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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Conservative react more strongly to reminders of death; liberal have less need for order, structure and closure; Liberals have a three foundation morality, but conservatives have six foundation. Ultra Conservative value Loyalty, Authority and Sanctity more than Care and Fairness. Lifestyle is increasingly dictating political orientation: Democrats tend to frequent Whole Foods and Republican tend to frequent Cracker Barrel restaurants and communities where those establishments are popular!

Freedom House claims about 60 % of the world’s independent states are electoral democracies.

The Chinese likely will continue to invest in the US because the most authoritarian cultures tend to be Chinese and its political system tends to consist of only a strong state, not the rule of law or accountability which causes weak on democracy! Autonomy of the rule of law is more developed in the West, which leads to a more economic development or capitalist development without corruption (strong state, rule of law and accountability with a strong democracy). The more adaptable, complex, autonomous and coherent and institution is, the more developed it will be. Chinese farmers were taxed about 5 % of their production.

As much as 70 % of the population of parts of Central and South America live in the informal sector (formal authorities or formal legal titles do not exist for these persons; no formal investments may exist for these persons). They may have the status of near slaves.

Africa can only collect about 10 % GDP in taxes, compared to more than 30 % in the US and 50 % in parts of Europe.

States can resemble organized criminals, or “predator state”, when the elites access power that give them economic rents, such as in Liberia or Zaire; whereas modern societies are individualistic, and merit and market oriented structured by rational-legal forms of authority.

Transparency International ranks Russia as one of the most corrupt countries.

About 95 % of all land is controlled by descent groups in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

About 40 % of Africa is very habitable.

The Catholic church wanted Females to have rights to land so they could inherit or control it, so it was against marriages between close kin, marriages to the widows of dead relatives, adoption of children, and divorce! The rule of law in Europe is rooted in Christianity. Monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam are based on authoritative Scriptures, but the university system is formalized is a greater degree in Western Europe. Religious institutions would accept payment for putting antennas on their schools without ever consulting their communities! As recently as 2000 a Catholic care home in New York used children as subject in clinical trials involving dangerous drugs!

“War has rules, mud wrestling has rules - politics has no rules.” ~ Ross Perot.

Political activism can be achieved by pulling an initiative, referendum or direct primary.

A recall election can be used to remove officials from office or as an attempt to get the budget balanced.

An attempt to get the voters to state their opinion about a project to influence lawmakers to NOT VOTE IN favor of a project also has been done in the Bay Area usually when too many people fear that their will be excessive traffic congestion.

Strangely, terrorism, such as the Anthrax Letters did seem to get the Patriot Act passed.

Activism other than terrorism exists in many lawful grass roots forms.

Yahoo, Google and other groups can also lead to activism.

A popular book, movie or song can also inspire legislation or change.

Riots, huge lawsuit judgments, and verdicts in criminal cases can influence politicians' decisions.

Computer or phone voting results conducted by the media can sway the popular and political opinion.

The need for government bailouts, even from a lawsuit, at local levels can inspire various forms of legislation.

Entertainment, educational or even ordinary persons with a cause can attract the attention to an issue that the public may relate to and call a demand for action or redress.

Municipal bonds issues are also put on the ballot.

Town hall meetings, books, celebrity status, and expensive Dinners and entertainment events are used to obtain funds for an election.

Some elections are almost uncontested, and almost everyone may be happy with their political leaders.

Often it is only when there is a war or a down economy do many come to the polls and vote.

Politics is often very shallow and some do weekly polling, seeking media attention by popular entertainers, and focus on college age persons who tend to be able to get to the polls easily.

Politically enterprising personalities often seek association of a cause or victim of a crime, or war veterans to achieve large groups of supporters.

Pork or benefits may be what actually get the most support for politicians.

Voting blocks may actually be nonexistent, it may actually all be about who has the most money to control the polls, computers, or getting voters to the polls.

Often the biggest supporters come from Health, Education and Welfare, or from industry.

Members of both political parties tend to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Roosevelt may have been fiscally liberal and socially conservative.

Bubbles due to Hedge funds crisis, reduced value of the US Dollar, Real Estate and Bubbles are often kept hidden so the financial elite can profit by politicians.

Many offices, at convenient locations, with many nice letters and communications with constituents can help keep a politician popular.

Democrates tend to tax and spend on the poor; Republicans tend to borrow and spend on the rich (pork).

Most people do not understand that the political climate tends to consist of a fiscally conservative/socially liberal mix. However, perhaps a better mix would be fiscally liberal/socially conservative. checked>

Socially conservative policies are what is needed to improve conditions in USA.

Fically liberal policies are what is needed to improve conditions in USA.