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Terrorists tend to take responsibility for their actions.

False gifts can be a common method of targeting a victim and should be approached with suspicion.

A manifesto or belief system tends to attract sympathizers in the media, who can often seem to be the terrorist's publicist.

Terrorists may claim to be only politically- or religiously-motivated.

The elite, or instigators-of-change, highly educated,or from wealthy families, tend to be terrorists.

Sometimes virgins, purists or strong theorists are terrorists.

Terrorists tend to have at least one secret highout.

Pardons or elected positions can be in the future of a terrorist.

Unabomber was even considered one of the most fascinating persons of the year by the media.

Terrorists tend to be demanding personalities, even of themselves.

Secret information, technology may propel the actions of a terrorist.

Terrorists tend to support leftist or internationalistic ideals.

Lifestyles or other cultures may be fixated on by terrorists

The USA has rewards of up to $25 million for the capture of terrorists.

Terrorists in the USA can receive multiple life sentences.

Marriage proposals and fan mail is common for terrorists.

Terrorists often make model prisoners.

Revolutionaries can be law abiding and terrorists can be revolutionaries.

The status Quo, including Large scale technology and infrastructure, are usually the targets of terrorists.

Terrorism is difficult to stop, tends to be effective, done by the most educated and often organized criminals.

Terrorist tend to be bright and committed to their cause.