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Makes things easy for others.

Understands communication problems exist, and doesn't think a person is intentionally being insulting when rather they just do not understand standards, especially in a situation new to them.

Knows petty or simpleminded discrimination exists in many institutions and situations.

Performs well without reward.

Consistent in almost all situations with almost all persons in an unbiased or unprejudiced manner.

Doesn't take unnecessary or unfair advantage of people, life forms, and situations.

Does little acts of kindness and doesn't expect perfection or knowledge of customs.

Doesn't expect funding, money for basic survival needs in times of crisis.

Charming in manner and imagery in almost all respects and understands that concepts are important and not unimportant details.

Doesn't destroy property or life forms unjustly.

Understands not everyone has had the same advantages or disadvantages as they have had.

Lets others, especially those who perform services, know that problems are system related and unavoidable.

Tends to have little gifts for others.

Often is generous with time, abilities and resources.

Forgives and forgets little mistakes quickly and doesn't anger easily.

Tends to put women and children first and keep them out of harm's way.

Protective of natural or limited resources.

Puts safety and security usually before all other objectives.

Eliminates as much risk as possible in all that they do, especially in relationship with others.

Respect is often earned.