workers compensation and disability cases that are brought to the government to fund and the environmental pollution the government must investigate, and the huge expenses for criminal investigations and prosecutions by the government do not justify no sales taxes on goods bought on the Internet or scant income tax on earnings and stock sales by very, very young persons.  The state should consider giving Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans or Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans to persons in the computer field yearly and to all children who are NOT performing well in school to see if they have undiagnosed tumors. 


The computer industry invites spying and stealing often using addictive substances.  These are some of the most sophisticated and secret of crimes and often almost impossible to prove or prosecute until what may be the end stage for the criminal (often they are near death), and a deathbed confession rarely can be obtained.  At that time it is unlikely the victims of the crimes can fully recover from damage done by the computer criminal.


The government needs to be able to fund much stricter audits, integrated programs with extensive circulation systems, better funding of the very unionized Wealth, Education, Welfare and Planning branches of the government with much more centralized oversight by committee with many different members of society with many different viewpoints, and that would mean NOT JUST THE EDUCATED AND EXPERTS.  Many test programs and test cases need to be brought to the committee’s attention for deep analysis.  Better testing of computer products must happen, and there should be mandated warning signs about the lack of functionality of computer products.


Web sales of many of the sex enhancer drugs, such as Viagra, are mostly fraudulent sales of a placebo.  About 94 per cent of all emails are spam.  Americans do Sixty per cent of Internet gambling and it may not give the same amount of revenue to the government to support law enforcement regulation of gambling as non-online, or physical Casino Gambling.  Possibly gambling can be centered in International waters on a ship using a microwave and nearly impossible to track or prosecute.  Therefore, perhaps more than 20 per cent tax should exist on all online sales.  ALL SCHOOLS AND PUBLIC LIBRARIES AND PUBLIC FACILITIES SHOULD HAVE FILTERS ON THEIR COMPUTERS PREVENTING VIDEO GAME PLAYING, PORNOGRAPHY AND/OR GAMBLING.  THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF THE TRAFFIC AT MANY LIBRARIES, ESPECIALLY IN COMMUNITIES THAT ARE GEARED TO RECREATION AND MOST LIBRARIANS REFUSE TO POLICE THEIR PATRONS FOR FEAR OF GETTING THEIR HOURS CUT DUE TO LACK OF PATRONAGE.  RATHER THEY SEEM TO HOPE THE PATRON WILL GROW OUT OF THEIR GAMING PASSTIME AND USE THEIR SKILLS OBTAINED INCLUDING CORDINATION USING THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE, TO DO MORE MATURE PROJECTS ON THE WEB.  USE OF THE PERSONALS IS OFTEN COMMON IN LIBRARIES.  This often is men looking at many women and likely never getting a date or a response.  The most regular customers of the computers in the library are often unemployed, and on disability.


Often sources, witness, even informants take years before they are willing to become public in their statements about the wrongdoing of powerful persons.  There needs to be a minimum income and/or safe houses so witnesses will come forward about wrongdoing and/or it should pay better than Workers Compensation and/or Disability, but the False Claims Act (FCA) can also likely be used regarding complaining about fraud in the computer industry, but few cases about computer wrongdoing exist and the FCA is usually only used in medical cases about defrauding the GOVERNMENT, SO it might only work regarding sales to the government or government contracts, and lawyers may usually only want an educated person or industry insider as a person bringing the suit.  In Effect, it is almost impossible for a company to be put out of business due to bad computer products, or for those who profit from bad products to suffer for bringing bad products to the marketplace.  Persons tend to stick with the first product that they bought, get upgrades on that product, especially if the products tends to have one product that the especially need; the rest of the companies products may even be inferior to FREE PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET; IN THE COMPUTER INDUSTRY THE FREE PRODUCTS, LANGUAGES MIGHT BE THE BEST!  THIS IS DUE TO THE GOVERNMETN SUPPORTED RESEARCH, OFTEN IN ACADEMIA.


Should of the ATT code been shipped outside the US?


Do some industry insiders like to be paid as CEO and as shareholders for the use of so-called free code?  If so, does this result in cost-shifting government expenses to the health care industry?


Finally, did Bill Joy actually get paid about 8 times for the code done for DARPA (AND/OR DID IT GIVE HIM KEYS TO A VERY EXCLUSIVE KINGDOM?):


(1)   As an employee of CAL

(2)   As a seller or reseller

(3)   As an employee of Sun

(4)   As an investor in Sun

(5)    Perhaps as an hacker

(6)    Perhaps as an investor in Fortify

(7)    Perhaps as a director in Fortify and Novell

(8)    Perhaps as an employee at The VC firm

Bill Joy, longtime Sun Microsystems chief scientist turned venture capitalist, says his only complaint about the speech was that Gore left out some of the most powerful data -- about how melting arctic tundra in Siberia is allowing vast quantities of methane to escape into the atmosphere. That adds to the concentration of atmospheric CO2 and further worsens the problem.;_ylt=A0oGkkXFQIlGQSEAX09XNyoA?p=global+warming+bill+joy+&fr=ush1-mail

Bill Joy: First I would recommend that everyone who’s concerned about global warming see Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and visit which is the website he mentions at the end of the film when he rolls a set of very simple things that everyone can do to cut their energy consumption. Set your thermostat back, drive less, buy a more energy efficient car, perhaps a hybrid, reduce, reuse, recycle, switch to more energy efficient light bulbs, turn off light bulbs you don’t need, set back your thermostat on your hot water heater and so on and so on. But probably the most important thing we can all do is through the political process support politicians to be elected who would support changing the policy to either advantage innovation or at least not disadvantage it. There are so many laws and policies on the book that benefit the incumbent ways of using oil, using coal. What we need is newer and renewable sources. And these things can be cheaper. I’m not talking about supporting taxes or raising money through having the government spend a lot more but what we need to do is to make sure that there is no disadvantage for the new technologies that are cleaner, renewable, more secure because they’re local and sustainable.

Sun's Joy: Fighting global warming is profitable

Posted : 18 May 2007



Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy said that a global response to climate change will drive a business revolution larger than the Internet.

This is according to a Reuters report, in which Joy said that global energy saving poses a larger opportunity in terms of the scale of the problem and the profits to be made from simple steps. He added that a more careful use of energy is profitable and more efficient.

The climate change, according to most scientists, is caused by emissions of greenhouse gases, especially the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Using the car industry as an example, Joy said there could be three responses—using old technologies like smaller, more efficient cars; adopting emerging technologies like "hybrid," part-electric cars; and researching breakthroughs such as transport fuels from farm waste.

Joy added that research into safer, rechargeable lithium batteries is taking place in the United States and Canada, while innovation in small electric cars is centered in Asia and Europe.


Bill Joy knocked as 'conspiracy theorist' by tech zealot

Goo boy reprimanded

By Gavin Clarke in San FranciscoMore by this author

Published Friday 22nd July 2005 09:02 GMT

Mobile computing: Opportunities and risk - Free whitepaper

Uberthinker Bill Joy got a pants dusting on Thursday for saying technology has increased our threat levels and anything other than the free market can save us.

Joy, speaking at Stanford University said powerful technologies have increased the potential for a single individual to wreak widespread terror by developing and deploying powerful bio-chemical agents or by writing an economically damaging computer virus.


Joy, partaking in an AlwaysOn 2005 Innovation Summit panel discussion entitled "Is technology making us safer?", went on to say global warming and pandemics like Asian bird flue can only be solved using strong public policy.

"Political constipation" and partisanship in Washington meant Non Government Organizations (NGOs) are better placed to tackle these issues, Joy said.

"We have to race to find a way through public policy to deal with the fact... [that] a single suicidal actor has the power of the exponential to create epdidemics," Joy said.

Joy was warned of world-ending events before and his latest comments were enough to spark fellow panelist, author and speechwriter George Gilder into a counter attack on Sun's former chief technology officer.

"Free societies are safest when technology moves fastest," Gilder warmed up. "The reason the Soviet Union didn't control the world [after World War 2] was because we didn't control computer technology. People like Bill Joy could develop computer technologies that made the US the dominant military and technology economy in the world. Events will be made worse following Bill's safety first policy."

Gilder, editor of the Gilder Technology Report and apparently former US president Ronald Regan's most frequently quoted author, didn't leave it there, though, for the quiet, zany-haired Joy. Guilder tried to position global warming as a natural phenomenon that's happened before and is nothing to worry about.

"What worries me is people today who are worried about global warming. We have these real phobias that distract our attention. The best remedy for Bill's threat is very fast advances in bio engineering and pharmacology, and an array of scientific advances," Gilder observed.

Defending his stance on global warming, Joy said his views are based on consensus in the scientific community not "faith". He went on to support NGO-based action as a powerful alternative to action by politicians, especially those in the US.

"It makes you want to cry at how wonderful these [NGOs] are.... People come together across geographical boundaries. If the problem is in Washington, then the answer is not going to be in Washington." Joy said, adding he became managing director at venture capitalist Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to help further good causes and beneficial technologies.

"I went VC partly because the political side is so constipated right now." Joy said.®




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