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Police abuse and Brutality Police abuse and Brutality

High ratio of death/killings per officer compared to other regions.

Racially-motivated and/or personally-motivated and/or unprofession insults by officers.

Small traffic infraction, chase (hot pursuit) escalated into violence.

False reports by officer lead to arrest, violence done on prisoner.

Framed by superior officer temporarily working with inferior officers, likely with power play by supervising superior officer.

Officers offer false testimony due to suspicion of extreme drug use, social disease of arrestee, which lead to violence.

Predator/pray behavior against citizens in the late hours, unwitnessed situations.

Beat up by police instead of police arresting robbers because your looked foreign.

Nonregulation uniform, especially cowboy boots, even in a wealthy area, and/or snipers wear their bullets from their kills on their uniforms.

No badge, or badge without number or name, or wears a separate name tag, especially in urban, educated, wealthy areas; retired officers allowed to keep their Identification to avoid traffic tickets.

Officer(s) out of their jurisdiction, usually at eating establishment, which can be life threatening.

Officer takes the offensive after being photographed, especially if reserve or trainee.

911 calls as an excuse to get inside property.

Reasonable fear of retaliation.

Isolation and/or constant transfers of prisoners within the system.

Attractive female frisked, arrested, endangered just to get to pay attention to officer, with hope of sexual and/or financial gain, without just cause.

Excessive force, which could include any of the following: Head injury; Belly, groin, kidney struck and/or baton used on shins, torso, stomach; Scrotum pinched, and/or eye jabbed, and/or ears battered, and/or fingers and/or wrists nearly bend until broken, and/or nose jabbed, and/or handcuffs to tight; Use of choke hold and/or compliance hold.

Fraternity type pranks and/or hazing, which could include any of the following: backfiring engine, surrounding vehicle while in formation, performing false lie detector test with false reading; Pin hidden in Sam Brown best was used on suspect when told not to move; Face down on floor using hand and/or ankle restraints; Breaking vehicle suddenly and violently when handcuffed to vehicle; Spraying grill, air-conditioning with mace or other hazardous material; Dangled by ankles from high point; Forced to dig graves; Controlling or favoring Celebrities.

Failure to take a report, especially missing person or murder alleged, even if the body isn't located, but a witness saw the murder.

Illegal wiretap, or surveillance, or theft of property, especially if it involved records of police wrongdoing.

Extortion, threats to interfere with employment, business, commerce, including death threats.

Excessive compensation of informants, misuse of informants, illegal knowledge of informants.

Outrageous comments by top brass or top officials, especially if high official in department claims drug users should be shot, etc.

Unnecessary sweeps and detentions and/or arrests based on image, just being in the region and/or at a lawful event, especially peace rally.

Extreme court histories of detectives, upper management, which may include violence alleged in dissolution of marriage, running people over on the way to a false alarm, strange or abusive businesses, wealth inappropriate for earnings.

Children of top brass have abused family members and/or family members are addicts, married to the mob, and/or seem to reside where mob types or businesses associated with intelligence agency types.

Brass condoned life-threatening behaviors and/or abuse of investigating journalists, especially while in transit.

Abuse of informants, allowing shared informants to eliminate the criminal competition.

Framing family members of criminals.

Perjury, unlawful persecution for undocumented private employees, household help.

Running all sorts of stuff into Central America and/or supporting any industry that is illegal and/or contrary to public policy and/or not authorized by congress or the proper legal body, such as supporting illegal wars, drugs for guns, guns for drugs, pollution and/or poisonings done by various industries, often covertly allegedly to bring in funds to the region, government, protect jobs, industry.

Various omissions and/or selective policing and/or sellective non-policing and enforcing, especially with the theory or statements that the civil courts should be used, especially when there is little possibility that the lawyer will NOT BE EXECUTED FOR TAKING THE CASE AND WILL NOT RECEIVE POLICE PROTECTION; THEREFORE, THEIR OMISSIONS ARE ACTUALLY LIKELY A PLANNED DEATH THREAT.

Suppression of evidence, withholding evidence, destruction of evidence, failure to protect the continuity of evidence, and unreasonable gag order, alleging that investigation is ongoing; then claiming all evidence must be kept secret.

Refusal to arrest, even with surveillance photos, or do investigation when massive circumstantial evidence exists.

Refusal to terminate obviously corrupt officers, staff and personnel, and/or removing them on disability and/or refusing retirement to framed officers, so the result may be they seem to reward the guilty and punish the innocent.

Death, or major injury, or during any interagency, or intergovernment, especially if it occurred on a military base, including if any relative is in the state or federal branch near the training activity who can help coverup any wrongdoing, or if they have ties, even if they become known years later to any industry that seems to have a history of wrongdoing.

Police abuse is common partly because the job is frustrating and they do not tend to know where to look or what to focus on and juries tend to allow persons to go free. Most persons in local law enforcement may go out on disability.