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Relationships to avoid Relationships to avoid

They say their things kept getting lost or stolen.

They admit they are in therapy.

You find out they are lying to you or have a bad.

They admit to criminal activity.

You want to run, hide and get away from them.

They keep getting more and more dangerous.

< p>You spend too much time on them or worrying about them.

They are close to being put away and are depressed or suicidal.

Their admissions and confessions keep getting more extreme.

You no longer feel sorry for them.

They blame others for their problems.

You are not even close to being the most important person in their life or being treated right by them.

Instant intimacy or instant friendships are their specialties.

They hard sell a relationship, such as propose marriage or talk about having children very early into the relationship.

Their so-called friends are using them and/or selling them illegal things.

The may have an exhausting hobby, such as extreme sports.

Officials and other do not seem to want serve them or help them.

The claim they are NOT IN FAMILY MEMBERíS WILLS.

Meeting, appointments, schedules with them are broken or cut short.

They are short with almost everyone.

Foolish activities dominate their lives.

They may be overdressed or even well-spoken or even well-educated.

Manipulative behavior consists of: 1) Withdraws from conflict; avoidant behavior; 2) distorts facts; 3) denies impacts or intentions; 4) denies or uses aids to mask feelings of anxiety, pain or anger; 5) lies about resources; 6) diverts attention from problems or reality; 7) promotes undeserved rewards; 8) shifts responsibility or will NOT take responsibility; 9) pretends actions do not have consequences;10) has unfair practices; 11) blames others or fate for problems.

It is best before starting a relationship to first check for physical and emotional availability; stability; addictions; and reasonable activities.