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Staff member has made a false police report about a family member AND/OR EVEN GOTTEN A FAMILY MEMBER ARRESTED AND/OR FALSELY CHARGED WITH TERRORISM.

Outside medical care has been denied to the patient.

Patient is signing documents when legally blind.

Patient is signing documents who is incompetent.

Patient is signing documents under duress.


Staff seems to consist of addicts or is almost all foreign OR DO NOT SPEAK THE NATIVE LANGUAGE OR ARE EXTREMELY LOW FUNCTIONING.

Staff member has been mentioned in a will or trust document.

Client was put in the facility due to false statements made to the government.

Government worker seems to be getting kickbacks from the facility or the facility is in an area that consists mostly of government enterprises or government funded enterprises.

The facility is near an area of major government activity or critical government activities.

Drug company seems to be getting kickbacks from the facility.


Excessive use of restraints.



Bed sores or excessive use of restraints.

No food, clothing or medical care.

Suspicious death or activities.

Employees with criminal records, or are possibly criminals.

Management problem and or improper surveillance of staff, or staff without proper credentials.

Excessive death rate.

Not allowed to visit.

Under quarantine.

Suspected history of fraud or extortion, including illegal removal of body parts, illegal surgeries, illegal implants, illegal surveillance.

Going to the IRS may be the best way to deal with bad long term care! It is difficult to attract quality people to look after the infirm. Many are from foreign counties. Abuse is common in these fields. It is easy to prey on the guilt of relatives.

20% forgot news of their serious illness within a few days.

Quality care is difficult to find.