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Real Friends casework

Meetings, appointments, schedules with them are often kept or extended.

They are polite with most people and have time for almost everyone.

They have a proper sense of what activities are important and focus on those activities.

They may be under dressed or austere in their attire, or even simple in their speech patterns, or even under-educated.

They possessions are often older and in a good state of repair.

They tend to be healthy and happy.

You find out they are do not like to brag about what is good about them.

They do not engage in criminal activity.

You want to stay around them.

They keep getting more and more kind towards you.

You want spend more time on them.

Their life seems easy and simple.

You want them to not to work so hard or be a little less caring about others.

They do not blame others for their problems.

You are close to being the most important person in their life and are being treated right by them.

Instant intimacy or instant friendships are NOT their specialties.

They DO NOT hard sell a relationship, such as propose marriage or talk about having children very early into the relationship.

Their so-called friends are NOT using them and/or selling them illegal things.

They DO NOT have an exhausting hobby, such as extreme sports.

Officials and others seem to want serve them or help them.

They have FAMILY members who are stable.

A PERSON WHO KEEPS RESCUING OTHERS AND TELLING THE OTHERS THAT HE IS HIS A TRUE FRIEND, LIKELY IS A TRUE FRIEND. TRUE FRIENDS or good person ARE OFTEN AROUND EVEN IN difficult conditions. Good friends are difficult to find and can be in unusual places.

Most people known how to be a true friend.