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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!

Search casework

A string is putting an expression, a phrase, or a series in quotes. Putting the following in quotes, a string, in a search engine search space may result in the lowest price if the search engine lists the lowest numbers first: $*

Multiple strings in the search field allows for very efficient and refined searches. Some subject, such a media contact list, can help pinpoint an email search because the * symbol is part of regular expressions, or sometimes known as regexp, and the * symbol means anything or nothing. Using the prior information, especially with the information from the previous email address search can eventually lead to finding VIP's email addresses and other hidden information. Putting any of the following in quotes can help find email addresses: *@*.org or *@*.edu or *@*.com

The search engine opens a new window so if a website disables the back button the search does not need to be redone. tends to list the most websites, but should have a clear all in their advanced search. does visually linked relationship searches. does searches that displays information in a type of newspaper format. has a Page modified, Country, and Location of words search field. often has the best original content at the lowest price. is a search engine that aids in decision making.

Major search engines cashed version of a web site is often safer, faster, and may have an html version rather than the PFD version, which tend to load faster.

It is usually best to use the search engines cashed version of a web site and checking on the htm file to quickly scroll to various highlighted words that were included in a search, especially a very complex or advanced search.

Including in the search file type, such as jpeg, gif, pdf or html also helps pin point searches.

It tends to be best to use the cashed version of most major sites along with the unique item that is associated with that site to get to the item in a highlighted manner, which makes it easy to find regionally or more quickly, such as using or

It can be good to recognize the file naming conventions in the browser to go back a day, month, page, or some other convention.

It can good to use search result to put up information that will not load in the browser by placing the last words in the search results to pull up the next words in the search results.

The two separate five consecutive character pattern phrases - *wind and - harp* - each typed separately as strings (placed in double quotes ) along with the individual words - arranger composer producer - typed in a search field may bring up a page for the multi-talented Andreas Vollenweider, which is an example of a complex search because *wind could be woodwind or wind instruments; Harp* could be Harp or Harpsichord; the most likely or common search return is usually put first in the search field, which would be arranger then composer then producer. Very few individuals possess the range of skills that Andreas Vollenweider possesses partly because very few musicians play both a wind (sometimes also known as woodwinds, horn, or brass instruments), or string instrument, arrange, compose or produce music! The order of the precedence of skills also determined our placement of phrases in the search field because the phrase *wind would likely be the most likely return on the search.

Computer or internet search or data base can exist to be helpful. Internet sites may broadcast actual torture. Local and federal government's computer records may not be secure. The phone can be used to access computers or locate persons using ping, geotrack, electronic taps; or sounds may acts as signals to access data. The internet is used mostly for convenience and likely is NEVER COMPLETELY SECURE! AT WORST, IT CAUSES ADDICTION DUE TO CAUSING A TRANCE LIKE STATE THAT THE SUBCONSIOUS IS REACTING TO. THE WORST PROFITEERS IN THE INDUSTRY MAY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR EITHER PRIVACY OR PROPERTY RIGHTS. If a person visits too many sites they can be redirected to another fake site, distracted by popups, get their identity stolen, or any other number of nuisance problems can occur. The industry insiders may have extreme and unfair influence over all three branches of the government, and may own or control most of the main stream media. Therefore, it may be almost impossible to control the lawlessness of the industry. Websites in countries outside of the control of the government may be impossible to control and the same is true for communication lines; therefore, it can be similar to dealing with terrorists! THIS AUTHOR URGES THE READER TO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO TO ALL BUT THE MOST RESPECTABLE OF SITES IF NECESSARY. It might be best to consider the entire internet an unhealthy experiment, and wonder if computer addiction encourages other addictions that can wipe out an entire generation's assets! The goal of almost all search engines or internet server providers may be to collect and analyze data and/or to get persons onto their servers (they may almost all be insecure data addicts, and this likely goes back to feelings of being isolated or unwanted in childhood!). Almost all phone lines can perhaps be spliced into or have their light signals captured, and likely some of this is done illegally by foreign countries; when it is done with a possible court order or search warrant it is called lawful interception. Most programming is not set up for long use, and poor computer set-up causes strain on the body. Glare from excessive light on the computer screen on a light colored background can help destroy the eyes. Some suspect some computers have a hidden camera in them! Likely rarely is the Internet secure; it is mostly used because it is convenient. Likely the persons with the most powerful computers can hack into almost any system or break almost any code.