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Public Transit

Children unsupervised, especially during school hours.

Dangerous operator.

Breakdown or offschedule.

Service failure, or lack of service scheduled, without known delay caused by road, weather conditions, accident and/or major event.

Poor scheduling, often just missing other transit or redundant scheduling of different routes down the same street.

Poor bathroom design or lack of bathroom, especially at layover locations or major transit hubs.

Operator wastes gas, time, energy with inconsistent behaviors.

Poor route design.

Operator ahead of schedule.

Schedules not posted at stops.

Shelters or seats not at stops.

Joy ride on public transit to rest, learn region, meet people.

Joy ride on public transit to help operator and others.

Joy ride on public transit because know operator and/or used to be in the industry.

Operator fails to evacuate the bus when there is gas leakage, especially with persons smoking nearby, or any possibly that the gas will explode and damage the bus and its passengers.

Operator fails to call communications or communications does not seem to respond, with or without an emergency situation.

Possible major criminal activity.

Missed runs, especially on Mondays, Fridays, beginning or end of month.

Operator does not have a proper uniform or an unnumbered uniform.

Unattended object.

Suspicion of gasing.

Possible hostage situation.

Disability payments and lawsuits due to injuries are a way costs increase for Public Transit. Bad design and corruption also increase costs of equipment, roads, airports, vehicles.

The cost of Public Transit doesn't mean it has high value, or reflect its value.