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Wellness, cures and treatments casework

Yoga for Arthritis by Dr. Loren Fishman.

Lectins are bad because because bind to insulin receptors (found in grains) and Phytates (found in legumes) are a problem, too, because they make minerals bio-unavailable according to

Natural electric current directly built new limbs by eliciting the formation of new bond and tissue was discovered by Becker who wrote in 1985 the book The Body Electric. Transcutaneous neural stimulation is used to treat pain, but it may be causing many athletes to get nervous system disorders due to excessive use!

Avocado’s fats increase lycopene (tomatoes, pink grapefruit, watermelon, and guava) absorption; olive oil increase Lutein (eggs, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and turnip greens) absorption; apples, black and green tea, capers, lovage contain anti-inflammatory quercetin when eaten with chocolate can reduce heart disease.

Tabasco sauce applied to the skin covered with toothpaste can reduce pain.

Salt, vanilla extract or tea can help reduce toothaches!

Wujing General Hospital for Stem Cell Transplantation.

A disturbance field (focus) in the oral cavity can effect distant organs, blocked meridian flow creates a reduced energetic nourishment to that organ, claims, who lists Dental Homeopathic Remedies.

Parkinson's disease may be due to a deficiency of CATECHOLAMINES: EPINEPHRINE (ADRENALINE), NOREPINEPHRINE (NORADRENALINE), AND DOPAMINE; claims SEROTONIN is supported by: turkey, spinach, whole grain fish, nuts, beans, brown rice, beets, bananas, blueberries; EPINEPHRINE is supported by: Almonds, avocados, bananas, most leafy greens, lean meat, grains, pineapple, and tofu; DOPAMINE is supported by: Apple, banana, beets, chicken, eggs, watermelon, fish, wheat germ, beans, and cottage cheese; ENDORPHINE is supported by: Strawberries, banana, grape, oranges, nuts, sesame seeds, pasta.

Meditation involves muscle relaxation and a reduction in logical processing!

C-1073 may block cortisol perhaps causing tumor reduction?

Nutmeg may help reduce bacteria.

30% mortality of every generation caused by parasites. Chickens reared in germ-free environment enjoy about 25% gain in body weight; antibiotics in food is associated with growth gains about 10%. Cytokine likely reduces activity level after a parasitic attack, so the immune system can rebuild itself. Octopamine seems to increase learning, but cytokines can reduce memory consolidation. Yellow, orange and red food, which must come from the diet, increase immune function. Data generated by chance more than 5% of the time is considered unreliable; whereas an error of 1% is the preferred error rate for MEDICAL FINDINGS! Whereas, 14% mortality every generation is due to war.

Dr. Michael Persinger believes certain EMPs (exposure decreases melatonin) can be helpful in treating various medical conditions. Certain electromagnetic fields lower melatonin levels, causing convulsions; small seizures can cause hallucinations, about 80 % of people interpret these seizures as a ghostly presence.

Infrasound can also cause imagined events partly due to it causing vision problems; where peaks and troughs of sound waves overlap, or high interference, often in old building with thick walls that do not absorb sound waves, there can be a feeling of cold, or a spiritual presence, which can activate the fight-or-flight response, causing blood to leave the extremities, causing a feeling of the chills, cold.

Lower levels of dopamine D2 receptor availability have been previously reported in cocaine abusers, alcoholics, and heroine abusers.

"90 percent of serious illness is first detected by the patient, not by the doctor." ~ Deepak Chopra.

The more a person concentrates on his/her symptom, the more those symptoms get enforced into neural circuits.


Sunlight also known vitamin D3 is often needed as supplementation in winters above 30 degrees latitude, overweight people, pregnant women, the elderly, dark-skinned people.

The chemical in olive oil inhibits the activity of COX (cyclooxygenase), enzymes involved in the inflammation pathway.

Aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), drugs and Satins (drugs) may help prevent cancer!

turmeric (curcumin) has been used to treat cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, psoriasis, melanoma due to its Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!

Alternative treatments that are often NOT well understood but have worked for 100 of years often are replaced by treatments that do more harm than good that have come about due to faked clinical trials.

Unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies can include food as a natural remedy.

The ratio of protein to fact and carbohydrates is considered to of prime importance to some nutritionists.

The average western medical professional is NOT paid to keep a person well; whereas, in some countries a medical professional is only paid if a person becomes well.

About 95% of drugs are considered maintenance drugs, they are not designed to cure a disease.

Often the best cure of a disease costs less than the usual conventional methods, such as using bismuth, often found cheaply in dollar stores, or more expensively as Pepto-bismol, to treat bacterial infections.

Yoga and weights can often straighten out limbs so that surgery can be avoided.

Injuries and joint problems may be best treated with Magnets, heat, ultrasound, massage, light, water, and Electroacupuncture to help regrow damaged areas.

Proper food may be the best treatment for chronic diseases.

Inexpensive balms may treat various topical problems.

Certain plants topically put may encourage tumors to leave the body.

Local honey may be a treatment for allergies and other immune disorders.

Raw produce may treat most systemic illnesses.

Mineral treatments, including supplements, ointments or bathes may strengthen the body because mineral have been leached from the soil due to dams and no longer allowing flooding of the soil. Nutrient and other elements include: 1. Bismuth 2. Boron 3. Calcium 4. Cobalt 5. Copper 6. Chromium 7. Germanium 8. Gold 9. Iodine 10. Iron 11. Lithium 12. Magnesium 13. Manganese 14. Molybdenum 15. Phosphorus 16. Platinum 17. Potassium 18. Rubidium 19. Selenium 20. Sodium 21. Sulphur 22. Silicon 23. Tin 24. Titanium 25. Vanadium 26. Zinc Toxic Elements include: 1. Antimony 2. Aluminium 3. Arsenic 4. Barium 5. Beryllium 6. Cadmium 7. Lead 8. Nickel 9. Mercury 10. Silver 11. Strontium 12. Thallium 13. Tungsten 14. Uranium

Naturopathy, naturopathic medicine, or natural medicine uses natural remedies and the body's vital ability to heal often consisting of minerals or plant extracts in very small amounts, perhaps chloride to treat seizures.

Minimally-invasive methods, less expensive and longer treatment methods are often better than surgery or more invasive methods of treatment.

The basic theory of natural healing, cures, treatments and wellness are (1) Do no harm; provide the most effective treatment; (2) Promote the self-healing power of nature; (3) Treat the causes of illness rather than the symptoms of illness; (4) Encourage patients take responsibility for their health (5) Treat each person according to their individual health factors and their influencing factors; and (6) Stress the creation of health holisticly and environmentally.

Massage, weights, and chiropractic services may eliminate the need for special expensive shoes.

A massage chair, soft music and rest may be a good treatment for a person under stress rather than allowing them to suffer horrible and expensive addictions.

Exhaustion and poor nutrition is the cause of most chronic and systemic illnesses, which can be sometimes be easily cures if treated in the early stages.

Acute, late stage illnesses and accidents are usually the most expensive to treat and are often and indication of behavioral problems, and about 70% of medical expenses are do to behavioral problems.

Programs that encourage early intervention of behavioral problems, even the intervention of law enforcement or other regulatory officials can greatly reduced illness.

Steam is sometimes used to help clear up infections.

Magnets, heat, ultrasound, massage, light, water, and Electroacupuncture can often treat pain.

Healthy food combining consists of usually not mixing proteins with fruit or carborhydrates, and other unusual combinations.

Early Mobility and constant movement often using sand may be helpful in healing.

Incing, including Game Ready, may help heal a wound.

Comfrey, arnica, and Wobenzyn can help with healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, or an other means of increasing oxygen in your bloodstream, aids healing.

Epson Salts or mineralized water or ocean water or sea salt may help with absorbtion of nutrients through the skin.

Silver either as colloidal in a liquid or as a salve or ointment can help promote healing.

Mustard and raw butter or nuts are nutrient-dense with minerals and various types of fats.

Medicinal clay exists, and it is sometimes sold as part of sea salt.

Traditional medicine may be based in false promises with a possible hidden agenda!

Alternative treatments usually cost less than conventional treatments.

D-cycloserine is a putative memory enhancer and cognitive enhancer.

Inflammation tests: the ratio of arachidonic acid (AA) to eicosapentanoic acid (EPA): (AA/EPA); Triglyceride/HDL Ratio; Highly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP); and Fasting insulin levels.

Protein ratio = eat per body weight in pounds three-quarters (3/4) in grams.