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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


In California Proposition 13 caused reduced property taxes to be given to local governments.

Local governments needed to find other ways than from property taxes to fund the government and often the result was reduced services, reduced quality of government, reduced quality of life, greater problems for the youth.

Cities can be corrupted by the desire to have increased sales tax and hotel tax, and often will not seize by eminent domain property that brings in large amount of sales tax, such a vehicle dealerships, to do needed infrastructure, such as tunnels under a Rail Road, or bridges over a Rail Road.

The Internet and its lack of taxing retail sales and reduced retail sales taxes caused local governments and states reduced taxes.

Lack of licensing fees for software and/or sales tax on software created at the University of California, especially the University of California at Berkeley, caused almost all branches of the government to be under funded.

Not enforcing licensing fees and/or sales tax for Bell Labs intellectual property or rather allowing ATT to invest in companies that misused its intellectual property resulted in excessive income for a few individuals at the expense of those who would later become unemployed by ATT, Bell Labs, and/or the Telephone company, which was one of the largest employers in the U.S.A.

Stock options, excessive compensations, and deferred earnings allowed lower or no taxation of a few individuals, often corrupt industry insiders, some who never have sold their stock so they have never been taxes, and they may not be taxed on their wages also because they may not accept wages.

In some instances, mostly in more wealthy, especially in urban California, areas where there is overpriced housing, one sibling may work for the government and live and retire at very high standard of living, whereas the other sibling may be on government aid, live and work for about 3 hours a day in a shelter, and work for minimum wage for the county doing about the same work the other sibling did for above middle class earnings. Therefore, in a manner a slave class now exists due to economic, political, social, and changes the taxation system and structure from about 30 years ago. This has resulted in almost no safety net compared to other more socialized industrial countries that have far greater taxes on the most wealthy.

In Cities, Counties, and States it is common for Civil Rights Violations and/or lack of investigations especially of the most powerful corporations, person, entities to result in complete impoverishment and stigmatization of a former employee, and this is often the case for females even with a college education, and sometimes males without a college education partly due to lack of properly trained investigators due to a lack of funds for investigation, and an excessive amount of cases to do investigations due to ALMOST A CONSTANT DEBT AND/OR DEFICIT OR INABILITY TO BALANCE THE BUDGET DUE TO LACK OF NECESSARY TAX REVENUE.

All transactions should be taxed by at least 30%.

Health, education, welfare, and planning are NOT PROPERLY FUNDED Cities, Counties, and States due to changes in the tax structure.

Cities, Counties, and States must usually raise fees and fines on the poorest members of the population in using the health, education, welfare, planning, recreation and information systems partly due to increased crime and problems in the taxation system.

Only the Federal Government does not need to balance its budget and only it can solve some complex problems or cases, but the political system may prevent that partly due to problems with the tax structure. Simply put, the wealthy can buy their way out of almost anything.

Selective taxation is likely never going to be allowed, even of those expected guilty of tax evasion, and often only criminal charges and fines puts money back into the treasury.

Generally the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and the health, education, welfare, planning, recreation and information systems are close to collapse partly due to the unfair, and/or corrupt financial structure, and lack of proper infrastructure due to an improper taxation system.


The government's tax auditing methods may be the most sophisticated of any auditing methodology.

It might be wise to over pay taxes by more than 100 percent if a person is especially wealthy, or if they have some unusual taxation issues rather than risk being accused of underpaying taxes.

Controversy and tips to tax auditors may help trigger audits, criminal investigations, and changes in the taxation structure.

Persons who pay almost no taxes who are wealthy should very much consider voluntarily greatly overpaying their taxes.

Supporting so-called events, or helping pay for medical treatment of the poor in the community, may not keep tax laws favorable for the persons with the most luxurious lifestyle.

The shallow appearance of being socially responsible to the media while treating even one member of a community as if that person was a slave or being abusive to member of a group in a community may trigger deep review of all taxation and community standards issues.

There should be a Special tax on the youngest, highest earners, often the dotcom crowd because they are so poorly regulated, and their products tends to cause the most problems or be nonfunctional.

The government may have almost no ability to address complex problems created by on rich, educated politically connected criminal or the addicted or disenfranchised. Tax investigators and their means to investigate criminal activity may be the most sophisticated around. The rich and criminals likely wish to control how the tax law is written and enforced.

Tax evasion is done by about 3rd of the self-employed

Taxes are often NOT fair for the middle class.