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Military Military

The military traditionally often claimed the oldest child in the most established families or even royalty.

The best resources may never go to those in the military, such as food, clothing, social, educational, recreational, medical, housing, equipment, and technology.

Top secret technology may not exist in the military to the degree claimed, and it might be best to use civilian resources in a crisis.

Most problems in warfare are due to environmental hazards, such as weather and insect or snake bites that tend to cause disease.

Persons who are the most educated usually do not go into the military, so the military often does not attract the most educated or talented persons.

The military tends to be more about discipline and tradition than about promotions based on merit.

Tradition, even archaic tradition, tends to be embraced in the military.

Friendly fire, or confusion, tends to cause the most problems in the military.

The chain of command and strange secret operations can cause confusion in the military.

Nothing almost ever goes as planned in the military or in any time of crisis.

It is very difficult for any secret to be kept in the military or in any time of crisis.

Most people in the military may break down mentally or physically or in any time of crisis.

Using civilian resources can make the difference between winning or losing a conflict!