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INTERVIEWING SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Don't Say a Word a movie with New York psychiatrist played by Michael Douglas and patient played by Brittany Murphy is one of the best examples of great interviewing technique and file analysis around because the patient is hardly cooperative. The Ugly Truth (2009) show how one question gets to the point by a late night television host. Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) has interesting interviews with priests about justice! The Invention of Lying (2009) is a clever statement about telling the truth and persons true motives. Five Minutes of Heaven (2009) is about observing the impact of a murder from many viewpoints! Alpha Dog (2006), BASED ON A TRUE STORY, IS AN EXAMPLE ABOUT WHERE MANY DID INFORMAL INTERVIEWS OF A VICTIM, YET FAILED TO PROPERLY REACT OR SEE THE MOST LOGICAL CONCLUSION WAS THE VICTIM WOULD BE MURDERED! Quid Pro Quo (2008) brilliantly exposes a person being interviewed who has more insight than the interviewer has of the person being interviewed in a complex psychological drama. Veronica Guerin (2003) is a true story about a murdered journalist who was investigating drug dealers! Interview (2007) is about how political correspondent a should not to interview vapid actress. The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (2003) is one of the most important subjects of any interview because it shows that a person who is highly educated and motivated with the best intentions can still be corrupted. American Surfrider (2008) is a very important documentary about a very fiscally conservative family that is also very socially liberal (listen carefully about what the medical doctor states about sex and the future of a civilization). The Contender (2000) shows someone facing false charges who wants to become Vice President, and how she handles interviews! An Unreasonable Man (2006) shows that an incorruptible man can not achieve the position of U.S. President for likely all the wrong reasons! Charlie Rose's interview of Bill Joy and any interview of William Nelson Joy may become of great historical interest! Joy may be a master at manipulating public opinion and he may be a major hacker, using perhaps both legal and illegal means to manipulate information! Thank you for Smoking shows an interviewer who uses sex to help get her interview. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), A Mighty Heart (2007), Life or Something Like It (2002), Reporter Zero (2006) involve reporters, journalists or interviewers. Absence of Malice (1981) is about how weak the libel and slander laws are when it comes to sourcing. The Hoax (2006) is based on a true story about a faked interview with Howard Hughs. Understanding the human condition (or to view inner similar to interview) is the focus of Wings of Desire (1987) aka Der Himmel uber Berlin (angels listening to humans and their issues) and a Room with a View (1985), Michael Clayton (2007), Brokeback Mountain (2005), For Your Consideration (2006), Best in Show (2000), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), Lost in Translation (2003), Swingers (1996), Dazed and Confused (1993), Clueless (1995), The Player (1992), Rain Man (1988), The Ice Storm (1997), Philidephia (1993), Cast Away (2000), The Upside of Anger (2005), Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993), Road to Perdition (2002), You've Got Mail (1998), Forrest Gump (1994), The 'burbs (1989), The Piano (1993), Risky Business (1983), Big (1988), Office Space (1999), Sid and Nancy (1986), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), Natural Born Killers (1994), All About My Mother 1999), Volver (2006/I), In The Mood For Love also known as Fa Yeung Nin Wa (2000), Ed Wood (1994), Waiting for Guffman (1996), Dirty Dancing (1987), The Breakfast Club (1985), Y Tu Mama También (2001), Apocalypse Now (1979), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Menace II Society (1993), Crumb (1994), The Amputee (1974), and The Blair Witch Project (1999). THERE IS GREAT RISK AT NOT ANTICIPATING THE DANGER A PERSON WILL CAUSE IF THEY GET PRONE TO ACCIDENTS DUE TO A LACK OF TRUST OF OTHERS WHO THEM MAY FEEL WILL DO THEM HARM. THEREFORE, GREAT CARE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN REGARDING REINTERDUCING PAINFUL MEMORIES OF AN INTERVIEWEE. SOMETIMES IT IS BEST TO TRY TO AVOID PAST MEMORIES AND TO TRY TO GET AN INTERVIEWER TO HAVE THE INSIGHT TO UNDERSTAND THE SYMBOLS, INAGERY AND BEHAVIOR OF THE INTERVIEWEE TO SOLVE THE CLUES TO A PUZZLE, RATHER THAN TO ASK AN INTERVIEWEE ANY QUESTIONS. The Virtual Job Interview (2005) and Frost/Nixon: Complete Interviews (2pc) (Spec) (2008) are about realistic problems involving interviewing.