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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Persons who are on government aid.

Cheaters, including tax evasion.

Those who make false claims and false reports, especially police reports or unnecessary threats to involve law enforcement.

Persons who do excessive grooming or use of the bathroom, are overly seductive, sensual.

Those who are dishonest, disorganized, disheveled.

Diseased persons or life forms, especially social, or any disease that tends to spread often brings out the most prejudiced response from the community.

Filth or a perceived bad smell tends to be disliked and cause prejudiced behavior from others.

Any disfigurement, deformity, or bad skin, including moles and birthmarks may cause concern, alarm, and avoidance behavior from most persons.

Sexism, racism, ageism, persecution for an unusual belief systems and/or National origin or income still exists.

Wild gestures, erratic behavior, violence tends to create concern and prejudice.

Immigrants and the undocumented tend to be treated unfairly even if they work much harder than others.

Unkept hair or any unruly appearance or behavior tends to not bring favor from the community. Unruly persons, often with unruly attire, long hair, including tattoos, bennies, no suit and tie.

Any intentional disrespect of any entity can result in others having a bad reputation in a community.

Persons who have Wild hair, wild women and/or wild ways.

Those who have slow behavior, such as slow talker, slow lifestyle, with bad test scores who seem behind the times and others.

Excessively fast behavior, including: Fast talking, fast food, fast lifestyle, fast car and/or fast women.

Those with no consistent belief system, faddy.

Person who are Freethinkers, communists or member of underdog type of political party.

Entities or persons with excessive reliance on government support, even if wealthy and/or educated.

Greed, glutton, selfishness, grabby, credit-takers, often those who steal other personís ideas and work products or any intentional desire to harm or unintentional desire to harm communicated grabby, credit-takers, often those who steal other personís ideas and work products or not communicated can bring about prejudice from others.

Theft is often considered very bad by many cultures.

Wasting resources without any just cause can be alarming to many.

Meat eaters or harming an innocent person or life form for malicious purposes can bring extreme prejudice by community members.

Mean and unkind individuals.

Those who are crybabies, whiners, seek pity.

Individuals who are self-centered know-it-alls.

Dropouts, or individuals who are unwilling to finish projects.

Persons who have bad habits, bad posture, bad grooming, bad breath, bad manners.

Those with indirect or frighten communication methods are often NOT LOOKED UPON WITH FAVOR.

Those who are showoffs and publicity hounds.

Those who are cowards tend to not be trusted.

Personalities who are pranksters, jokesters, jousters, harassers.

Those who are phony, on the phone too much.

Persons with plastic surgery and/or oversized or undersized body parts.

Personalities who support socialized religion, excessive church going or praying, but NOT DOING THE WORK, KNOWING IT IS THE WORK.

Those who do not understand charity begins at home, public charity rather than private charity, suggesting it is for unjust and/or insincere motives.

Persons unwilling to adopt new technology or ideas, not upgrading standards.

Those who do not understanding the needs, problems of the common person.

Persons who are not paying attention to reality.

Those who are Incompetent and careless for the worst of reasons.

Those who make the obvious seem monumental, including discovers, achievements, such as front persons, Designers, Technocrats, and other persons often who are a name brand, who take credit for other person original work, usually by putting their name on a license, product, patent, recording or other work product.

Win-at-any-cost attitudes tend to NOT BRING COMMUNITY RESPECT.

Unfair name calling and labeling, usually extremists, communists, Rednecks, trailer trash, white trash, especially for political or economic reasons.

Excessive use of Slang, Jargon, swearing, often to the point of having a secret language.

Constantly insulting others, continually interrupting phone conversations, activities, and computer sessions, treating other as two bit whores, slaves, and the help, always being late, always having excuses paranoid or elaborate conspiracy theories, suggesting someone is lying just because they have a long story, big excuse, excess accessories, jewelry, baggage, luxury items tends to create concern and prejudice.

Strange, expensive or extreme sports, such a mountain climbing, hot air ballooning, sky diving, golf, bowling, sailing.

Bossy persons who even act as if they own public property, or who steal the propery of many persons.

Saboteurs, ritual abusers, cannibals or persons who are just intend on destruction to take out their frustrations and insecurities.

Those involved in Blue collar, union labor, manual labor or woman's work, automation, government work projects, especially work by the undocumented or illegal immigrants.

Persons who use credit and not cash.

Persons who use profanity, foul language.

Those who are hippies, have an alternative lifestyle, or are in a cult.

Geeks tend to be resented.

Persons who are too rich, too healthy, too happy.

The unemployed or with unstable work history, or education history.

Lazy or overweight persons.

Unwed persons, Old maid, sterile, without children.

Persons who married due to pregnancy.

Homeless, unhoused, vagrant, camper, transient, overly mobile classes.

Those nosey, a snooping, or unlawful use of communications or digital technology persons.

Persons who just do not seem to trust anyone.

Those who fight just to fight.

Carefree individuals.

Those who like to dominate situations, impose petty rules, just to get attention and to be controlling.

Persons who are obstructive, especially on public transportation.

Those who will not report crimes or enable abusive personalities.

Terrorists or those who like to frighten others into submission.

Serial murders, stalkers, child abusers, animal torturers.

Those without a kind word for anyone.

Prejudiced persons.

Shallow or naive persons who due not believe the innocence of others.

Those who do not believe corruption or conspiracies exist.

Persons who are afraid of intimacy or life forms.

Joiners or followers who need to be lead, or are afraid to act on their own.

Those who are unwilling to help the disabled, elderly, children, animals or anyone or anything that is at risk.

Persons who enjoy venting their anger at the world, and who wish mass destruction, even of the completely innocent.

Those who like to spread gossip, true or untrue, about something that doesn't have any bearing on current conditions.

Those unable or unwilling to risk rejection, or anything of value.

Has a suspicious friend, significant other, family members.

Doesn't assert there rights, when it would seem they obviously should protect themselves.

Seems to be sweating excessively or acting inappropriately in the situation.

Doesn't seem to be impressed with the authority figures in a given situation.

Is constantly complaining about everything, but doesn't seem to have expert status about anything.

Doesn't seem to respect property or the rights of others.

Loud in dress and/or manner.

Overly involved in complex matters, but seems unable to even want to express their theories or to make them simple.

Isn't respected by the elite.

Lacks significant resources or status in the community.

Seems overly involved in a Rock and Roll, jazz, rap, hip hop, or entertainment dominated lifestyle.

Has a criminal record or associates with those with a criminal record or a record of mental illness.

Persons of low intelligence, uncoordinated, nonverbal, poor visual recognition, poor reading skills, even if they spent extra time in school.

Emotionless, uninspired, or uncreative personalities.

People who are in the business or industry, usually the dominant business of a region.

Lottery winners, Lawsuit winners.

Even destruction of data, or other more abstract resources, can eventually result in prejudicial behavior from large groups of persons, even in outer countries.

Withholding valuable technological concepts that can perhaps prevent environmental degradation or war can result in prejudiced behavior from others.

Persons who seem suspicious due to shifty eyes, or tired eyes, or mumbles, or doesn't look directly into other's eyes, or seems aimless, unstable, jerky movements, dazed or confused.

Many studies and example of prejudice exist and many movies about prejudice exist. Generally this is well understood by many, but still not understood well enough and this is partly why this is such a popular subject as a theme or plot, or subplot, for many movies.

Prejudice is common.