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SUPPLEMENTS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: The movies Lorenzo's Oil and Medicine Man give some indication that natural substances may be superior to some drugs. DOCUMENTARIES ARE: The Beautiful Truth (2008); America the Beautiful (2007), Who Lives, Who Dies: Rationing Health Care (1988), A Guide to Representing Claimants in Insurer Insolvency Proceedings (1992), Using New Life Insurance Products in Estate Planning (1991), Our Children at Risk (1991), Medicare and You (1992), Insurance Basics: It'll Never Happen to Me (1992); and No More Bandaids: Curing the Health Care Crisis (199?). does the best job of explaining in his books and radio show about why persons who take the most minerals, or who drink mineralize water from high altitudes usually containing minerals from rocks in the mountains, tend to live the longest. FlexComfort Complete is BEST this author has USED FOR KNEES! REMOVED PULSATING PAIN! Find them at Skin problems and Lyme disease may be helped by bismuth found in