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Suicide Suicide

The incidence of sttampted suicide is five time higher for gambling addicts than ofr other addiction and fourteen time highter than in the general populace.

The overall physician suicide rate cited by most studies has been between 28 and 40 per 100,000, compared with the overall rate in the general population of 12.3 per 100,000. They interpreted their data to show that psychiatrists had the highest suicide rate and pediatricians had the lowest rate.

Disclosures about wrongful conduct often after becoming sober may be the strongest warning that a person is about to commit suicide. These may be deathbed confessions.

Suicide to facilitate murder, escape punishment, as form of self-punishment due to guilt, as a form of punishment, or as a reward to appear as an accident to leave others with an insurance settlement is possible.

Not caring about the future, or objects, or activities that were previously of great interest can also indicate suicidal tendencies.

Activities that focus on death or conversations about death or making preparations for death, such as writing a will suggests death is anticipated possibly by suicide.

Fixations on the negative, sad, withdrawn behavior, dark or film noir or persons who have committed suicide will likely indicate that suicide is planned.

Suicide plan preparations with obvious lethal weapons or devices likely mean suicide is planned.

A family history of suicide, depression and mental illness and previous suicide attempts, mean a person is at high risk for suicide.

More energy and mobility can translate to more willpower to commit suicide after becoming less depressed.

Chronic pain often leads to suicide.

Addicts often precede suicide.

Any major loss, such as of a job, mate, child, housing, other income suggests suicide could happen.

Starting or stopping an addiction indicates a possibility of suicide.

Persons in high stress positions, such as lawyers, psychiatrists, police officers, dentist and musicians are prone to suicide.

Anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, or feelings of hopelessness are common prior to suicide.

Males die much more often by means of suicide using violence than do females.

Females attempt suicide more often males.

It is common for those who commit suicide to give warnings of their intensions to commit suicide or leave a note.

Suicide attempts and threats to commit suicide should be taken seriously.