Malfeasance and Malicious Codes in the


Computer Industry







Although software is generally bad, licensing and other fees are rarely paid, and this is partly due to hackers capturing the imagination, fortunes, protected status of a generation.  MANY OF THE INDUSTRY INSIDERS WERE named after their fathers and grandfathers (or who have Junior, II, or III after their name likely will continue the agenda of their ancestors), archangels, evil kings, emperors, mythical entities, or were adoptees or considered outsiders, even entities of supreme importance, and often advocated the counter-culture, drug-culture, or rebellion, or worthy, near lost causes! 


The least problematic names may be named after their relatives, increasing to more problematic in the following order: archangels, evil kings, emperors, mythical entities (perhaps mentioned in the bible or a fable as having important symbolism or power), evil emperors (William), archangels (Michael), and/or being the children of Auto industry executives (where they tended to learn how to cost-shift related expenses to the government and learn how to get special status from the government), or were adoptees.  Often adoptees have some frightening statistics associated with them, including a tendency to murder.  Interestingly, some might believe Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer, became more likeable, stable, or confident when he found his biological parents and sister.  Interestingly, his non-biological family may have given him a type of support, especially early in his career, that his college professor biological parents may later in life may have been willing to give him.  He in turn may have allowed his biological female child into his life that he may have previously treated as an outsider, and his biological sister I believe was an accomplished writer who even stayed with him and his wife.  Both Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, and Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple Computer and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios are friends and adoptees, and it may be common for adoptees and/or foster children to share a social bond that few may understand.  Often children of engineers or school teachers become important in the computer industry.


Their companies were named after themselves, objects, places, or concepts.  Often certain companies were known for their cultures, or even certain phrases; For instance, “think” as a motto was associated with IBM. 


Sometimes, conflicts can be evaluated initially by comparing the cultures, region, names of founders and the names of the organization against each other, and sometimes names associated with concepts or places then to skew as very favorable or very unfavorable in a dispute.  Names of places, such as Stanford, or Stanford University Network (Sun, as in Sun Microsystems) may be over associated with academia, or a place,  and Microsoft may be under associated with a concept; also, Santa Cruz Operation may be over associated with Santa Cruz and certain stigmas that Santa Cruz, California has been associated with. Often it can be noticed in the Insurance industry or in a Court Index of lawsuit that companies named after a location can have bad business practices, especially in metropolitan regions.



We can also compare Bill Gross’ name with the name Idea Lab in which he is CEO. Idea Lab may weigh more importantly as a concept than a name and may have a bright future.  Whereas, the name Bill in Bill Gross may be considered something of a liability, and Bill Gross has not been free of controversy, but Idealab, and be considered something of a charmed name, and to some extent possibly the most famous and prolific business incubator of the dot-com era.   It has this author’s experience that businesses named after locations are usually problematic, named after the founder a little less problematic, named after a thing is even less problematic, and named after a very important universal concept, especially if it has a great logo, symbol, or culture tend to be the least problematic.


AT&T’s name may not be the best, but its logo is often considered one of the best in industry.  International Business Machines (IBM) may be one of the best business names in history. This author is inclined to think that IBM, Linux, Idea Lab, and AT&T will continue to do will and/or dominate this industry.  Another example of what may be one of the best possible industry names is Macromedia, which is a large software company, that was taken over by Adobe, which this author thinks is a horrible name for a software company, and it may continue to do very well.  (This author did not enjoy Adobe’s educational software, especially the images in Adobe’s  Photoshop  classroom in a book, which contained an insensitive photos of a melted grill of a truck, and other strange images that some may wonder if they contain subliminal messages.)

Note to editor: it may have been 5.0


If we look at the names of the co-founders and the names of the corporations and try to look for a trend within the industry, it may suggest that this industry is actually elitist, but not necessarily intellectual, which may suggest that entertainment applications may be the most common applications for the consumer use of computers.  This may be one reason Microsoft does so well.  Most persons do not use their computers for the more advanced applications, so them may be willing to replace a cheap computer and/or software and may only buy cheap video games, movies or music mostly on their computers and very minor business applications on their computers. They may not think in terms of the cost of losing data.


One of the most interesting and rarely thought about comparisons is to the name William, or Bill as a shorting of the name William, and the history of William II (born Frederick William Albert Victor, grandson of William I of Germany and of Queen Victoria of England, (this may be of great importance because many of those in other industries will be likely in disbelief, shock, and near constantly perplexed about some of the unique standards in this industry and the Silicon Valley; often the standards are near nonexistent and even skewed towards annihilation or going to great lengths to control certain customers or markets, and there may be a larger amount of remote controlling and/or monitoring of certain computers or individuals). 


A recent example was with Sony’s Rootkit which would call Sony via the internet each time a song on a Sony CD was played on a computer.  Many customers are also eligible for extra downloads or a small cash settlement according to 


By including a flawed and overreaching computer program in millions of music CDs sold to the public, Sony BMG has created serious security, privacy and consumer protection problems that have damaged music lovers everywhere.


At issue are two software technologies - SunnComm's MediaMax and First4Internet's Extended Copy Protection (also known as XCP) - which Sony BMG claims to have placed on the music CDs to restrict consumer use of the music on the CDs but which in truth do much more, including reporting customer listening of the CDs and installing undisclosed and in some cases hidden files on users' computers that can expose users to malicious attacks by third parties, all without appropriate notice and consent from purchasers. The CDs also condition use of the music on unconscionable licensing terms in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).



Even the most respectable persons in high places in the computer industry seem to violate privacy.  For instance: about September 2006 even the Chairperson of Hewlett-Packard Corporation (HP), Patricia Dunn, has been accused of hiring third parties who are guilty of pretexting (five other persons have been indicted by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer regarding HP incident), which is using identity theft or impersonation to obtain information, usually phone records, or other business type records. Patricia Dunn allegedly violated the privacy of her fellow HP directors, several journalists and their families.  Dunn didn’t seem to confront outside investigators about how telephone logs were obtained, which usually can only be obtained through government subpoena, or with the consent and/or, authorization of release of information of the person who owns the telephone logs, usually the person who made the calls.  Chairperson of Hewlett-Packard Corporation Patricia Dunn is the daughter of showgirl and vaudeville actor, and studied journalism.  Hewlett-Packard Corporation makes some of the most sophisticated and admired computing products in the world.  It is astonishing that Hewlett-Packard Corporation could become embroiled in a privacy scandal.


Again, privacy violationa are alledged in the telcom or computer industry.  Information about Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF) July 21, 2006’s story about has a case against AT&T for collaborating with the NSA in illegal spying on millions of ordinary Americans follows:


EFF filed the class-action suit against AT&T in January, alleging that the telecommunications company has given the National Security Agency (NSA) secret, direct access to the phone calls and emails going over its network and has been handing over communications logs detailing the activities of millions of ordinary Americans. The government intervened in the case and asked that it be dismissed because the suit could expose "state secrets." But Thursday, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker refused: "The compromise between liberty and security remains a difficult one. But dismissing this case at the outset would sacrifice liberty for no apparent enhancement of security."





The various browsers, especially Internet Explorer a Microsoft product that its founder Bill Gates has some control over, may be used to monitor communications as may be suggested by the June 22, 2006 issue of that states that “Bill Gates Has Top Secret Clearance”.  Here is their analysis of the reason for Top Secret clearances:


An interesting tidbit in an otherwise mundane AP story: Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have Top Secret clearances from the Defense Department.


OTB roving correspondent Richard Gardner passed on the tip and noted that this isn’t surprising, on reflection, since Microsoft does a lot of encryption and other IT work for the government and “SEC rules require executives to know what their underlings are up to.”…


On a personal level, I find it rather amusing that Gates and Ballmer, who are billionaires several times over, have what amounts to a free ticket to a high paying government job. As noted here numerous times, the longstanding backlog on security background checks makes those with an existence clearance, especially a Top Secret, a hot commodity in the defense and homeland security sectors.


For example, within the Dotcom, computer, telecommunications, and/or entertainment industries, resourcefulness rather than privacy may be prized.  For instance, Jeff Bezos,'s founder, according to Wired sought out a female for permanent relationship who could get him out of prison.  Quoting the article:


"The number-one criterion was that I wanted a woman who could get me out of a Third World prison," he says.


"What I really wanted was someone resourceful. But nobody knows what you mean when you say, 'I'm looking for a resourceful woman.' If I tell somebody I'm looking for a woman who can get me out of a Third World prison, they start thinking Ross Perot - Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! - they have something they can hang their hat on! Life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful."


Interestingly,'s success meant that likely the real estate market in the Bay Area would pick up, and Bill Joy may be one of's biggest customers.  The first purchasers of books at’s website were intellectual, perhaps elitist.  Therefore, maybe the purchases of's buyers may be of great importance, and even book clubs of various buyers of books could be created somehow without violating privacy.  Bezos may understand the records about the purchases of his customers could put him at risk for criminal activity, such as home invasions; then he could be put in some strange prison in a foreign country.


John Draper, also known as Cap't Crunch, ended up in prison for using something known as a blue box to defraud the phone company to make free calls, and allegedly the founders of Apple computer were also allegedly illegally either making, selling, and/or using blue boxes to defraud the phone company.  There is a suggestion that John was compromised when alleges:


John Draper, author of one of the earliest word processing programs, EasyWriter, and, under his nomme de plume, "Cap't Crunch", one of the first known "hackers", told Newsbytes that while he "really enjoyed Sneakers, people should realize that there is an important message contained within."  (Sneakers was a movie.)


Draper, who served time in prison for his "phone phreaking", was considered the model on which the role of "Cosmo", played by Ben Kingsley, was based. Cosmo, like Draper, served a prison sentence for his activities and, while in prison, became a collaborator with a nationwide criminal organization, becoming their technical wizard.


Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype.  Skype was acquired by eBay; this may seem to make dotcom and communications legally promoting free communication services and meshes with what seems to be the early agenda of those in Silicon Valley.


The Anthrax Letters may have been motivated to get the Patriot Act passed according to various analysts.  Both the Patriot Act and Homeland security may fund a massive amount of intelligence gathering by the private sector.

The California Financial Information Privacy Act was Signed into law by Gov. Gray Davis August 27, 2003 and proposed by Senators Speier & Burton and gave consumers more protection about information being sold about their financial transactions, which banks and insurance companies might be interested in to find customers for their products. 


Persons in more data centered industries, especially the insurance industry or banking industry, may not understand the culture often rooted in criminal activity of many in the associated applications of both the computer and entertainment industries.  Even law firms tend to have great difficulty keeping information private, and may need to threaten to terminate young attorneys if they talk about a case or client in an elevator.  Even the best law firms may need to bring in private detective to protect privacy and resources, and it can be common for wrongdoing to happen in any high stress environment.


It may be much more common for illegal gathering of financial and communications and even government information than the average person might guess.  This is because so many people can have access to personal information, including medical records, and that is why movie stars medical reports may be seen by the public in tabloids or elsewhere (they tend to pay well for this type of information).  This information is often illegally obtained.  It is difficult to stop because it is difficult to catch.


Many computer games are about annihilation of an enemy, and many of the instructors at some colleges do not even need a four year degree in computer science to teach computer classes, and are self-taught partly from gaming.  In fact, one of the first applications of computers was by Richard Bellman at Rand Corporation using computers to model Warfare for the United States Air Force, which very much resembles the infancy of the computer gaming industry. 


For instance the author wondered if the anti-virus industry really understands that complete destruction of a computer may intentionally, or accidentally, be intended by the virus author as seen in the Blah.3385 virus according to


“Blah.3385" has a bug - the boot/MBR sector stamp 55AAh is placed at the wrong offset in the virus body (01FFh instead of 01FEh), it causes system error message on loading from such MBR, and the hard drive stays as not available. 


Some facts and/or allegations about William II that may be repeated by others named Bill or William (see underlined and emphasized) in the computer industry and/or Silicon Valley are:


He was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia;


A traumatic breech birth left him with a withered left arm due to Erb's Palsy;


It has been argued that he had an aggressive, tactless, headstrong, and occasionally bullying nature;


He wrote his love interest poems;


Following the fall of Paris to the Nazis in 1940, William sent a telegram to Hitler congratulating him on capturing Paris with his troops, much to the annoyance of Hitler:


The Emperor loved all things Norwegian, where he often spent cruised Norway's coast. When the city of Ålesund was demolished by a great fire in 1904, he was involved its restoration of Jugendstil architecture.


He claimed that he was not guilty of initiating the Great War, World War I, but Treaty of Versailles provided that William should be tried for promoting World War I.


There is not a positive and exact correlation in behavior with the name William (also known as Bill) in the computer industry with Emperor William II (Bill Gross has been accused of by shareholders of everything from using Idealab as a personal piggybank to using the company jet to take vacations; Bill Joy co-founder of Sun Microsystems has many expensive residences; Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft has great personal wealth), but it might be worth thinking about;  this is because there is the ability to remotely control an adversary’s or competitor’s computer, which is usually done by clicking on links often that start executable (.exe) files or even by opening an email which then may cause denial of service attacks on websites due to sending too much traffic to the website and tying up the phone lines.  These distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks can be known as Trojans, worms, viruses and when used in combination, as blended threats.  I would define a mixed threat and combining a blended threat or reacting to a blended threat with another threat, often non-virtual or physical in nature.


For instance: “According to Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems: ‘You know what Machiavelli said about foreign lands: you either take it over, or you destroy it. That's Microsoft.’” as he stated in’s Newsletter Issue 13 dated March-April 2003.


In The Plot to get Bill Gates by Gary Rivlin, Joy seems extremely emotional:


[T]he speakerphone would suddenly crackle with expletives.  It would be Joy, saying something like “Fuck Microsoft.  I don’t even know why we’re fucking talking to you.  And fuck Bill Gates.  No one here can stand him.  Why are we doing anything to help this fucking guy grab even more business?”…Alone, the people from Microsoft joked that Joy was so worked up, they could hear pellet of spittle bouncing off his phone.


Bill Joy’s usual stance of wanting a single standard, or in this case that security should be standard, is often argued in the computer industry is seen again in the  article "Software Isn't Complete Unless It's Secure; Developers need to make security a priority from the earliest stages of planning -- and buyers should demand nothing less. (VIEWPOINT)." in Business Week Online dated Sept 28, 2006 states:


Applications that were never designed for the Internet now interface with servers and users worldwide.


This situation has attracted, motivated, and enabled hackers who attack and misuse software systems for malice and profit, putting millions of users at risk. Organized crime, identity-theft "bots," and zombie

networks, directed behind the scenes by increasingly sophisticated individuals, pose even larger threats.




Rather than simply building big walls around their networks, developers must become proactive about security and include it from the beginning of an application's development…[W]e should insist that software is not complete unless it is secure…


Some feel the Anthrax letters were sent to those to get the Patriot Act passed, and were addressed to entities associated with the "Empire of Energy" (term used by Marshall Smith editor of, and others are suggesting a political possibly pro-Jewish conspiracy perhaps involving Jewish microbiologist Dr. Philip M. Zack (Was Zack behind a vile conspiracy to frame an Arab colleague who worked with Dr. Zack, at the U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Md.?); Furthermore, as more support for their theories they note that a Republican did not receive the Anthrax letters.  It is reasonable to suspect that large computer contracts would be given out to monitor communications by using computers, so insiders in the computer industry would likely feel more secure if the Patriot Act passed, and Bill Joy was close to the 911 attacks in New York when they happened.  Two different entities Marshall Smith editor of and Ed Lake of suspect a child addressed the letters.  This may suggest that actually the government is controlled by a Cabal (persons secretly who control the government who may use espionage or terrorist as the definition in this instance).  There have been massive economic losses of some businesses since the various terrorist type activities, and the lack of unified political thought in the United States of America has brought on many so-called conspiracy theories.


There seems to be a suppressed Anthrax letter that may have attempted to frame Russians which can be implied from the report by


"THE UNTHINKABEL" (the Ns are reversed as Cyrillic characters in the published Vanity Fair article)

SAMPLE OF HOW IT WILL LOOK Brief but ominous, the handwritten note threatened bioterror attacks on New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. I found the text curious for a number of reasons. First, the quotation marks were done Russian-style, with the opening quotes below the line, and the document's backward N's resembled the letter I in Russia's Cyrillic alphabet. But a bilingual Russian would be unlikely to confuse English and Cyrillic characters. This appeared to be someone's attempt to make his writing look Russian, or at least foreign. The same went for the block letters, which Russian adults don't use.


However, there may be other suspects with other interesting motives, which could lead some to believe a complex frameup could exist, or a single person could be guilty of various crimes.  The most recognized suspect may have a motive for wanting antibiotics instead of a vaccine for Anthrax. The are allegations that the anthrax vaccines  caused Gulf War Syndrome, and is ineffective against inhalation Anthrax. “Take Penacilin [sic] now” was written in one of the letters suggested that the author NEVER intended that anyone die and may have hoped to prevent deaths in the long term by influencing policy.  The FBI may have conflict of interest because the hired ex-colleague of anthrax probe figure, Glenn Cross in a news story by Marilyn W. Thompson of Washington Post in an article dated September 8, 2003:


Sources familiar with the case said that FBI anthrax investigators have interviewed Cross extensively about his relationship with Hatfill and his concerns in the fall of 2001 about possible security risks posed by Hatfill's work with classified government projects.


Hatfill's supporters said that Cross and Hatfill were rivals at work and that Cross reported information to his bosses and later to the FBI that heightened interest in Hatfill early in the anthrax investigation. Hatfill was first interviewed by the FBI in fall 2001 at his SAIC office. The company is a large government consulting firm whose work includes classified projects for the CIA and the Pentagon.


Clawson said that Hatfill told Cross exaggerated "war stories" about his years in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa that Cross took seriously and reported to his superiors, expressing concern that Hatfill could be a security risk.


"Steve amused himself by telling him some whoppers," Clawson said. "Cross repeated these stories to government officials. The stories seemed to get larger and even more exaggerated with the retelling."


Anyone could have cultured Anthrax alleges


How hard, really, would it be to carry out a bio-attack? Not very, says Hatfill. Culturing bacteria is easy and almost universally understood. Getting the culture past Customs would be no problem. You could almost certainly just carry it in a small bottle in your pocket. Hatfill, who is familiar with such things, showed me how to culture bacteria with supplies that can be bought at Safeway. A bright high-school student could manage it.


Prins and Van Der Jeugd artlcle. "Herbivore population crashes and woodland structure in East Africa.Africa"  from The Journal of Ecology dated June 1993 seems to suggest that  Anthrax in East Africa was a natural occurrence that neither Hatfill or government force caused:


However, shrub establishment, as determined from counting tree-rings, preceded poaching. 3. Shrub establishment in two areas of the Park coincided with anthrax epidemics that drastically reduced the impala population.


Luise White article "Poisoned food, poisoned uniforms, and anthrax: or, how guerillas die in war. (Exposure And Invisibility) anthrax." In Osiris 19 states:


The largest recorded outbreak of anthrax in humans occurred between November 1978 and October 1980 in Zimbabwe (during this period it was also Rhodesia and Rhodesia-Zimbabwe). There were almost 11,000 human cases, and 182 human deaths, and perhaps 10,000 cattle deaths. The onset of the disease was rapid: the number of reported cases of anthrax in all of Rhodesia went from 2 in 1978 to 4,002 in 1979. More important, perhaps, was that the epidemic spread over a larger area than most anthrax epidemics do and lasted longer. (52) All this has led many medical authorities to maintain that this anthrax epidemic was the result of Rhodesian biological warfare…


How did anthrax spread to previously uninvolved areas? The data on the spread of anthrax, most of it from research in the United States, was crystal clear: the disease might take on epizootic proportions in areas with a history of anthrax outbreaks, but areas with no history of anthrax tended to have only sporadic and mild epidemics of the disease…


Fourth: Did the breakdown in veterinary services in rural Rhodesia during the war and guerillas' demands that Africans boycott cattle dips (pens where cattle were doused with insecticide to control tick-borne diseases) spread anthrax? Nass notes that cattle usually become infected with anthrax from eating spores, not contact with insects. Nevertheless, the antidipping campaign made most Africans unwilling to ask veterinary services to treat their sick cattle. Fifth: How did anthrax spread to previously uninvolved areas? The data on the spread of anthrax, most of it from research in the United States, was crystal clear: the disease might take on epizootic proportions in areas with a history of anthrax outbreaks, but areas with no history of anthrax tended to have only sporadic and mild epidemics of the disease. (53) All of this, Nass argued, indicated that anthrax was a Rhodesian biological weapon. Her reasoning was global in its scale.

The United States, England, and Japan had developed anthrax weapons during World War II; such weapons could have been available to Rhodesian scientists at any time. According to Nass, the deployment of biological and chemical weapons and the use of poisoned clothing was part of Rhodesia's intensified militarization of the war in 1979, which also included aerial bombing of guerilla camps in neighboring countries and isolating rural Africans in protected villages…


Many Africans recalled seeing airplanes drop "white powder" on pastures and cleared land; they believed this caused anthrax and other diseases. A few people said they saw Rhodesian soldiers sprinkle "small pills" into dams; these "killed the fish and poisoned cattle, which then became bearers of anthrax." Others thought the disease was spread by ticks, now out of control because African cattle were not dipped or resulted from the pollution caused by gunfire and smoke…


The spirit mediums I spoke to in 1997 did not have any doubts about what, and who, caused anthrax during the war: they did. They insisted that this disease was brought by mediums after guerillas failed to perform roper rituals--or any rituals at all--or do what mediums asked of them; the mediums brought anthrax to punish certain areas….


When North American physicians and Zimbabwean spirit mediums disagree about what brought anthrax to Zimbabwe in 1979, they disagree not only about the epidemiology of the disease but also about the

history of the war.


Scott Shane of Sun Staff on October 9, 2002 alleges:


When recent reports in The Sun and other publications revealed that former Army bioweapons scientist Dr. Steven J. Hatfill had claimed a Ph.D. he had not received, he offered an explanation.

He had completed the work for the degree at Rhodes University in South Africa and assumed it had been granted, he said through his spokesman, Pat Clawson. Later, when he learned the degree had not been awarded, he stopped listing it on his resume, he said.


But when applying for a research job in 1995, Hatfill provided to the National Institutes of Health a handsome Rhodes University Ph.D. certificate in molecular cell biology with his name on it, signed by the university vice chancellor and other officials.

The Ph.D. certificate, a copy of which was obtained by The Sun from the NIH under the Freedom of Information Act, is a forgery, Rhodes officials say. The university seal is not in the right place, the vice chancellor's signature has the wrong middle initial and other names are made up, they say.

"Our parchment doesn't even look like that," says Angela Stuurman, assistant to the registrar at Rhodes University. "It's most definitely a forgery."


There are some allegations at in “projecthatfill” that may, or may not, be relevant, incriminating and/or accurate:


Here is what a complete investigation uncovers: Hatfill never served with the US Special Forces, or the Rhodesian SAS. He was not a member of the Selous Scouts. The South African Department of Defense has no records of Hatfill serving in the 2nd Medical Battalion (TA Reserve) or with the Air/Sea Rescue Squadron at Ysterplaat

When the Washington Report asked Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, Ph.D., a biological arms control expert at the State University of New York, if the allegations regarding Dr. David Hatfill now took the heat off Lt. Col. Philip Zack, she replied, “Zack has NEVER been under suspicion as perpetrator of the anthrax attack.”



Greendale” on the Anthrax Letters, which is a name that may be associated with Hatfill’s past, and may have been in the area that the letters were postmarked from.  Quoting a post from June 2003 by Destro on further speculated that "Greendale" is a critical clue, likely far more important than handwriting analysis on the letters:


One theory on the "Greendale" return address, is that he made an inadvertent slip up, which in the end will be Hatfill’s downfall in that it helped investigators point to him. As was mentioned, the return ZIP code on the letters was an OLDER zip for Greenfield New Jersey (which does have a 4th grade school), but Hatfield inadvertently wrote GREENDALE, which of course he subconsciously confused with Greenfield. The fact that the ZIP was an older one shows that he was trying to "remember" the name of the school from this area, and it was here that he made the Freudian slip of writing down Greendale.


A dissenting comment from another poster at states:


A sage observer recently noted, "If there is a Greendale School, it is insignificant. But if there is no Greendale School, it is very significant."

What the observer meant, was that the existence of a Greendale School in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe would hardly be incriminating. There are Greendales and Greendale Schools scattered about the English-speaking world…


The notion that the existence of a Greendale School during the time of Steven Hatfill's stay in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, would "prove" that he was the anthrax terrorist, would only impress someone who either had convinced himself that Hatfill was guilty, or who wanted him to be guilty so badly, that he was indifferent or hostile to the truth. The Greendale Myth has been the story not of Steven J. Hatfill, but of reporters who were scientifically illiterate, lazy, and politically compromised…


Greendale Township (population about 2 thousand) is in Midland County near Oakland County in which both Franklin (population about 3 thousand) and Farmington (population about 10 thousand) in Oakland County (suburb of Detroit, Michigan).  The Administration Building of Utica Community Schools located at 11303 Greendale, Sterling Heights, Michigan.   Farmington, Michigan is where Bill Joy spent his childhood.  Franklin Park exists in many states.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, a Franklin Park EXISTS NEAR National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) in Ames, Iowa, AND AMES IS THE name of the STRAIN OF THE ANTHRAX USED.   A Greendale Rd exists in Iowa.


A Greendale, Franklin combination, intersection or linkage exists at about the location that silicon medical products likely used for the weaponization of Anthrax was purchased as gathered from the article "Vesta will move to Franklin site." by Rich Kirchen in The Business Journal-Milwaukee dated December 3, 1990 suggests the wrongdoer(s) enjoys leaving clues that might waste investigators resources:


Vesta Inc., a manufacturer of silicone products for the medical equipment industry now located in the Greendale Industrial Park, will build a new plant in the Franklin Industrial Park in 1991 and move there by next October.

Vesta's offer to pay $163,000 for 5.2 acres of city-owned land on
Franklin Drive near South 54th Street was accepted Nov. 20 by the Franklin Common Council. A closing date has not been scheduled, said Jim Payne, city clerk.


The zip code was also a possible frameup, diversion and/or attempt to waste government because the zip code matched an area where Arabs were know to reside in New Jersey, but not Franklin Park in New Jersey.  Richard M. Smith of reports:


News reports have pointed out that there is a town named “Franklin Park” in central New Jersey, but its Zip code is not 08852.  Instead Zip code 08852 belongs to Monmouth Junction which is one town away from Franklin Park.  The two towns are separated by a third town, Kendall Park.


There isn’t a Greendale School in central New Jersey, but there is a Greenbrook School in Kendall Park.  Most reporters believe that the sender of anthrax letters changed Greenbrook to Greendale in an attempt to throw off investigators a bit.


What is interesting is that these three New Jersey towns actually meet at the intersection of Beekman Road and State Route 27 (AKA, Lincoln Highway).  Franklin Park is on the north side of State Route 27, while Kendall Park is on the south side.  A little sliver of Monmouth Junction follows Beekman Road and stops just before the intersection with State Route 27.  Click here for a map to this intersection.  What makes the Beekman/State Route 27 intersection so interesting is that the Greenbrook School is only about 1/3 of a mile southeast from this intersection at 30 Roberts St..  Except for a thick stand of trees, the school would be visible from the intersection.


Why the sender included clues about these three neighboring towns in the return address is not clear, but it does make for an interesting puzzle.


Some news reports claim that the Zip code for Greenbrook School used to be 08852, but these reports are incorrect.  The Greenbrook School has always been in Zip code 08824…I believe that the Zip code 08852 which appears in the return addresses on the Daschle and Leahy anthrax letters was no accident. It was purposely put on the anthrax letters by the Anthrax attacker to mislead investigators to blame Muslims for the attacks... The Islamic Society of Central Jersey has over 700 members. It serves the relatively large population of Islamic believers in the geographical area between Princeton and Rutgers Universities…It also seems likely that anthrax attacker originally chose to mail all of his anthrax letters from the central New Jersey because there are a large number of drug and biotech companies in the area. The goal again was to misdirect investigators to think someone working in at a local biotech company was behind the attacks. The anthrax attacker probably does not live in central New Jersey, but somewhere within easy driving distance to the area.

Because the anthrax attacker needed to write the return addresses on the Leahy and Daschle letters before he filled them with anthrax, I think he created the fictitious return address using the Internet as I have outlined above.


Hatfill’s lawsuit alleges:


In addition to identifying Dr. Hatfill wrongfully and baselessly with the anthrax mailings, defendant Kristof published numerous discrete false statements about him, defamatory on their face or in the context in which they appeared, in reckless disregard of whether what he wrote was true. Such statements include the following, among others:

a) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill "unquestionably had the ability to make first-rate anthrax."

b) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill had the "ability" to send the anthrax.

c) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill had the "access" required to send the anthrax.

d) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill had a "motive" to send the anthrax.

e) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill was one of a "handful" of individuals who had the "ability, access and motive to send the anthrax."

f) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill "had access" to an "isolated residence" in the fall of 2001, when the anthrax letters were sent.

g) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill "gave Cipro [an antibiotic famously used in the treatment of anthrax infection] to people who visited [the 'isolated residence']."

h) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill's anthrax vaccinations were "up to date" as of May 24, 2002.

i) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill "failed 3 successive polygraph examinations" between January 2002 and August 13, 2002.

j) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill "was upset at the United States government in the period preceding the anthrax attack."

k) the assertion that Dr. Hatfill "was once caught with a girlfriend in a biohazard 'hot suite' at Fort Detrick [where Dr. Hatfill had concededly worked] surrounded only by blushing germs."


The article “The Hunting of Steven J. Hatfill
by David Tell dated September 2002
reports also seems to suggest Hatfill’s innocence:


Steven Hatfill was a virology researcher when he worked at Fort Detrick. Consequently, as USAMRIID has publicly confirmed, he was never authorized to enter the bacteriological buildings where anthrax was kept and studied; he was never tasked to perform anthrax-related work of any kind; and he was never issued vials of anthrax for his own, private use.


Finally, as the New York Times reported on June 23, FBI technicians, through some form of radiocarbon dating, seem to have satisfied themselves that last fall's anthrax letters contained powders prepared from a freshly grown batch of bacteria, no more than two years old. If so, that would suggest that the perpetrator cannot have acquired the anthrax spores from which he cultured his weaponry any earlier than September 1999. Hatfill's National Research Council Grant at Fort Detrick, by its formal terms, ended that same month. But according to numerous published reports, Hatfill was no longer working at USAMRIID by then. He had been full-time at SAIC since the previous February.


However important physical evidence was linked to New Jersey, when in August 2002, when investigators found anthrax in a Princeton, New Jersey city street mailbox claims Wikipedia. Bill Joy has a friend at Princeton University, the person Unabomber caused the removal of his fingers after a bomb.  Joy was also near the New York 911 at the time of the event and could have been traumatized by it.


The anthrax-laden letters may have been sent on September 18 & October 9, 2001 about the same dates, respectively, of the destructive Nimda worm and a new variant of this worm called Nimda.B were released on the Internet.  It is also strange that “rutger.ed” is avoided in the Mydoom worm; RUTGER’S is NOT usually associated with major contributions in computer science?  This may suggest a connection between computer worms and the anthrax letters, and possible political intimidation by the far left, and not the far right, and a pattern of exhausting government law enforcement resources.


The avoid list of the 2001 mydoom worm unusually listed Stanford and utgers.ed (likely in New Jersey). Other educational institutions associated with the freesource, opensource or BSD free software where also on the avoid list of the mydoom worm, and tend to use Sun servers.  Rugers does not seem to be known for supporting opensource, but also tends to use Sun servers.  Stanford is not really known for opensource, but it was known for using Sun Servers in 2001, and SUN actually stands for Stanford University Network, and was also on the avoid list of the Mydoom worm


MIT is known for opensource in 2001 but not for using Sun servers, and was also on the avoid list of the Mydoom worm.



Files seems to be dated 2001 at regarding the installation of Sun Servers:


12/              23/                  =2001/              store.sub

13/              =+Drafts/        =2002-01/        store.usr


·         These services will be based on Sun ONE technology, including an LDAP directory and (when it's ready) the Sun ONE Identity server. Calendaring will use the Sun ONE calendar product. Mail is likely to use the Sun ONE mail product. Web and file access may be done with new software, but it may also use existing web servers with improved LDAP integration. .


According to a Sun Microsystems 2001 press release Rugers helps operate the Protein Data Bank which uses Sun servers:


“The Protein Data Bank, operated by Rutgers University, the San Diego Supercomputer Center and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is the single international repository for 3-D protein structure data. The site runs on two Sun Enterprise 4000 servers, and provides information to more than three million visitors per month.”



The FBI investigated according to The Associated Press January 16, 2002 article titled “FBI seeks anthrax clues at Rutgers”:


FBI agents examined Rutgers University photocopying machines last week, looking for links to four anthrax-tainted letters mailed from central New Jersey.


Two agents arrived Friday at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology, a Rutgers affiliate in Piscataway, and asked protein biochemist Richard H. Ebright for the access code needed to operate the photocopiers.


''I asked whether it was related to the (anthrax) investigation,'' he said in a phone interview Tuesday.


 ''The male investigator said, 'We can't leave any stones unturned so we're turning over stones,' or something to that effect.''


The agents spent about 10 minutes at each Waksman Institute photocopier, making copies and slipping them into a portfolio or large envelope, Ebright said.


He said agents tested photocopiers in other buildings, but he did not know which ones or how many machines.

''It's obviously the geographic link,'' Ebright said. ''The letters were mailed from this state, not more than 30 miles from this location.''


Rutgers spokeswoman Sandra Lanman said Tuesday that it is ''the university's policy is not to comment on investigations by outside agencies.''


No anthrax research is conducted at Rutgers, Lanman said.


(was rutgers listed partly as a frame re: anthrax letters? Not a usual pro-opensource, big computer si school? utgers.ed on mydoom worm avoid list) (big sun micro contract at Rutgers?),_Michigan,_Michigan


Reports about Hatill that may suggest his innocence:


Hatfill will soon undergo blood tests, which he claims he requested months ago, that will test antigens in his blood to see if he has had recent exposure to either anthrax or an anthrax vaccination. Hatfill will also submit a handwriting sample to the FBI, which will be compared to the handwriting in the four anthrax letters. Hatfill has waived his privacy rights with respect to the blood and handwriting tests, and he wants the results made public as soon as possible.


These are not the sort of tests that a guilty man volunteers for. Hatfill actually did not even hire a criminal-defense attorney until after the second time his apartment was searched. In addition to the tests he's volunteered for, Hatfill has also made public his timesheet for the four days during which the anthrax letters could have been mailed.


The insightfully reported:


For instance, Hatfill allegedly said that anyone who knew "how to grow anthrax spores of one to three microns had to know that the hole in an envelope is 10 microns and that the spores would escape."


Steven J. Hatfill is quoted at about the prejudicial label given to him of “person of interest”:


A “person of interest” is someone who comes into being when the government is under intense political pressure to solve a crime but can't do so, either because the crime is too difficult to solve or because the authorities are proceeding in what can mildly be called a wrong-headed manner... This should preferably be a person about whom mysterious questions can be raised, someone with an interesting or colorful background. Then they give him a prejudicial label, “person of interest.” And they leak appropriate rumor and innuendo to the press...

Steven J. Hatfill


Some outlandish, and perhaps diversionary, postings about the Anthrax investigation have been posted on the Internet by persons, such as:


A microbiologist using the screen name "The Great Satan" has been posting on the ultra-conservative news forum:

Prior to adopting the Satan persona he posted as "Clinton's a rapist" and under numerous other "screen names" some of which he uses today.

The thrust of his repetitive argument is that Saddam Hussein (and his "sleepers") is behind the anthrax mailings and is "blackmailing" George Bush by covertly threatening a major anthrax attack.

The anthrax mailings in the fall of 2001 were just  "warnings".

The Amerithrax investigation is a cover and a farce and Steven Hatfill - the person of interest - is in on it.

 A lone, renegade American scientist (such as he?) did not mail the anthrax.

 Move along - there's nothing to see here...........


The poster admits he works in a laboratory creating antibotic resistant bacteria…


"Adding antibiotic resistance to bacteria


is a trivial exercise.


I do it routinely in the lab.


You can do it with it a kit that costs about $500."


                                        The Great Satan…


"Make the towel-headed,


tent-sleeping, bloodthirsty, misogynistic,

Jew hating medievals

drink their f***ing oil." 


 "Do you believe in fate?


but I want the ragheads

to start believing

they are fated

to either die or

live on rocks

 for all eternity." …


"Indeed! Islam and Nazism: two peas in a pod."…


Everyone should have a pardigm shift and try to solve the problem rather then perpetuate it.

Hate breeds Hate

And eliminating the Islamazis breeds a better future for the whole world.

They started the fight, WE will finish it.

Cry me a river for their deaths...they were preventable if these ANIMALS evolved past thinking that an opposable thumb is a useless thing...

Their entire CULTURE is built around the ravings of a self-grandeurized pedophilic mass murderer, and the enslavement of the world to said philosophy.

War is wearing a strapped on bomb into civilian populations as to do the MAXIMUM damage to children and war BACK AT them will be the systematic ELIMINATION of them all as a threat...since they ALL ARE a threat to all frere life on Earth.

Show me how they are deserving of sympathy or survival, and I will show you chapter and verse on how they have brought pain and sorrow to ALL they contact...including their own self-inflicted pain!...

37 posted on 09/17/2003 9:06:14 AM PDT by Itzlzha (The avalanche has already is too late for the pebbles to vote!)


To: Amerithrax

Amerithrax said: "Submit a Tip if you have information regarding the Amerithrax investigation."

"Here's the tip:

Amerithrax is a hoax, a fraud, a diversion, a feint, a Potemkin Village, a sham, a scam, a PR exercise, cheap theatrics, wartime propaganda, disinformazia, a painted storefront on a Hollywood backlot, a joke, a goof, a delaying tactic, a stall, a charade, a fake, and a travesty.

The purpose of Amerithrax is to temporarily distract the American people's attention from the fact that the United States is being blackmailed by Saddam Hussein with a handful of dust, and won't be able to do anything about for some time to come. The personnel of Amerithrax, such as Joyce Chiang bungler SA Bob Roth and Ruby Ridge coverup artist Van Harp, were specifically selected for incompetence and/or pliability. The Siegfried and Roy duo who were flown in to provide the bloodhound talking point used to keep this flagging story alive were specifically chosen for their suggestability and questionable professionalism, widely recognized in their own industry. The supposed "person of interest" to Amerithrax, Dr. Steven Hatfill, author of the unpublished science fiction novel Emergence, which postulates a bioterror attack on the US by Saddam Hussein behind a veil of terrorist proxies -- more or less the scenario that has come to pass, in other words -- is actually one of the authors of the Amerithrax gambit, which he conceived along with his immediate social circle of biowar specialists and Pentagon intelligence officers.

 Hatfill has not the slightest concern that he will ever be arrested in the anthrax deaths.

Hatfill's mythical traumatized girlfriend will not be doing Larry King or Barbara Walters, Hatfill will not run out of money for legal expenses and be reduced to panhandling in the streets, because Uncle Sam is making sure he's taken care of, and the "growing sense of excitement" that John Ashcroft cited in the Amerithrax investigation four months ago will come to nothing, just as it has come to nothing in the four months since he cited it."

"Why are there no Arabs on

  Star Trek?

  Because it takes place 

  in the future."


 NativeNewYorker AKA - The Great Satan…



Who posted Korova Milk Bar, The Great Satan, Allan Quatermain, and FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, and Clinton's a Rapist at


So far on this thread, we have had you here as Korova Milk Bar, The Great Satan, Allan Quatermain, and FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. And we also have Clinton's a Rapist.

Allan Quatermain
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The other post was before 9/1/01. I am sure you signed up another account and had it ready to go for totally innocent reasons.

Clinton's a rapist
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The Great Satan
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FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper
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Korova Milk Bar
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Here are some of the more interesting and complex posts of The Great Satan found on


To: Badabing Badaboom; Mitchell; Fred Mertz; cgk; aristeides; FairOpinion; Shermy; jpl; pttttt


Interesting. I'd seen the header for that mail when Googling for Michie, but was never able to call up the whole thing. The "Scorpions" he refers to are an elite detective squad inaugurated by the South African goverment a few years ago: Scorpions target South African crime.


It certainly looks like Dr. John Michie of the University of Stellenbosch Radiobiology Lab is indeed "Scorpion," the individual who spread many of the rumors about Hatfill on South African bulletin boards, including supporting disinfo for the famous "Greendale School" talking point. Based on information I have obtained privately, it appears also that Michie provided Stephen Dresch with the e-mail concerning Hatfill allegedly sent by Prof. Bohm to Prof. Kirby, implicating all three men in gross scientific misconduct. On top of that, Michie seems to be the source for much of the material on Alan J. Weberman's "STEVE HATFILL NAZI SWINE" hate page at the JDO web site, material supposedly implicating Hatfill in white supremacist activity. If Michie supplied the e-mail to Dresch, then I would guess that he also supplied the page from Hatfill's Stellenbosch lab notebook that is reproduced on Weberman's site.


All of which raises a host of questions. If Michie is a really an enemy of Hatfill and a genuine whistle-blower, then Hatfill, Kirby, Bohm are all charlatans. Michie himself is likely, on that scenario, also a somewhat disturbed individual, inasmuch as he has been a colleague of Hatfill's thesis advisor, Bohm, since at least 1989, and authored a paper with him as recently as 2000. Odd that he would choose to collaborate scientifically with a man he knew to be a scoundrel and a charlatan. Odd that he would expose a friend like that, anonymously. Odd that he would choose to make his case through the medium of Andrew J. Weberman, the eccentric Bob Dylan "garbologist" whose Lower Manhattan apartment was used as a sniper nest by Mordechai Levy. Odd that not a wit of supporting evidence for the melodramatic tale of Hatfill's wholesale scientific deception is to be found in the public domain, and odd that his papers, including the supposedly fraudulent MSc work, are still being referenced in prestigious scientific journals to this very day.


There is another explanation for all this bizarreness, and it is the one I favor. The e-mail supplied by Michie is, IMHO, a sophisticated fraud. I say sophisticated, because the author clearly has a good understanding of molecular biology, and the "inside baseball" talk in the e-mail is quite impressive, and suggests at the very minimum considerable insight into Hatfill's MSc thesis work. This stuff is right up my alley, professionally, but I had to dig around a bit to understand what the "DIAGEN" reference and the "GC clamp" talk were about -- these details refer to the very specialized Thermal Gradient Gel Electrophoresis technique Hatfill used for the Lancet paper and are not, incidentally, discussed in that publication. Aside from noting the sophistication, one would have to assume that, if the e-mail is a fraud, the perp is either very confident that he will not be sued by the three men implicated in gross scientific conduct, and quite happy to completely trash their reputations -- or, the perp knows perfectly well that none of those individuals will raise a ruckus about the e-mail, and, even in the unlikely event someone other than the smeared parties tried to make an issue of it, the whole matter would soon be exposed as a Internet hoax and melt away in the light of day -- perhaps because the e-mail address in the To: line of the header puts Ralph Kirby in Taiwan in 1993, when he didn't move to Yang Ming university until ten years later.


On that second scenario, the author of the e-mail is likely Steven Jay Hatfill himself. Michie, who is probably a friend and confidante rather than an arch-foe of Hatfill, is acting as Hatfill's "cut-out" to feed superficially incriminating but ultimately toothless "evidence" into the Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce. Hatfill's Msc thesis advisor, Bohm, and his PhD thesis advisor, Kirby, are also old friends -- they've authored many papers together and Kirby was introduced to his wife by Hatfill -- and they are in the know, or at least have been given a heads up by Hatfill. They know "everything is under control" and "it's a national security issue" and Hatfill isn't a a (sic) cold-blooded murderer, nor is he in any danger of being railroaded and sent to the Florida death house, and everything's gonna be alright, and in the mean time, they should just keep their mouths shut.

And that is what my best guess as to what's really going on here. Care to hazard your own theories?


"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Winston Churchill  


182 posted on 06/10/2003 10:06 PM PDT by The Great Satan ("Dont bother to examine a folly ask yourself only what it accomplishes." - Ayn Rand)


To: Shermy; Badabing Badaboom; Mitchell; Fred Mertz; cgk; pttttt; jpl; aristeides


Rosenberg was merely a disposable useful idiot exploited by the Bush administration in the early phases of the campaign. In phase one, the administration focused on developing left-wing useful idiots to sell the Amerithrax story. By making the Hatfill story a left-wing cause celebre, the administration ensured that their biggest potential problem -- well-funded and antagonistic liberal news outlets and watchdog groups -- would actually end up being suckered into promoting their own cover story. Once that was accomplished, they pulled the rug out from under the folks they had coaxed into priming the pump. Rosenberg and, more importantly, Kristof, dropped the story like a hot potato. It is in the nature of the operation that the coals are continually being raked over to keep the fires burning, but the primary focus since last August has been to develop right-wing useful idiots to rant and rave about how Hatfill has been railroaded, he's the victim of political correctness, the FBI is a hopelessly corrupt bastion of Clintonian malfeasance, yada, yada, yada. The carnival barker-like figure of Pat Clawson, Hatfill's friend and Oliver North's flunkie, has been the head shill for that side of the con. Both sides have been manipulated effortlessly, because most people believe that ideology, like religion, is a substitute for critical thought. The people who are running this show know their audience well. They're real pros, and they're almost ready to bring this thing home now. Watch.


"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Winston Churchill


"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." P. T. Barnum  

186 posted on 06/10/2003 11:13 PM PDT by The Great Satan ("Dont bother to examine a folly ask yourself only what it accomplishes." - Ayn Rand)


To: Shermy; Fred Mertz; cgk; Badabing Badaboom


The timing of the Project Hatfill fits the Daschle meeting scenario, and, IMO, fits an explanation that is plausible within established scenarios of bureaucratic politics.

As best can be determined from public domain sources, the genesis of Project Hatfill was the National Security Council meeting of October 17, 2001 -- the meeting described on p. 248 of Bob Woodward's authorized history of the Afghanistan campaign, Bush at War. It was at that meeting that, in response to an intelligence assessment that the anthrax threats emanated from a state sponsor of the 9/11 attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney made a decision that the truth be kept from the American people. Ten days after that meeting took place, the "domestic terrorism" story was pump-primed by none other than our old friend, Bob Woodward, writing in the Washington Post: FBI and CIA Suspect Domestic Extremists - Officials Doubt Any Links to Bin Laden.


The rest is history -- 1984-style history, anyway.


188 posted on 06/10/2003 11:44 PM PDT by The Great Satan ("Dont bother to examine a folly ask yourself only what it accomplishes." - Ayn Rand)


Oddly, this possible confidential internal communication of was also found on



Mr. Robinson,

As you know, there has been some give and take on Freerepublic forums between the person who uses various screen names such as "The Great Satan", "Clinton's a rapist",  etc, and individuals who challenged his posting under multiple aliases and the meaning of his "message".

It would appear that, since an interaction with "TGS" that is challenging and not of his liking is immediately censored and the poster is banned, Freerepublic has been drawn in to his rant.

We realize that he is shrewd, intelligent, well read, highly manipulative, a master of persuasion and probably a big drawing card for Freerepublic.

 Nevertheless, there is clearly a hidden agenda cloaked within his skillfully constructed, repeated attempts to discredit the Amerithrax investigation and the FBI Behavioral Profile of the anthrax mailer.

To some of us his rant is so transparent that we wonder how others cannot see through it.

Nevertheless, he continues to make "converts" he now calls his "fans".

We have no bone to pick with you, Freerepublic nor any Freeper, short of TGS.

He is apparently able to pull strings at Freerepublic by addressing his replies to both the challenger AND to Jim Robinson simultaneously. 

The challenger then gets "flushed" along with any statements he or she has made.

The challenger is also banned, insuring no rebuttals.

The Great Satan is free to distort the challengers statements in any way he chooses. Nothing is left on the forum for others to read for themselves and make up their own minds.

This he has done recently with a posting of Somerset Maugham's famous tale, "Appointment in Samara".

He has twisted and distorted that tale into what he calls a "death threat", referencing a Boris Karloff  film and a sniper. Ridiculous!

Of course, Freepers cannot read the challenger's post that he so deftly twisted, creating "enemies" and "death threats" that do not exist.

You censored it.

Yet you let him rant on, naming names he contrives and slandering others, as he leaves his well-planned trail for innocents to follow - right up his coat tails.

If you object to the challenge, which is your prerogative, why do you permit his twisted "explanations" to stand?

Yours is not the only venue in which he is selling his wares.

Who he is and the truth of his game will come out.

It is our sincere wish that you, Jim Robinson, and Freerepublic do not suffer loss of credibility, prestige and all that you strive for, through the selective use of censorship and an apparent alliance with a devious person whose motives are plainly seen by some and unquestioned by countless others.

We only seek the truth.  It's just that simple…


This, too, was on and could be from the webmaster of


FAKE TERROR : "Is terrorism inside the United States really from outside.....It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need."


These communications also found on and

may suggest the ANTHRAX LETTER WRITER IS ALSO A HACKER.  The Nimda and Swen worm dates may also suggest that ANTHRAX LETTER WRITER IS ALSO A HACKER as seen below. 


The multiple posts likely from the same person should especially be noted because both Nimda & Swen worm dates may match both Anthrax letter Month and Day postmarked dates with perhaps bacillus (anthrax?) in a swen worm from the link as evidenced below:


WORM: W32.Swen.A@mm

Discovered on: September 18, 2003




discovered on 9 October 2003

and is a minor variant of Swen.A, the mass-mailing worm that started spreading last month through e-mails falsely claiming to be from Microsoft.

Swen.B is a compressed version of the original worm and is an attempt to make the worm undetectable to some anti-virus programs. In addition to this, the majority of references within the e-mail have been changed from Microsoft to the Italian ISP Tiscali. Otherwise the original worm and this variant are very similar.


The worm counts the number of computers it has infected. 

It used its own hit counter at:


September 2001, Nimda raised new alarms by using five different ways to spread to 450,000 hosts within the first 12 hours.

Nimda seemed to signal a new level of worm sophistication.

It found e-mail addresses from the computer Web cache and default
Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) mailbox.

Itsent itself by e-mail with random subjects and an attachment named
readme.exe. If the target system supported the automatic execution
of embedded MIME types, the attached worm would be automatically
executed and infect the target.

It infected Microsoft IIS Web servers, selected at random, through a
buffer overflow attack called a unicode Web traversal exploit.
It copied itself across open network shares. On an infected server, the
worm wrote Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)-encoded
copies of itself to every directory, including network shares.

It added _JavaScript to Web pages to infect any Web browsers going
to that Website.

It looked for backdoors left by previous
Code Red II and Sadmind worms

The conclusion from following link suggests that the Anthrax letter writer is also a Virus writer and likely an older engineer:


“Premise: The Anthrax Mailer is a


Virus-Trojan-Worm writer.


Premise: The FBI Behavioral Profile

 of the Anthrax Mailer

is accurate.


Then it would follow that the profile

fits the Virus Writer.” 


"Usually, older virus writers work as engineers….”


 Some worm and virus writers leave clues to their identities
in their coding or in some aspect of their Modus Operandi

link=bacillus  (SEE INFO BELOW) as ( and are on the avoid list of the Mydoom worm; both may use Sun Microsystem servers, and/or have goverment contracts, but then why then would Google be on the avoid list?  The Mydoom author may be protecting personal interests and not only opensource, or free software that Sun may use and may NOT pay taxes on if they give away software to perhaps induce overpriced hardware purchases (compare IBM's speed and price to Sun servers and think about what happened to Ebay when it crashed using Sun products for which there may be about 5 different explanations: patches, software or coding, hardware, lack of fans and/or airconditioning and/or perhaps even SECURITY ISSUES that where perhaps resolved after Security professional was hired?), and much of the software may be BSD, which may be free from the State of California.  


Joy (we will assume that Joy and not a stylist or his wife put the markings on his face below) tends to flattop and/or correct his A's as seen below, and most noticeable to me is the A in PENACILIN seems to be flattopped and corrected, and the Anthrax Letter writer seem to often correct his A's as done the image of Joy below? Compare the bottom point in JAVA below with flattopped 2nd A in the word, and the flattopped A's in SAGAN & Ave oF THE Americas.  Look at suspected corrected point at top of A in FRATERNITE, SPARC?  (1) Compare possible flattoping SAGAN A with DEATH TO AMERICA, (1st A in AMERICA)? (2) PENACILIN A seems flattopped?  (3) A in FRATERNITE may match slanted A in PENACILIN. (4) A in Ave. & Americas may match tall & thin A in JAVA & SAGAN (2nd A is almost completely filled in.)  We seem to see this almost completely filled (almost no white space shows in the triangle area) in A in the Anthrax letters many times, perhaps as many as 7 times (this is somewhat argumentative and depends whether you are looking at them on screen, or enlargened with great software and then using a magnifier to view the letters. Both the Anthrax letter writer has messy and inconsisten E's.
(5) Compare E in *CRATES with the E in TAKE PENACILIN NOW.  (6) Notice the near lack of white space in the E's in WE HAVE THIS ANTHRAX, and we may see this again many, many times, perhaps as many as 3 times.  (7) Compare the messy E's in *IMER & FRATERNITEon Joy's face. (8) The T in FRATERNITE seems to match the top slant of the J in NJ in the LEAHY letter. 


(9) The slant of the V in JAVA seems to match the slant of the V's and the W's in the Anthrax Letters most noticeably in TV;  The same can be true of the N's, L's, C's, F's, P's.  (10) The G's in BUILDING for both SENATOR['s] curve over to almost the most right horizontal distance of the letters.  We do not see the same thing with Hatfill's G's.  (11) However, we tend to see this especially with the writing on Joy's face with the curved letters, especially the S's and it is most obvious in the Anthrax Letter's S in YOU CAN NOT STOP US, and SENAT* where the letters are somewhat squared off, or could be more smoothed curved.  The R's may be disguised in the Anthrax Letters, but at least one very closely match's both the writing on Joy's face and the Anthrax Letters and it is seen in SPARC and in PARK (LEAHY); (12) but there is a tendency to bring the right leg of the R and A below the base line, and this may perhaps be seen in FRATERNITE, *CRATES and many, many times in the Anthrax Letters; (13) and in both the O's, G's (*OCRATES, SAGAN) may tend to be put above the base line. Whereas, Hatfill's Curved letters tend to strongly follow the base line. (14) Generally, the curved letters in both Anthrax Letters and on Joy's face tend to be top heavy, and the curved letters in Hatfill's suspected handwriting sample tend to be bottom heavy.   Overall, the subtle things in the writing, such as use of whitespace, slant, and bottom or top heavy letters may be difficult to disguise because persons become habituated about those.


Hatfill's 2 does not match the 2's in the Anthrax Letters!


The so-called hoax letter to The St. Petersburg Times E matches the E in Leahy’s letter and predated Leahy’s letter, so it may not be a hoax.  Do the E's seem to match anthrax letters, and G's seem to match Joy's? 



I will go out on a limb and perhaps embarrass myself.  Notice the E in TROXLER below and then compare it to the E in *KIMER in the photo of Bill Joy with handwriting on his face below.

They appear almost identical.  I know that this letter below is not perhaps considered part of the Anthrax LETTER series (I UNDERSTAND THERE MAY BE EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST THAT GIBE WORM MATCHES FLORIDA ANTHRAX LETTERS?  SEE BELOW) and that there may be as many a five ANTRAX EVENTS THAT MATCH DAY AND MONTH OF Nimda, Swen, and Gibe worm release dates, and some feel that the below is a confession (I THINK HE IS ACKNOWLEDGING THAT HATFILL WAS FRAMED) from Bioengineer and network computer game author Luigi Andrea Warren:


"The real anthrax killer sends his condolences to Hatfill over his crushed toe."

posted on 05/18/2003 10:52 PM PDT by The Great Satan
(Revenge, Terror and Extortion: A Guide for the Perplexed)

Also notice that the Ai n  HOWARD in the letter below is flattopped.  THE DATE OF THIS LETTER I UNDERSTAND PRECEEDS THAT DATE OF THE LETTER TO LEAHY THAT HAS A SIMILAR E's SEEN IN THE last E in GREENDALE first and in E in ST. PETERSBURG in the letter immediately below in the link below.  I assume this letter below to be a nonforged document, which seems to especially match Joy's suspected G's & R's.


l the above image I found at the prior link

and some suspect it is a hoax, but I doubt that and I rather suspect that the letter to AMI was sent by the same author as this and the other letters to media and politicians seen in the link below.   See the last paragraph with the following quote:


"The fact that Stevens got inhalation anthrax and that the anthrax was widely distributed (even if it hopped a ride on a mail cart or copy paper ream) tell you it was weaponized,"


"It's not a great leap from mailing bugs in snail-mail to mailing bugs in e-mail."  -Protection Technologist


The Anthrax Virus Trojan Worm seems to share the FBI Behavioral Profile of a Virus-Trojan-Worm writer. Then it would follows that the profile fits older virus writers, which tend work as engineers or system administrators. Worm and virus writers leave clues, or leak information unconsciously to their identities in their coding, or in some aspect of their Modus Operandi.  The link with “bacillus” in it similar to Anthrax “bacillus” was left in the variants of the Swen worm, which stares month and date with the variants of the Nimda worm, which uses backdoors of the code red and Sadmind worms.  The Sadmind uses a vulnerability in the Sun Microsystems’ servers to attack Microsoft’s servers.  Both the Code Red and sadmind worms seem to share an agenda, especially political and financial, with Bill Joy, and various other worms, and not with the agenda of Luigi Andrea Warren.

W32.Sobig.A@mm  Discovered: January 9, 2003 From:


swen.C has a bit different set of text strings mentioning both Tiscali and Microsoft and also the name of Tiscali's CEO Renato Soru. A few Tiscali links that were present in the B variant were slightly modified.

The text changes alter some of the message parts that, in Swen.A, refer to Microsoft and its activities, and replace them with references to the large Italian ISP Tiscali.

Luigi cut his teeth writing microcode for an array processor built by 3Dlabs, back in the days before they were 3Dlabs. He's done infrastructure projects for Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light and Magic, including the first practical hi-res preview system in the film industry. The latter built on his work as head of software at Viewgraphics, the Silicon Valley firm responsible for the Viewstore HDTV framebuffer. He was lead programmer on Playmates Interactive's Meat Puppet, an action-adventure CD-ROM title released in 1997, and added network play capability to the popular Activison game, Zork Grand Inquisitor…


My background is software development, a little bit of it spent in the defense contracting field. I ran into a few of the Pentagon's backroom boffins (sic) along the way, and got a pretty good feel for how they think, and what their sense of humor is. I never had any difficulty picturing how the Hatfill gambit could have been ginned up to deal with the unprecedented blackmail mooted in the Saddam scenario.

In recent years my professional focus has switched from electronics to biology; I'm now in the fourth year of a PhD in the subject. My antenna went up when I saw the story about Hatfill's allegedly bogus research at Stellenbosch University. All the stories disseminated to justify and validate Hatfill's 'person of interest' status have the same phony-baloney aura. However, there's usually no way anyone outside the intelligence community could hope to get to the bottom of these far-fetched tales. Although well-defended, the scientific fraud story seemed to offer a tiny bit of traction. I poked around a bit, eventually confronted the anonymous whistleblower, and followed up with calls to scientists he claimed could back up the story. My conclusion: the fraud story is itself a fraud, and the only way it could have been pulled off is with the collusion of Hatfill and his friends and associates. I believe that will turn out to be a paradigm for the entire Hatfill affair, if anyone cares to look.

Needless to say, what I'm proposing doesn't sit well with certain people, and various attempts have been made to muddy the waters, intimidate me, cause problems for me at work and in my career, etc. The pretext for all this, no doubt, would be that poor Dr. Hatfill has had his life ruined by nosey, do-gooding scientists, by John Ashcroft, and by out-of-control federal agents. And I'm here to tell you, that's bunk, BS, crapola. Hatfill is a spook (read Richard Preston's 1999 interview); when this is over, he will go back to being a spook. And the rest of us will be none the wiser.

Luigi A. Warren…The Hatfill Project…Leading Windows NT Programmer Luigi Warren

Luigi Warren Games Credited Zork: Grand Inquisitor (1997), Activision, Inc.

Magic spells are hidden all over the Underground. These spells are automatically added to the player's spell book as they are discovered, and include rezrov, throck, obidil and snavig. See Zork Magic for details on these spells, many of which originated in Infocom's original series of Zork and Enchanter games.


Possible relevant Official Spells are bittyjoo make lies undetectable (and vaporize chocolate); zimbor = turn one really big city into lots of tiny, little ashes…

An Unnamed Spells is turn[ing] embarrassing photo invisible…

An Unofficial Spells are ledak = detect forgery; mortin = cause the immediate death of the caster; shazok = call lightning from storm; urbzig = turn a dangerous object into a harmless one taclor = heal wounds; zikkle = possibly make invisible things appear.

The Luigi Andrea ("Anthrax") Warren Deception

Mar. 4, 2002
Feb. 24, 2003
(There were also minor follow-up variants released on
Mar. 16, 2003, and Mar. 24, 2003.)
Why draw attention to these earlier dates? I don't know, but that attention to the earlier Gibe-worm release dates is a predictable consequence of the later Swen releases on the anthrax anniversary dates. In this theory 3(b), it's as if someone is saying: "Look at the release dates!"
My guess is that it's just a coincidence - Possibility 1.
As you can see, the
Feb. 24, 2003, release date of Gibe coincides with Khan Noonian Singh's purported "ineffective anthrax attack." Possibility 3(b) specifically pointed out the date Feb. 24, 2003, as a date of interest.

Before proceeding, a bit on the Nimda worm: It is known that the destructive Nimda worm was released on Sept. 18, 2001, exactly one week after the 9/11 attack (one week to the minute, as closely as one can tell). The destructiveness of this worm on the heels of 9/11 was sufficient that John Ashcroft made a televised statement on Sept. 18 that the worm was not known to be terrorist-related. Something no one knew on that date was that Sept. 18, 2001, was also the postmark date of the anthrax mailings to NBC News and the NY Post.

"To: Khan Noonian Singh; genefromjersey; John Faust; Battle Axe; Allan; Shermy; TrebleRebel
So what observations have *you* noticed that you have not posted or that may not be known widely?
Here's something I noticed.

Khan, in a posting of yours in July, 2004, you made the claim that there was an "ineffective anthrax attack at end of February of 2003." You then elaborated, as follows:

"Has been dubbed weaponised or semiweaponised.
Was thought to have encompassed both a letter campaign with threatening messages and an outdoor delivery trial.
Best estimate of date is 24 Feb 2003." [Boldface added.]
Links: and
What I noticed was that the same date (
Feb. 24, 2003) had occurred in an earlier FR discussion about the possible connection between the anthrax mailings and Internet worms/viruses. [I have placed all the instances of the date Feb. 24, 2003, in this posting in boldface, to make it easy to spot them.]


"The real anthrax killer sends his condolences to Hatfill over his crushed toe."

posted on 05/18/2003 10:52 PM PDT by The Great Satan
(Revenge, Terror and Extortion: A Guide for the Perplexed)

"I don't know why everybody is so obsessed with finding someone other

than Saddam to pin this on. "

                                         The Great Satan



What if the anthrax were engineered to be resistant to certain antibiotics.
Is there a chance "piggy backing" antibiotics would offer a better chance.

I purchased
Lawrence Joyce's How to Survive a Germ Warfare Attack over the web shortly after 9/11. It has a lot of info about biological agents, treatments, etc. He says that doubling up with both Cipro and Doxy could be effective against a resistant bacteria.

I understand the concept of genetic polymorphism.

I suggest you read the article before you pontificate about this.

I refer you, in particular, to Figures 1 and 2, and the accompanying legends."

30 posted on
05/11/2002 1:55 PM PDT by The Great Satan

I know from personal, professional experience that adding antibiotic resistance to bacteria is a trivial matter -- all it takes is a $500 kit. I don't know, and haven't been able to find out, if it's as easy to engineer resistance to the new  like Cipro and Doxy as it is to penicillin or ampicillan (sic).

70 posted on
03/17/2003 9:56 PM PST by The Great Satan (Revenge, Terror and Extortion: A Guide for the Perplexed)

"Oh dear. Better hope he doesn't have anything genetically-engineered to evade the vaccine.

I use genetically-engineered viruses in my work, and it is rather frightening how easy it is with current technology to play mix and match with these things.

For instance, it is quite routine to take an ecotrophic virus (one that only infects a single species) and turn into an amphitrophic virus (one that infects a wide range of species) simply by swapping out the genes that code for the coat proteins. If Saddam is operating at that level of technology, I venture to say we could lose about a third of the population in the coming showdown -- comparable to a full-scale nuclear exchange.

If he has only conventional smallpox, anthrax, botulism, etc., then we may be able to contain the threat to something manageable (sic) by building up our civil defense infrastructure (sic). Even then, I don't think we're near that point -- perhaps in a couple of years. I expect Bush to keep up the rhetorical heat on Saddam and pursue every avenue to put the squeeze on him, including military pressure, but I thing those who are expecting a big assault in the next 12 months will be disappointed.

"Indeed. Here's my executive summary:

They looked at genetic markers in seven cultures of the
Ames strain, as well as some non-Ames strains (which I will ignore here).

Four of the Ames cultures were adjudged indistinguishable genetically, based on markers in their chromosomes and two virulence plasmids: the terrorist anthrax and Ames cultures from three different US labs (B, C and D).
Three of the
Ames cultures were genotypically distinct from these four: one came from another US lab, one from Porton Down, and one was obtained in 1997 from a Texas goat. (The goat culture is only the second known case of Ames being found in the nature.)  Only the Porton Down strain (which is known to have been derived from the original USDA Ames culture) showed any chromosomal differences compared to the other Ames strains; otherwise the distinguishing markers were all on plasmids.  They do not have a genotype for the original USDA culture, but the following inferences can be made, based on the observed markers and the known history of some of the samples:

The 1997 goat substrain represents an outgroup vis--vis the USDA anthrax.

(Actually, you don't need to see the markers to figure this out, of course.) The Florida anthrax did not come from the Texas goat (mais a va sans dire), from laboratory A, and, if it came from Porton Down, it came from a different culture than the one examined by the scientists. The Florida anthrax could have come from lab B, C, D, or from the original USDA culture by some other route. Based on the lack of variation between them, this set of cultures most likely represents the genotype of the original, canonical, USDA Ames.

And that's all you can say, based on the genotyping evidence."


Luigi Andrea Warren Posted by Picasa

Name: Luigi Andrea Warren

Stanford Mail Code: 5444

Organization: University

Relationship: Staff

Position: Casual - Non-Exempt

Department: Bioengineering


Profiles of the anthrax terrorists:

The unidentified "anthrax terrorist" is most likely two people: the "supplier" who obtained the
Ames anthrax from a government lab and the "refiner/mailer" (plus, perhaps, an uninvolved child).

Profile of the anthrax supplier:

  1. The supplier probably took the Ames anthrax from a government facility.
  2. The supplier was probably fired from that facility.
  3. The supplier is probably considered an unstable personality, perhaps even a "drunk".
  4. The supplier is almost certainly unmarried.
  5. The supplier is a loner with few friends - if any.
  6. The supplier is disgruntled and uncomfortable working with others.
  7. The supplier probably uses phrases like "I keep telling them, but they don't listen."
  8. The supplier doesn't care much about "rules".
  9. The supplier believes that a free exchange of information is key to advancements in science.
  10. The supplier may have had knowledge needed by the refiner/mailer.
  11. The supplier is probably in his late 40s or early 50s.
  12. The supplier probably lost his security clearance as a result of his actions.

Here's some clues:

Profile of the anthrax refiner/mailer:

  1. The refiner/mailer is probably in his 40s.
  2. The refiner/mailer may currently work in the health industry or in academia.
  3. The refiner/mailer has almost unlimited access to scientific equipment and facilities.
  4. The refiner/mailer probably lives within commuting distance of NYC.
  5. The refiner/mailer was in the Trenton, NJ, area late on Sept. 17 and October 8, 2001.
  6. The refiner/mailer probably reads the New York Post.
  7. The refiner/mailer probably lives alone.
  8. The refiner/mailer is probably an American citizen.
  9. The refiner/mailer may have some connection to the publication of a newsletter that expresses his beliefs.
  10. The refiner/mailer thinks that voting is a waste of time. If he belonged to a political party, it would be the Fascist Party.
  11. The refiner/mailer may be a have mood swings between blatant egotism and deep anger.
  12. The refiner/mailer may be divorced.
  13. The refiner/mailer may have a small child and visitation rights with the child.
  14. The refiner/mailer may have used his child to address the envelopes and to write the letters.
  15. The refiner/mailer may already have published his "manifesto".
  16. The refiner/mailer probably uses the Internet frequently.
  17. The refiner/mailer may have expressed anti-Muslim sentiments during the period before the 9-11 attacks and followed that with a lot of "I told you so" comments after 9-11. He may have expressed concerns about the number of Muslims living in Central New Jersey.


Re:Luigi Warren is the Great Satan? (Score:0)

This Luigi guy has a couple of interesting MP3s up on his blog. There's this one, by a fellow called Stuart Jacobsen, who apparently workd for Texas Instruments:

This Jacobsen guy sounds scared out of wits, like he told Luigi some deep dark secret which mustn't be revealed, and Luigi revealed it. What was all that about? Any idea?

[ Reply | In Reply To ]

Re:Luigi Warren is the Great Satan? (Score:0)

I found out what Stuart Jacobsen was so up in arms about -- he sounds at death's door in that voicemail, doesn't he? Seems Jacobsen collaborated with Washington Post journalist Gary Matsumoto on an article for Science magazine about the anthrax, and he blabbed some very sensitive information that he got from Matsumoto to Luigi (they were on good terms in those days, evidently!). This is what Jacobsen wanted Luigi to remove from his web-site:

"I have heard from a usually reliable source that one of Matsumoto's sources for the "polymerized glass" story was none other than Dr David Kelly. You'll recall that Kelly, Britain's top expert on Saddam's anthrax program, commited suicide last July, creating a PR nightmare for Tony Blair. The story I heard is that Kelly actually briefed Prime Minister Blair personally about the "polymerized glass" finding. If this story is true, it would contradict a great deal that has been said publicly about the Kelly case. On the other hand, it could explain a lot, too. I do not know quite what to make of the story. From the standpoint of my basic hypothesis, which is that the Bush administration has deliberately mislead and misdirected the public to hide the nature of the anthrax threat, this datum fits perfectly. Almost too perfectly, in fact: my first inclination on hearing the scoop was to wonder if I was being baited, as others have been baited. On reflection, I find myself leaning the other way. Dark actors playing games... ain't it the truth?"

Jacobsen told Luigi a number of other intersting things he learned from Matsumoto and a few other people -- like Hatfill's lawyer, Tom Connolly -- during several months of hour-long phone conversations and innumerable e-mails stretching back to 2002. Seems that somebody's been trying to harass Luigi, calling up his coworkers, making threatening noises, etc., and Luigi has decided the safest thing is to go public with everything he knows. Sounds reasonable to me. Let the chips fall where they may, that's what I always say.

"THE GREAT SATAN" Re-Emerges !!
02/01/04 | vanity

Posted on 02/01/2004 6:52:21 PM PST by genefromjersey

Those of you who may have missed the mysterious postings,ravings,etc, of THE GREAT SATAN will be delighted to hear he has re-emerged, now calls himself LUIGI WARREN ,and claims to be a biology student at UCLA.

He also makes the "modest" (by TGS standards) claim to have solved the Anthrax Letters case when all others have failed.

I'll give you a small clue: He apparently feels everybody who published anything on the topic was on the CIA payroll.

I'm sure the folks on the forum he posts to will believe him implicitly...


Anthrax at AMI traveled via copiers


                                             Posted by The Great Satan to cookcounty

On News/Activism 09/15/2002 12:56 PM PDT #18 of 50


Didn't the press report last fall that the Florida anthrax was not highly refined, unlike the DC and NY variety?

There have been contradictory reports on that. The fact that Stevens got inhalation anthrax and that the anthrax was widely distributed (even if it hopped a ride on a mail cart or copy paper ream) tell you it was weaponized, unlike the brown, granular anthrax sent to the NYC media outlets, which caused only non-life-threatening cutaneous anthrax. That is, in itself, rather remarkable, because it makes AMI even more of an odd-man out in the media-directed letter campaign. Why send lethal anthrax to a Boca Raton tabloid, but innocuous granular anthrax to the New York media? I believe the resolution to that question is provided by the fact that the AMI hit was a completely separate leg of the anthrax campaign -- it came from the 9-11 hijackers themselves, and was mailed before 9-11 as a kind of sick joke calling card from Mr. Atta. The two New Jersey waves were to remind us that the sleepers are still here, and they still have "THIS ANTHRAX."












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