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CASEWORK SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Great movies about complex or extreme casework or cases are the following: Precious (2009), Magnolia and Boogie Nights Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson; The General's Daughter with John Travolta; and Madeleine Stowe in Closet Land; Cherish with Robin Tunney. The Sean Connery movie Rising Sun; Andie MacDowell in both Crush (2001/I) and Multiplicity; Heart of a Stranger with Jane Seymour. One author believes many people have nine subpersonalities, which suggests multiple personality is common as seen in Raising Cain, Fight Club; Me, Myself and Irene, and the story based of the criminal called The Boston Strangler (1968). Richard Gere and Edward Norton in Primal Fear brilliantly expose multiple personality issues. Amnesia cases are: Borne Identity, The Majestic, 50 first Dates, Memento. Blind cases are: Dare Devil, Jennifer 8, Blink, At First Sight (based on a true story). Deafness is covered in The Breakup (1998), Mr. Hollan's Opus (1995). Assumed Identity cases are There's Something About Mary, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Impostors, The Talented Mr. Ripley. Low self-esteem issues are covered in Lovely & Amazing with Michael Nouri, Mystic River, Traffic, Ciderhouse Rules, The Opponent, Magnolia, Boogy Nights, The Barbarian Invasions, Enough. Malibu's Most Wanted involves a kidnapped senator's son. The Color Purple and Ghosts of Mississippi, Ali, Driving Miss Daisy, The Killing Yard may all involve Civil Rights Violations. The wealthy can prove what they are made of under adverse circumstances in movies The Edge with Anthony Hopkins, and The Clearing with Robert Redford. The director David Cronenberg covers complex casework better than anyone else, especially involving licensed professions, and it is his most recent movies that are doing well at the box office, such as Eastern Promises (2007), A History of Violence (2005), eXistenZ (1999), but Crash (1996/I) and Dead Ringers (1988) should not be overlooked! Movies about True Stories: 24 Hour Party People, Dirty Pictures, The Dish, The Color of Courage, Donnie Brasco, Dangerous Minds, Death of a Centerfold, The Doctor, The Elephant Man, Enemy at the Gates, Evelyn, False Arrest, Extreme Justice, Final Warning, Gia, Goodfellas, Gross Misconduct, Heavenly Creatures, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Hilary and Jackie; Hostages, The Hunkey, The Hurricane, Sins of the Father, Seven Years in Tibet, Sexual Intent, In Cold Blood, In Pursuit of Honor, In the time of the Butterflies, Infinity, The Insider, Invincible, It's My Party, The Journey to Kafiristan, K-19: The Widowmaker, The Drays, The Killing Yard, Longitude, The Lost Child, Norma Rae, Corenzo's Oil, Mask, Rogue Trader, Rosewood, Thirteen Days, October Sky, Shine, Ruby Bridges, Reversal of Fortune, Mockingbird Don't Sing, Men of Honor, Midnight Express, Missing, The Miricle Worker, The Mothman Prophecies, Music of the Heart, Ned Kelly, Not in This Town, The Young Poisoner's Handbook, What has Love got to do With It?; Monster, Veronica Guerin, The Zodiac Killer, The Theory of the Leisure Class, Prince of the City, Point of Origin, Owning Mahowny, Summer of Sam, Wonderland, and The General.