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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Many of the unhoused have camps, and even refuse to live in traditional housing, partly due to all the vice in these places.

Officials tend to realize that many of the unhoused also have jobs, and that their bosses would go broke if their prized unhoused and camping workers would not be on the job.

Some of the unhoused even cleanup government areas that the government can no longer afford to maintain due to budget problems.

Almost all homeless, also called unhoused persons tend to have someone who they support, or a pet, even in the wild that they feed, and some person who still exploits them or comes to request favors or communication.

It is a myth that the unhoused are all lazy, or drugs, criminals or do not work, get free food and money.

Most of the unhoused have previously been or are productive members of society; some are even the working poor.

Many homeless have been the victims of crime or the mental health care system, or have experienced some failure of the health, education or welfare system.

Getting pulled out of the educations system to support a family although the school system should charge the parents with truancy, or being the victim of government medical malpractice or medical experimentation, or even being unjustly denied welfare benefits, or falsely institutionalized, often for political reasons is common among the indigent.

Some homeless have been stigmatized and locked out of the health, education or welfare systems, sometimes due to fraud by someone else who may wish to control and/or steal from the unhoused person.

The homeless tend to be tribal and nomadic, and many come from tribal and nomadic cultures, such as the travel industry or the military.

Many of the unhoused do not sleep at night, and listen to the news, or are used to working at night and even sleeping in their clothes, and many have been abused, so they feel safer sleeping in their clothes.

The homeless often do not take a shower or bath every day, and may be used to communal showers and may need lots of time and space to shower and even need disabled standards for almost all their grooming.

Many unhoused are larger or smaller persons who do not really fit physically into any conventional apartments, and need custom or industrial design, or rugged design.

Some of the poor come from prominent families and have long, important work histories, community service histories, and great educations.

The social milieu, circle, and/arena and behavior of many unhoused may change less than most may think and many may actually have more standing in a community than most would think and may even have friends in high places.

Some unhoused persons life in the same place or on public or private land and may have obtained something near squaters' rights or an expectation that they get to remain in their current spot partly due to performing some service in the community.

An unhoused person may have decided their home is scary and may choose to life on their property by outside their home.

Many of the unhoused are not used to cooking their own meals, and are used to institutions, such as schools, the military or churches cooking and planning their meals, which tend to be inferior to home cooked meals, which they almost may have rarely experienced from being in the dual earning families where one parent works at night and the other tends to work during the day and both are to exhausted from work to do almost any work around the house, and/or supervise the children, so both parents may bring fast food home and have addiction issues do to exhausting, the desire to conform to social pressures, false advertising of dangerous products and cures, and the need to self-medicate to work on a job when in pain mostly due to exhaustion and/or huge debt.

The homeless are similar to the native resistance and many do NOT WANT TO BE HOUSED!