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War War

War is usually about stealing resources and using coercive means to keep the fighting going.

90 % of Ugandan children solders were abducted and forced to fight.

“War is too important to be left to the generals”` Georges Clemenceau.

USA Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara contended that war is too complex to control, understand, or make realistic plans about.

90 % claim war will not stop ~

Democratic countries are less likely to go to war.

4% die due to war. 14% mortality every generation is due to war.

Propaganda is a method of fighting a war.

Solders are often not well appreciated when they return home.

The Veterans Administration could almost always be better managed.

Military personnel rarely have much control over their life.

Pay, benefits, work duties rarely are similar to civilian life.

Country first, then military unit, then family then solder is usually the priority of the military.

G.I. stands for Government issue.

Depersonalization is common in the military.

The military usually does not attract the best talent or the most well adjusted persons.

Few really benefit from war.