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SETTLEMENTS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Settlements that an attorney suggests may be contrary to public policy and the best interests of their clients and may actually hinge on their personal needs and connections with insurance companies, politicians, government officials, even the parties on the other side of the case, and out-of-court settlements may be the most open to abuse and the plaintiffs may need to seek and attorney, even go to governments criminal prosecutors, to see if their attorney did not do what was in their best interest and this may be more common than most would think. Most adjusters will settle a case if a reasonable offer is made because they want the case off their desk. Movie suggestions: Flash of Genius (2009) and Civic Action shows that not settling out of court can lead to no award or a lesser award because juries tend to always underestimate the value of a case. The Settlement (1999) is about insurance industry in what are called viatical settlements! The Rainmaker (1997) is about suing a corrupt insurance company that does not settle in a timely manner. The Fortune Cookie (1966), Seven and A Match (2003), Goodbye Lover (1999), The Big Squeeze (1996), Club Paradise (1986), Tiempo de Revancha (1981), And Then You Die (1987), Blazing Justice (1936), and Hot Stuff (1979). The Insurance Man (1986) (TV), Insurance Investigator (1951), and The Adjuster (1991) are about dealing with insurance companies. Adjusters may accept reasonable settlement offers if they want to get cases off their desks.