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Sex Untitled Document
Sex Untitled Document

No bragging or false advertising to your friends or enemies about sex.

No recording devices or taking souvenirs, samples, DNA.

No accepting, or making phone calls during sex.

No distractions, interruptions, or third party interference.

No performance enhancers during sex.

No recreational drugs or stimulants.

No bad influences or reminder of prior bad influences.

No games, competitive activities, or testing during sex, but you are allowed to finish last.

No masking basic differences, strengths or weaknesses of partners.

No toys or entertainment devices, such as video or TV (especially pornography), or fast music or bright lights, which tends to destroy the mood.

No situations similar to prior self-defeating situations.

No environments similar to prior painful environment.

No introducing unnecessary conversation that is not conducive to keeping a pleasant mood during the activity.

No false alarms or unnecessary sudden movements prior to or during sex.

No imitating stoner movies, or comedies, or wildlife mating movies.

No using food for unusual uses.

No yelling, screaming, or loud noises.

No strange name for body parts or gesturing to body parts.

No worrying if things do not seem to be happening fast enough.

No rushing.

No thinking there is not a second chance to perfect activities.

No fighting or regrets.

No getting angry, sulking, or staying angry afterward, or becoming enemies.

No exclusive fixation on certain body parts.

No thinking that sex is the key that opens all doors, because only good standards open some doors.

No acting as if body parts are disconnected from your mind, or dehumanization, or degradation.

No treating sex as a sporting event, or primarily as a strength building activity, marathon, or racing event.

No acting as if feelings do not coun.

No focusing on intensity rather than on pleasure.

No introducing pain to build intensity.

No grabbing, hitting, pulling, or any unnecessary, or excessively painful, or degrading physical activity.

No forgetting foreplay, massage, kissing, and hugging.

No fast kissing, or fast use of your tongue.

No confusing certain positions for dominance or submission; they may actually be about feeling protected or fulfilled.

No thinking certain positions are for either the male or female.

No thinking looking good or being stylish is all that matters.

No thinking everyone else is happy, or doing better, or having more fun.

No believing you are the only person who needs more experience, or practice or patience.

No thinking you are unloved, or unwanted, or abandoned, or will always be unloved, or unwanted, or abandoned.

No unnecessary high expectations, or thinking partner is perfect, or that sex fixes all problems.

No thinking it does not need to be preplanned and with rules.

No arguing it is not a learned activity capable of improvement.

No blaming sexual dissatisfaction on the biz, the economy, kids, etc. No blaming!

No thinking or talking about the past, or someone other than your partner.

No ignoring the wishes of your partner, warnings, or requests to stop the activit.

No using sex as compensation, or as an investment.

No using sex excessively as a bargaining activity either as a punishment, or as a reward, which is often about making it a type of business deal, or conditional.

No putting too much pressure on performance.

No disallowing breaks, quiet, stillness.

No not having reasonable boundaries.

No excessive drama, crying, begging, threatening, scolding, and generally replacing sex for another addiction, or as another esteem building activity.

No fear of some use of firm pressure or secure positioning.

No forgetting to build slowly for more intimacy and trus.

No forgetting sex is mostly about trust and this it is primarily a mental activity.

No forgetting secondary sexual characteristics exist for a reason; stimulation of those can often result in better performance of the primary sexual characteristics.

No lack of manipulation of the most sensitive areas, sometime firmly or expertly.

No treating the primary sexual characteristic as a separate entity or object, especially treating it as indestructible.

No refusing to explain what is most liked or disliked, even if this is done by positioning, or moving partner.

No using trite technique learned in bad manuals, videos, movies, especially to pretend to be exciting or experienced.

No placing excessive emphasis on the physical act, or mental act, or events after the act.

No thinking gifts makeup for being considerate.

No getting overly concerned with little mishaps.

No being in denial about body fluids.

No forgetting to use protection if necessary.

No intentionally sabotaging the protection.

No intentionally sabotaging the relationship.

No thinking you could not control yourself.

No thinking it does not need to be consensual.

No devaluing talking about what will happen later.

No denying bad habits or trying to immediately close the deal.

No denying that prior events can ruin the chance for success, especially those associated with long term frustration, grief, exhaustion, abuse, milestones, etc.

No forgetting better hygiene.

No thinking your culture causes sex to be your greatest skill.

No thinking your genetics make sex your dominant drive.

No complaining about bodies or body image.

No seeking ownership of partner's assets, including body parts.

No choosing unavailable, or overly available partners, or being an unavailable, or overly available partner.

No seeking out a partner for excessively controlling reasons, or thinking you can save the partner from their problems.

No denying partner really is stressed, or at risk, or is in danger.

No sleep or other deprivation should be encouraged.

No marathon sessions without food, water, or rest.

No worrying about getting beat by a rival or that the partner will go back to their former partner.

No marathon sessions without food, water, or rest, sleep or other deprivation.

No worrying about getting beat by a rival, or that the partner will go back to their former partner.

No outrageous comments, expectations, or demands, being excessively sappy, smarmy, charming, or flattering especially in public.

No secret identities or multiple personalities, inviting a doll to create a threesome, or having stuffed animals as witnesses, imaginary friends, especially as participants, or having cheering in the background, or false identities, divulging you are a spy, and/or victim and/or an addict, or giving up the identity of a spy, and/or victim and/or an addict especially to escalate the drama, or dropping names or pretending to be a celebrity, or an escapee, or in a quasi-internment camp, boardroom, bathroom, meeting or other activity that causes the need for sex as stress relief or to boost self-esteem, or declaring that sex is the only thing that keeps you glued together, and is as necessary as food, or the only thing that keeps you from overeating, or other addictive behavior, or using the usual excesses with the usual suspects, victims, clients, sources, resources in any way involving sex. No claiming sex is like magic, being hypnotized, being put under a spell and that there was no freewill involved in the act, or causing bruises, or causing the loss of blood, or excessive force or unhealthy practices